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20 Blackwork Tattoo Ideas For A Visually Striking Effect

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Do you prefer dark tattoos that use only black ink? Are you a fan of designs that achieve shades through the usage of dotwork or simply by leaving the skin uncolored? Then a blackwork tattoo is the style that you’re looking for.

As the name suggests, blackwork tattoos are made entirely out of black ink although some artists use a touch of white to add some highlights. But all in all, this tattoo style stays away from gray wash and dilutions. From the outer lines to the inner fillings and shadings, everything is achieved with black ink.

Usually, people who prefer darker aesthetics opt for blackwork tattoos since they’re bold and daring. You can’t not notice a design that’s entirely made out of black ink, right?

When it comes to the size and the detailing, it’s the same as with every other tattoo style. You can go as big and intricate as you want to. It’s all a matter of preference.

If you’re interested in blackwork tattoos then you’ll love the following options. We wanted to give you some of the most common types of design that this style is known for. Hopefully, you’ll feel inspired and will get an idea for your next visit to the tattoo artist.

1. Intricate blackwork

Credit: riccie_otomn

This is a good example of a botanical blackwork tattoo. As you can see, it’s made entirely out of black ink and all the negative spaces are actually bare skin. There’s no other color and there’s no diluted shading.

2. Dragon tattoo

Credit: mammon_black

Oriental elements such as dragons will always be a good match with a blackwork style. A great thing about designs such as this one is that there are usually a ton of details so your tattoo artist will be able to show the skills (s)he possesses.

3. Abstract and ornamental elements


This tattoo is a combination of abstract and ornamental elements. Both of these are a common choice for a blackwork style since they rely solely on black ink. Now, it’s up to you to choose how complex you want your design to be.

4. Abstract strikes


A great thing about abstract tattoos is that you can be sure you have a piece of art on your skin that no one else has. They’re unique in every way, shape, and form and of course, they look amazing when done in a blackwork style.

5. Spider tattoo

Credit: _brunoink

If you’re into dark and edgy tattoos, then you can always opt for designs with spiders. They turn out great when done in a blackwork style since this method captures their features perfectly.

6. Funny cat

Credit: nancydestroyer

Who said that you can’t have fun with blackwork tattoos? This design shows that you can opt for any design you like and adjust it to the chosen style. We love how easy-going this one is and thanks to the black ink, all the lines look so clean and sharp.

7. Ornamental piece

Credit: mitchin.tattoos

Certain patterns work wonders with certain styles. That’s the case with ornamental pieces such as this one. It just pairs well with a blackwork style; it’s an unbreakable bond that’s never going to be broken.

8. Snake tattoo

Credit: koonoblk

Thanks to their scales and patterns, snakes are also one of those elements that will always look amazing when done in a blackwork style. Now, the real question is if you’ll be willing to wear this animal on your skin.

9. Tribal tattoo

Credit: sadhakaya

Honestly, there’s not much to say about this one. Tribal and blackwork tattoos are like two best friends who can’t live without each other. They pair well and you’ll always be impressed with the end results.

10. Floral piece

Credit: hyliabe_tattoo

A floral piece is another option worth considering if you’re looking to get a blackwork tattoo. A great thing about flowers is that you can always make them personal by opting for the plants you love. Plus, there’s always a possibility of adjusting the number of details to your liking.

11. Tiny flower

Credit: nonam_tattoo

Compare this design with a previous one and you’ll understand the possibilities you have with flowers. You can go big and bold but if that’s not your style, you can always opt for something simple and minimalistic such as this tattoo.

12. Heart-shaped tattoo

Credit: nancychapmantattoos

This tattoo is a fun take on the usual blackwork tattoos since it’s more relaxed. It goes to show that you’re not as restricted when you decide to use only black ink. Yes, some designs work better with this tattoo style but when you think outside of the box, you can always find a solution you like.

13. Intricate fern

Credit: neutral.soap

Here we have another botanical element that looks great when done with black ink. This tattoo shows just how much precision and patience it takes to get these designs to perfection.

14. Organic lines

Credit: monsternarii

Organic and abstract lines are always a good choice for a blackwork tattoo. As you can see, you can always tone things down by getting those lines to fit the shape of your preference.

15. Vine tattoo

Credit: nonam_tattoo

Vine tattoos look classy, elegant, and feminine. A great thing about them is that you can get them anywhere you want since they easily follow the natural curve of your body.

16. Lettering tattoos

Credit: maladja_tattoo_art

This is an idea of how you can introduce letters into your blackwork tattoo. This design also adds some other elements that make this tattoo even more prominent and bold.

17. Psychedelic effect

Credit: drawingmonkeystattoo

This is definitely a rad idea although we’re aware that not everyone will be a fan of this design. Still, we wanted to give you an option so you’re aware of all the possibilities you can achieve with this tattoo style.

18. Manga style tattoo

Credit: belzebubtattoo

If you’re into illustration tattoos then you’ll love the fact that you can get your favorite manga character done in a blackwork style. As you can see from the design above, the shading is achieved through the stippling method and the only color it uses is black.

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19. Sculpture art

Credit: 2.p_project

A skilled artist will know how to achieve the perfect silhouette and balance by using only black ink. This design is a great example of the amazing results you can get even when you’re restricted to using one color.

20. Bold letters

Credit: anthonycarreiro562

Do you like letter tattoos? Are you a huge fan of bold and daring designs that get noticed? Then this blackwork tattoo is made for you. Choose a statement you like and enjoy the end results.