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23 Blast-Over Tattoo Ideas For A Unique Cover-Up

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Have you realized that you made a mistake with your previous tattoo? Do you no longer like its design or are you disgusted by the way its ink lost its color? Laser removal is too expensive and honestly, you don’t have time to watch it fade away. Well, have you considered getting a blast-over tattoo?

As you grow and change as a person, your tattoo aesthetic also changes. Those designs you inked on your skin when you were 18 probably no longer represent the person you are today.

So, every time you look at your tattoo, you’re actually repulsed by it. That’s how much you hate it. At the same time, you don’t want to hide it completely as it had a special meaning at one point in your life. But is there a solution that will give it a new shape while still keeping the story behind it?

A blast-over tattoo is everything you’re looking for. In this case, your old tattoo becomes a background while your new tattoo becomes the real star. So, you get something new and more appealing while at the same time, you keep your old tattoo as a reminder of how much you’ve grown as a person.

Let’s see what this can look like once combined.

1. Bold and black

Credit: bosschakal

Have you realized with time that dark, bold tattoos are your cup of tea? But the issue is that you have half of your arm covered by a colorful design that you once loved. You can easily solve this by adding something black and daring on top of your old tattoo and that way, combine the old with the new.

2. Let the flowers do their thing

Credit: joshtrolio

Flowers are great blast-over tattoos since you can opt for literally any design that you like. Pick your favorite floral piece and make your old tattoo brand new using the power of the petals.

3. Tiger blast-over


Do you have a massive tattoo all over your chest that you want to cover? You can easily hide the majority of it by opting for this huge tiger. The remains of your old ink will serve as the details of your new design. How cool is that?

4. Turn it into waves

Credit: daisywadetattoo

Black waves are a great way to cover up your old tattoo and give it a new shape. They will work especially well if your old tattoo is a bit more colorful since its shades will make your new design pop.

5. Play with geometrics

Credit: g.o.r.m.e.x

Geometric shapes are a great choice when you’re looking to get a blast-over tattoo. This design is all about the bold lines that make the old tattoo completely irrelevant.

6. The power of black ink

Credit: mattattoodimatteomasini

Black ink may seem like a lame choice but it’s everything you need when you’re trying to cover up your old tattoo and give it a new life. This design is proof of that.

7. Make it obvious

Credit: k.letatoueur

Are you looking to cover up your first tattoo? What about making it obvious and adding “first tattoo” all over it? It’s definitely a cool way to combine the old with the new.

8. Mandala blast-over

Credit: philhatchetyau

A mandala-style tattoo will embrace your old ink beautifully. Just look at this design! You can carry it on your body and turn something lame and out of style into something you love.

9. Red ink on black ink

Credit: donkuru

When your old tattoo is made completely out of black ink, you can choose to add something new to it by covering it up with red ink. The contrast will make this design stand out.

10. Flame blast-over

Credit: joefarrelltattoo

The tattoo you no longer like can easily be covered with black flames. All you need to do is find a tattoo artist who’s going to enjoy doing this.

11. Poisonous scorpion

Credit: felixkienzle

A bold, black, and red scorpion is definitely an element that will make your old tattoo irrelevant. Its poisonous body will stand out on top of your faded ink.

12. Turn it into roses

Credit: abbeytat

How about covering the majority of your tattoo with black ink and leaving some see-through roses? They will take the color of the ink underneath which will make your new tattoo unique and one of a kind.

13. Strikes of black ink


If you’re feeling artistic, you can always choose to get brush-like strokes over your old tattoo. It’s a bit abstract idea but if you’re into these kinds of tattoos, then you may love this one.

14. Barely peeking through

Credit: lorenzini87

You can also opt for a traditional-style tattoo and get it inked all over the previous one. In that case, leave some details of your first ink visible since that’s what will give it additional character.

15. Cross it over

Credit: sorrymomtattoooo

You know when you’re doodling something and you don’t like the way it looks, you simply cross it over. How about doing the same thing with your old tattoo? It may seem odd but we assure you that it’s going to work.

16. Portrait blast-over

Credit: philhatchetyau

Who would’ve thought that you could get a portrait over your old tattoo? This can work like a charm if the ink on the previous design is already faded and losing its supposed shape.

17. Make it abstract


How about going for an abstract design, not even bothering with how it’s going to turn out in the end? Tattoos are supposed to be creative and artistic so you can easily make them as unique and different as you want.

18. Lady blast-over

Credit: dustinstemen

What about a neo-traditional lady, covering up your old ink? Just position this tattoo so that your lady’s face contains most of the details from your previous design. That’s all you need.

19. Follow the shape

Credit: tjuknevic_tattoo

One of the great ways you can get a cool blast-over tattoo is to simply let your new ink follow the shape of the old one. Don’t bother much with covering the majority of it and just focus on its silhouette.

20. Abstract and linear


Abstract tattoos are great for covering up your previous ink. Even when the old tattoo is peeking through, you can always say “It’s art” and call it a day.

21. Play with the architecture


Has your previous tattoo almost completely faded away? What about covering it up with some architectural design?

22. Which one came first?

Credit: keyser_soze_soze

These two tattoos look so good together that you won’t be able to tell which one came first. They’re both abstract and when combined, they create something unique and different.

23. Alien saves the day

Credit: joeyrosadotattoos

Look at this alien who landed on your arm to kidnap the previous tattoo from it. Its face reveals some of the details from your old ink but it all works amazingly well together.