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20 Stunning Brother Tattoo Ideas That Symbolize Brotherhood

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Even though they may not show it all the time, brothers share a unique bond. Linked by blood, they promise to stay by each other’s side no matter what. A great way to honor that bond is to get a matching brother tattoo with the one you love in such a special way.

If that’s exactly what you’re looking for then we’re happy to tell you we have some ideas that may impress you. Let’s get started right away.

1. Outline and a heartbeat

Credit: maddog_shomy_tattoo

This simple tattoo is an outline of you and your brother walking side by side. What makes it special is the heartbeat that symbolizes the special love you two share.

2. Blackwork design


If you’re looking for a tattoo with a bolder appeal then the blackwork style is the way to go. Even the most simple design such as this one will stand out on the skin thanks to this technique.

3. Matching lettering tattoos

Credit: paige.s_tattoos

You can always go extremely simple and get matching “Brother” tattoos you’ll be proud to wear. They will serve as a reminder that you always have someone to turn to.

4. Tom and Jerry

Credit: willtomi

Tom and Jerry are cartoon characters perfect for this kind of tattoo. They always fight with each other but at the end of the day, they can’t live without each other. We’re sure that’s how you and your brother felt at least at one point in your lives.

5. Favorite memory

Credit: shannonwolftattoo

A great idea would be to engrave that one special memory on your skin. Just find a favorite picture of you and your brother, bring it to the tattoo artist, and let him do his magic.

6. A simple tattoo

Credit: justjaynetattoo

If you and your bother(s) are on the lookout for a simple tattoo, this is the way to go. The best part about it is that its meaning will be complete only when all of you are together.

7. Brother love

Credit: tattoosbymanny

When you want to embrace that special bond you and your brother share, this tattoo is a perfect way to do it. It’s a great reminder that nothing could stand between you and your brother, no matter what.

8. Times of birth

Credit: slava_stilbruch

You could get a clock with the exact time of birth of each other. This is such a meaningful tattoo and it will have a special place in your heart and on your skin.

9. Hand in hand

Credit: bumblebeetattoo2020

Hand in hand, brothers are always there for each other. No matter what happens, you can always call your bro and be sure that he’ll run to help you. Well, this tattoo symbolizes exactly that.

10. Forever connected

Credit: docktattoonyiregyhaza

These interconnected symbols are a great option for matching brother tattoos. They represent the connection that can’t be broken, no matter what which makes them an ideal choice.

11. (Almost) matching koi fish

Credit: mrhats_tattoo

Some people see a koi fish as a symbol of love which instantly makes it suitable for a tattoo you get with your brother. But what we love most about this design is the fact that these fish are extremely similar but at the same time, they’re not the same. We’re sure you and your brother could tell the same about each other.

12. A quote tattoo

Credit: vintagetattoocompany

Getting a quote inked on your skin is sometimes the best way you can achieve the meaning you’re looking for. If these tattoos are your cup of tea, this could be an ideal solution. Or, you can always opt for another quote; the one that speaks to your heart.

13. Portrait of brothers

Credit: ag.gtk

Another possibility is to get a portrait of your brother (or more of them, for that sake). Figure out the tattoo style you love, play with the size and the placement of the tattoo and you’ll most certainly be happy with the results.

14. Favorite destination

Credit: la.noddola.tatuata

You and your brother probably have that one special destination that sparks some of the best memories shared together. Why not turn that into a tattoo and that way, always carry it on your skin?

15. Players 1 and 2


If you used to play Super Mario with your bro, this tattoo is made for you. There was probably an unspoken rule on who was Mario and who was Luigi. Well, now is the time to turn that rule into a tattoo that will make you smile when you look at it.

16. A handprint tattoo

Credit: lukietattoos

If you have little brothers or potentially even a handprint from when your siblings were kids, you can always turn them into a tattoo. This is such a beautiful way to honor the bond you share.

17. “Brothers forever”

Credit: seven_eleven_tattoos_by_jasper

Well, there’s not much to say about this tattoo since it’s more than obvious what it represents. It’s a perfect idea if you’re looking for a black and gray tattoo that’s high on shading.

18. Hats from “One Piece”

Credit: wildbaco

If you and your brother are into anime and you love the “One Piece” then these tattoos are made for you. They feature hats that two brothers wear in the mentioned anime.

19. Two halves

Credit: aflordepielchile

If you feel complete only when you’re around each other, you should consider this design. It’s a beautiful tattoo that only makes sense once you place your arms side by side.

20. A “same blood” tattoo

Credit: mattiadubbioink

Last but not least, we have one simple design that speaks for itself. You and your brother share the same blood and nothing can change that. Well, this tattoo embraces that in the most minimalistic way possible.