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22 Cute Candy Heart Tattoos To Inspire Your Next Ink

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Picking out the perfect tattoo can be a tough task, especially when you remember that you’re stuck with your ink for the rest of your life. You probably already follow a bunch of tattoo artists on Instagram, analyze every tattoo post you ever come by, and swoon over every candy heart tattoo you see. You’re far from basic, but candy heart tattoos have your heart.

Whether you’re a heart tattoo devotee or not, you simply need to figure out the right style, shape, and shade of your candy heart – and opt for the right phrase to put on top or next to your heart. Heat tattoos, candy or otherwise, carry a million different meanings and you can decide which of them works for you. Between affection, passion, commitment, unity, and harmony, you truly can’t go wrong.

Getting a heart tattoo might feel way too simple and cheesy, but you and your tattoo artist can play with a myriad of candy heart tattoo styles and make the tattoo fit your vibe. Whatever you’re hoping to achieve with your tattoo, you can do that with a candy heart. No matter the placement, the statement, or the shape, candy heart tattoos are easy to love.

Check out some of our favorite picks down below.

1. A “cry baby” tattoo

Credit: @0uchless

Candy heart tattoos are some of the most versatile, wearable tattoos you can get. Whether you opt for a quote, a phrase, or even a name, you’re guaranteed to raise some eyebrows with your choice of ink. A “cry baby” tattoo might be our personal favorite, too!

2. A “hugs” and “be kind” tattoo

Credit: @izzystabs

Why not get two candy hearts rather than one? Colorful candy hearts are certainly more popular than the black-and-white ones, but you might be on the hunt for something a little more simple and sleek. We think these candy hearts are the right way to go!

3. A “babe” tattoo

Credit: @rosalyn_tattooer

Whether you’re paying homage to your babe or putting a cute nametag on your body, you can’t go wrong with a “babe” tattoo. With flower deets and vibrant colors, this tattoo screams “I know exactly what I’m doing!”

4. A candy heart tattoo with your name

Credit: @beekachuu

Oh, there’s a lot to love here (pun intended). From the delicate dots that represent the glitter and shimmer of your heart to the beauty of your name that shines even brighter when tatted on a candy heart, we’re all about this beauty. For what it’s worth, it’s going to be one of your best works yet.

5. A “good job” tattoo

Credit: @gentle_manda

Who are we patting on the back today? Whether you stare at your tattoo every morning before work or show your tatted arm to your friends and family when they’re feeling down, there’s no question that everyone’s going to appreciate your “good job” tattoo.

6. A “u leave me breathless” tattoo

Credit: @laceinyourface_space

While we all love dainty, delicate tattoos, there’s something about using your body to speak your mind that floats our boats. With a “u leave me breathless” tattoo, you’re probably going to get a couple of stares and questions from people wondering whether you were thinking of someone special when you got tatted.

7. An “ugh” tattoo

Credit: @rosalyn_tattooer

Okay, how do you show your mood to people without showing your mood to people? Get an “ugh” candy heart tattoo and watch everyone freak out over your honesty.

8. A “Hocus Pocus” tattoo


When the spooky season comes around, you might be inclined to get a “Hocus Pocus” tattoo and we salute that decision. Whether you opt for Hocus Pocus or some other movie, TV show, or sitcom that you can’t live without, you’ll end up with a cool tattoo design.

9. A “not today Satan” tattoo

Credit: @littlerachtattoo

Oh, for an always-there reminder, add a meaningful word or phrase to your heart candy tattoo. We’re big fans of this “not today Satan” ink, but always opt for a phrase or a quote that really speaks to you.

10. A “love me, leave me” tattoo

Credit: @rosalyn_tattooer

Unless you’re willing to shell out the money for laser removal in the future, consider this “love me, leave me” tattoo for your next candy heart tattoo. We love everything about it – the message, the details, and the sass.

11. A “hands off” tattoo

Credit: @mahaganyshaw

Sometimes you need a tattoo to get the point across. Other times, you want to poke fun at the fact that you can’t get away from people who want to touch you and invade your personal space without consent. Of course, you can always tell them off with a “hands off” candy heart tattoo.

12. A tribute to “The Office”

Credit: @softpest

We already gave a subtle nod to Hocus Pocus as one of the best films ever made, we might as well do the same with The Office as one of the best TV shows ever made. A tattoo that says “identity theft is not a joke, Jim” might be the best way to do that, don’t you think?

13. A “no more f-ing tattoos” tattoo

Credit: @atticustattoo

What better way to remind yourself that you’re done with putting ink on your body than with a tattoo that says “no more f-ing tattoos?” Whether you really mean it or you’re poking fun at the fact that you already get too many tattoos, we salute your decision to get this one.

14. A candy heart tattoo with your and your partner’s initials

Credit: @samilocke

Note how we didn’t tell you to get a tattoo of your partner’s name or, God forbid, face? While some tattoo artists might argue that getting your partner’s initials falls under the same category, we beg to differ. With that in mind, though, we prefer you get your own initials tatted on your body to remind yourself of what a boss you are.

15. A “wake up” tattoo

Credit: @missquartz

Whether you’re a sleepyhead who naps through all the alarms or someone who needs a wake-up call (physically and mentally), we’ve got you covered. With a “wake up” tattoo, you might finally start doing what’s right for you – the bee might be our favorite part, though.

16. A “self love” tattoo


If you’re only in the business of reach-for-the-stars self-love, then this candy heart tattoo was made for you. It’s about time you showed some love to yourself rather than everyone around you.

17. A “100% that witch” tattoo

Credit: @chibirach

If you’re a fan of Lizzo, you might want to stick with the OG lyrics. In the spirit of keeping it PG, though, we opted for this Halloween-inspired lyric change that got us giggling.

18. A “get bent” tattoo

Credit: @stefansalamone

What a fun way to put someone in their place, right? With a few cute deets and color combinations, this tattoo is bound to become one of your favorite tattoos you’ve ever done.

19. A “stay pissed” tattoo

Credit: @nadine_tattoos

We could say the same thing about the “stay pissed” tattoo! When someone wrongs you, you can either go talk to them or tell them off with your new tattoo. We chose the new tattoo route because sometimes you need to be that petty.

20. A “mom and dad” tattoo

Credit: @marianne.savard

Argh, we’re obsessed with youngsters showing affection toward their parents with ink! Getting a “mom and dad” candy heart tattoo might not be on your parent’s bucket list, but that’s a great way to show them how much you appreciate them.

21. A “4eva fat” tattoo

Credit: @beekertattoo

Body positivity forever, that’s what we’d say to that! Getting a “4eva fat” tattoo might be the ultimate power move and we’re here for that. Whatever you do, don’t you dare toy with your confidence.

22. A “hug me” tattoo

Credit: @mattctattoo

Whether or not you’re a fan of cactuses (cacti?), you have to admit that there’s something hilarious about a tattoo of a cactus coming out of a candy heart that reads “hug me.” We’re all for the irony and that’s why we urge you to get that cactus tattoo next time you see your tattoo artist.