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20 Popular Cobra Tattoos That’ll Make You Slither With Style

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Snakes are some of the most OG tattoo motifs, and they’re adored by body art enthusiasts around the world thanks to their captivating and symbolic nature. When we’re talking about snake tattoos, the symbolism can vary depending on cultural significance, individual interpretations, and personal connections. What about cobra tattoos?

Of all the snakes you might be drawn to, cobras are considered the most dangerous and most sacred which makes them a great tattoo motif to consider. Cobra tattoos represent danger, power, protection, mercy, and meanness, but you’re free to explore different meanings, too. With that out of the way, here are some of Instagram’s most “hissterical” cobra tattoos to get you started.

1. A cobra tattoo on the shoulder

Credit: @sandracunhaa

If you’re looking to get something intricate and large, you might be interested in a tattoo of a cobra wrapping around your shoulder. It’s clear that shoulders offer a large, blank canvas for you and your tattoo artist to explore endless design possibilities.

2. A cobra tattoo on the back of the leg

Credit: @jaeill_son

What about a tattoo of a cobra on the back of your leg? Legs are the perfect place to get inked, especially when you’re planning on showing off your new ink to everyone around you. No matter what design you’re considering, you can work your magic with a back-of-the-leg tattoo.

3. A cobra tattoo on the stomach


Because of how your body twists and turns throughout the day, a cobra tattoo on the side of your stomach might be the best tattoo placement you’ve ever seen. Before you book your next appointment, make sure your tattoo artist knows how to work on a softer canvas.

4. A cobra tattoo on the arm

Credit: @harryhoy_tattoos

Arm tattoos are a must for first-timers and seasoned tattoo-getters! Whether you’re working on a sleeve or you simply want to spice things up with a cobra tattoo on your arm, there’s no denying that arm tattoos offer tons of possibilities. We’re obsessed with this tattoo!

5. A tattoo of two cobras on the lower back

Credit: @timvic_tattooer

Back tattoos require a lot of time and effort, but they’re some of the most stunning tattoo placements you’ve ever seen – especially when you opt for a lower back tattoo. With a lower back tattoo of two cobras staring at each other, you’re guaranteed to attract attention and turn heads.

6. A forearm tattoo of a cobra with ornaments

Credit: @beatattooartist

Cobra tattoos can be basic and boring, but you can make them your own by opting for specific placement or embellishing them with symbols and elements that amplify or completely change the vibe of the tattoo. Ornaments are a great way for you to add more detail to your tattoo without taking the spotlight away from the snake. Ornamental tattoos are purely decorative and that’s why they’re perfect for these types of tweaks.

7. A tattoo of a cobra wrapped around a vase

Credit: @caventattoo

What about a tattoo of a cobra wrapped around a vase? We can’t get enough of the intricate lines, satisfying shading, and perfect placement that make this tattoo a true work of art.

8. A cobra tattoo on the neck

Credit: @maximo.ttt

Whether you’re leaning toward something delicate or bold, fun or sentimental, a neck tattoo might be the one for you. Neck tattoos might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re guaranteed to make you the talk of the town.

9. A two-headed cobra tattoo on the forearm

Credit: @dreyk.ttt

Cobra tattoos can be predictable, but you can always opt for a two-headed cobra slithering across your arm and see what happens. A two-headed cobra represents rebirth and resurrection, but you might have a different reason for getting that specific tattoo motif.

10. A black and red ink cobra tattoo

Credit: @caiosheep

Black and red ink tattoos are becoming more and more popular, and for a good reason, too. A black tattoo of a cobra might be more elegant and effortless, but you’re going to attract more attention with a little splash of red ink. After all, red ink tattoos look like they’re made with blood, and that’s a pretty hardcore thing to do.

11. A traditional cobra tattoo on the forearm

Credit: @justinstubbs_

Traditional cobra tattoos reign supreme. Whether it’s the bright color combinations or the bold black outlines, traditional tattoos have a way of standing out and attracting a crowd. When you’re struggling to pick the perfect style, consider getting a traditional cobra tattoo.

12. Matching cobra tattoos on the wrists

Credit: @coquesinamo

We love the way these two tattoos complement each other. Whether you opt for traditional cobra tattoos or a completely different style, you can express your creativity by repeating the same design on both of your wrists. Why not?

13. A traditional cobra tattoo on the hip

Credit: @giuseppe.messina

Traditional tattoos are almost always big and bold, and that’s why they’re the perfect pick when you’re planning on getting a hip tattoo. Hip tattoos are wearable and versatile, but they’re great for people who want to go all out. What do you think?

14. A cobra tattoo on the elbow

Credit: @tbonetat2

Elbow tattoos are exciting! Whether you’re trying to fill the gaps of your full-sleeve tattoo or building a collection of carefully placed tattoos, you’re going to appreciate the art behind elbow tattoos. A cobra can wrap around your elbow with ease, and that’s what makes it the appropriate tattoo motif for an elbow tattoo.

15. A tattoo of a cobra with a dagger

Credit: @honey_im_home_tattoo

Cobras and daggers are a match made in heaven (or hell!)

Whatever the case might be, you shouldn’t shy away from experimenting with different elements when working on your cobra tattoo. A dagger can bring a lot of meaning to your tattoo because daggers typically represent betrayal, sacrifice, and bravery – all of which work wonderfully with the meaning behind cobra tattoos, too.

16. A tiny cobra tattoo on the back

Credit: @saskiapatrice

Back tattoos are typically elaborate masterpieces that take days (and even weeks!) to complete. By opting for a smaller, simpler back tattoo, you can still get the same effect without going all out or spending all your money. A small snake is still a snake, right?

17. A cobra tattoo on the leg

Credit: @saskiapatrice

With that out of the way, though, your legs are the ideal canvas for long ink that moves with your body and accentuates your beauty. A cobra tattoo can stretch from the tip of your toes to your thighs and make you feel like the true snake charmer that you are.

18. A cobra tattoo on the upper arm

Credit: @soltatua

Upper arm tattoos deserve more recognition, too. Whether you’re getting your first tattoo ever or you’re simply running out of space, you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to upper arm tattoos simply because they’re “ordinary” or “nothing you haven’t seen before.” Upper arm tattoos can be stunning when done right, too.

19. A colorful cobra tattoo

Credit: @jin_qchoi

What do you think of colorful tattoos? Whether you opt for a traditional tattoo or a completely different style, you’re free to experiment with different color combinations that work with your aesthetic. Colorful tattoos require more effort and energy, but they’re worth your while.

20. A black and red ink cobra tattoo on the back

Credit: @s.mancinotattoo

We’re ending the article with a true masterpiece! A full-back piece of black and red ink cobras might not be for the faint of heart, but it’s a surefire way to earn respect in the tattoo community.