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20 Interesting Cherry Tattoo Ideas For A Fruitful Expression

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Whether you’re a real tattoo enthusiast or you’re thinking of walking into a tattoo shop for the first time ever, choosing the design you want to go with is never easy. What about a cherry tattoo? Does it sound like an interesting option?

In some cultures, cherries represent innocence and they’re used as symbols of purity. In others, these juicy fruits are associated with sensuality and romance. So, we can safely say that you can take any road you want if you decide to ink a cherry onto your body.

At the end of the day, you can choose this delicious fruit simply because you’re obsessed with it. It’s your tattoo and you’re allowed to give it any meaning you want.

Now, when it comes to choosing the design that speaks to your heart, you probably feel bombarded with all the options you’ve stumbled upon. From simple, black and gray tattoos to vibrant and in-your-face ideas, your cherry tattoo can get as detailed as you want it to.

If you’re feeling confused and don’t know where to start, we’ll be more than happy to share with you some of the freshest choices we’ve picked. Fingers crossed that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

1. Simple cherry tattoo

Credit: ademir.bovo_tattoo

If you’re looking for something simple and minimalistic, this is the bare representation of a design that ticks all the boxes. It may be basic to some, but it’s definitely a good choice for a tattoo beginner.

2. Colorful cherry outline

Credit: jakovtattoo_

When you want to spice things up a bit, you can adjust the previous design by adding a touch of color to it. Red and green will go well together and they will embrace the true nature of a juicy cherry.

3. Shiny cherry

Credit: alex.bituna

If tattoos could feel luxurious, this one would be a diamond among them. We love the idea that this design is achieved with red ink only. Even for the shading, the artist only used darker and lighter shades of red.

4. Heart-shaped cherries

Credit: anti.madiii

Do you wish to get a simple, fine-line tattoo of a cherry but don’t want to be too predictable? You can always spice things up with a cool design. We love these heart-shaped cherries which allow you to create something different without too much fuss.

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5. Devil and angel

Credit: nannon.anon

You can embrace the duality of cherries and completely opposite meanings that they can have by getting this tattoo of a cherry devil and an angel. It’s such a simple style, but we love its fun appeal.

6. Traditional cherry tattoo

Credit: shrubbertt

Do you like traditional-style tattoos? We’re huge fans of them mostly because of the vibrant colors that this method relies on. If you’re not afraid to opt for a brighter design, then this may be the right choice for you.

7. Polished cherry

Credit: yeontaan

Who would’ve thought that you could achieve something like this with ink? This tattoo looks surreal and we think it’s a great choice for all of you who are looking for something unique.

8. Cherrylicious tattoo

Credit: little.bee.stings

This design is a fun take on your usual cherry tattoo. All the elements make this tattoo look alive and interesting. So, if you don’t mind having fun with your tats, this is a great choice for you.

9. Botanical tattoo

Credit: alexisethomson

Do you rather prefer natural-looking tattoos that look like they belong in nature? In that case, we love this branch with juicy-looking cherries. This design will make you think of summer every time you take a look at it.

10. Edgy cherry tattoo

Credit: zerokid_tattoo

Blackwork tattoos are true art since they use only black ink but still give you amazing results. We love this edgy cherry and think it’s great for all of you who rather stay away from colorful tattoos.

11. Funky cherries


When you want to keep your tattoos light and fun, you can always go for something along these lines. It’s a simple design, there’s a touch of color and the combination of different elements makes it appear different from everything you’ve ever seen.

12. Realistic cherry tattoo

Credit: francesco_ferri_tattoo

These cherries look like they’ve just been picked from a tree. A design such as this one makes you go to the store and grab a box of cherries that will satisfy your need for this delicious fruit.

13. Cute cherries

Credit: lilu_creations

In Japan, these cherries are proud representatives of a kawaii aesthetic. When you translate it into English, it simply means that they’re cute and adorable. Would you be willing to get a tattoo such as this one, though?

14. Dotwork cherry tattoo

Credit: evelyn.tatts

We’re obsessed with dot work since it shows precision, patience, and skill. Tattoos of this style will always have a special place in our hearts since we know how unique they are. If you feel the same way about this method then you’ll love this design.

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15. Black-ink cherries

Credit: chelsdorntattoo

Here we have another version of a cherry that’s created only with black ink and a tiny bit of white. We love how classical it looks since it means that it will never go out of style.

16. Cherry mouth

Credit: melejuana

If you’re looking for a more sensual tattoo, then this could be the way to go. We love the clean lines and vibrant colors that make this design stand out.

17. Cherry branch

Credit: kotastiia

There’s something about this fine-line tattoo that makes you want to wear it on your skin forever. It’s so simple but at the same time, it looks irresistible.

18. Crayon tattoo cherries

Credit: nany_nyc

Tattoos such as this one bring you back to your childhood when you used to spend days drawing on literally everything. This design could be a great way to celebrate someone special or to create an everlasting memory for your child.

19. Fine-line cherries

Credit: haunteddermis

When you ask for simple, we deliver simple. If you’re not ready to commit to bigger or bolder tattoos, you can always stick with the designs such as this one. Just because there’s not much going on, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get the meaning you’re looking for.

20. Cherry picking

Credit: mahaganyshaw

Here’s another traditional tattoo that plays with colors and clean and sharp lines. It looks perfectly executed and is a great option when you’re looking for a slightly bigger design.