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24 Coffee Plant Tattoo Designs That Are Anything But Boring

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When picking out the perfect tattoo, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of tattoo options out there. Whether you go for a simple finger tattoo or an elaborate work of art across your entire back, the possibilities are endless. What about a coffee plant tattoo?

A cup of coffee might be a beloved tattoo design among coffee drinkers, but many don’t know that the coffee tree comes with its own unique meaning and uses. A tattoo of a coffee tree can carry a million different meanings, depending on the wearer’s circumstances, but a coffee tree typically represents energy, focus, and determination.

When you take a closer look at a coffee tree, you might become enamored with its gorgeous green leaves or delicate white flowers. Whatever the case might be, the leaves symbolize the energy and vitality that comes with a fresh cup of coffee and the flowers represent the focus and determination needed to achieve one’s goals.

Whether you want to get that trendy tattoo you saw on Instagram or finally get that matching ink with your significant other, you might want to check out the many eye-catching coffee plant tattoo designs we’ve gathered for you down below.

Go for a classic look with a coffee plant on your upper arm

Credit: @ipektattoo

Upper arm tattoos are great for first-timers, especially when you’re thinking of getting a tattoo that’s on the bigger side. Whether you go for a coffee plant with flowers, coffee beans, or both, we reckon you’re going to adore the one in the picture.

Credit: @philipppfohl

While you’re at it, you might as well go for a coffee plant with as many details as possible! Experiment with the outline to add to the overall vibe of the tattoo and opt for the description of the coffee plant to shut the mouths of annoying family members wondering “What does your tattoo mean?”

Credit: @yg.tattooing

Why not play with the entire “I can’t live without coffee” thing and tattoo a coffee plant along with a coffee cup? We’re obsessed with this particular design because it’s everything we need and more on our upper arms. How about you?

Credit: @tattooist.ashuri

When you keep the design simple, you can play with the shape and the placement of the tattoo. We adore the clean lines on this tattoo and we urge you to consider it as inspiration for your own coffee plant tattoo.

Simple and sleek coffee plant tattoo on your forearm


You don’t know which forearm tattoo to opt for? You can’t go wrong with a fine-line, floral tattoo. You can get a tiny tattoo that represents your love of coffee trees or a tediously large tattoo with leaves, flowers, coffee beans, and all the details you need.

Credit: @mellowbynozem

On the hunt for something simple and sleek? Opt for a tattoo design that focuses on line art and makes use of negative space to bring you the most mesmerizing coffee plant tattoo ever.

Credit: @_sage_

You know what they say about the best things coming in small packages, right? When picking out the perfect coffee plant tattoo for yourself, don’t shy away from going a little smaller than the rest of the folk. Small tattoos pack a punch, too.

Make a statement with a coffee plant tattoo on your back

Credit: @wingsze.sze

Back tattoos are always a good choice considering they’re the most versatile. Whether you go big or go home, you can always count on a back tattoo of a coffee plant to draw attention to your awesome style (and taste in tattoos!)


Going for a sticker back can be a great way to add a bunch of tiny tattoos you like without committing to an enormous coffee plant tattoo. Generally speaking, you’re less likely to regret a miniature work of art.

Stay close to your heart with a coffee plant tattoo on your rib cage

Credit: @poonkaros

Debut your newfound love of tattoos with a ribcage tattoo of a coffee plant. Ribcage tattoos are everyone’s favorite for a reason – they’re both dainty and daring, depending on the style you opt for.

Credit: @omgitsliza

The details on this coffee plant tattoo are out of this world! The flowers, the coffee beans, and the leaves look incredibly realistic and you’re guaranteed to get a line of people (who are allowed to see your ribcage) swooning over this tattoo.

Credit: @stickandstoked

Ditch the flowers and the coffee beans and opt for a simple, sleek hand poked tattoo of a coffee plant. Lovely and elegant, this tattoo will make you feel like you’re polished and put together at all times.

Credit: @cheri122_ta

If you’re a fan of bold and beautiful tattoos, you might want to consider getting a coffee plant tattoo that goes over your ribcage and wraps around your chest. It’s about time you celebrated it!

Go bold or go home with a coffee plant on your face

Credit: @bones_tattoo

Face tattoos are the epitome of “I don’t care about what anyone thinks of me!” and we’re here for that. If you’re brave enough to get a face tattoo, you’re brave enough to do whatever you want with your life.

Credit: @littlefangtattoos

When you’re a fan of the coffee plant, you might not want to go for a simple tattoo of a few leaves and call it a day. You might be more interested in going all out and shocking your entire family and friend group. You do you, boo!

Credit: @sideshowtattoogallery

Face tattoos are a little scary to commit to and that’s why you might want to start with a tiny coffee plant tattoo that doesn’t take up too much space on your face. Who’s to say you need a big one, right?

Coffee plant tattoo for any aesthetic on your legs

Credit: @ink.dust

When choosing the right placement, don’t shy away from thigh tattoos because they’re perfect for covering up (when you need to). We can’t get enough of this coffee plant tattoo!

Credit: @leahearltattoo

We’re aware that placement might not be as popular as some of the other ones we mentioned beforehand, but that’s the fun of doing your own thing. With a stunning tattoo like this one, you can’t go wrong!

Credit: @elrosestorm

We adore everything about this tattoo! From the placement and the style of the tattoo to the way that the color of the tattoo doesn’t scream “Look at me now!” We urge you to consider something of the sort for your next coffee plant tattoo.

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Credit: @saga_maria_art

It might be on the adventure side of the spectrum thanks to the intensity of the line work, but we’re 100% sure that’s what makes this tattoo stand out in the crown. It’s a dare for you!

Colorful coffee plant tattoos

Credit: @yuna.tattoos

We can’t think of a better way to end our coffee plant tattoo article than with a few of our favorite colorful picks. We’re the biggest fans of black and white, elegant tattoos, but there’s something about a detailed, realistic coffee plant that plays with our hearts.

Credit: @kayseeshuster

When you want to show the world your love of coffee plants, you might want to opt for something straight to the point. A colorful coffee plant and a little mountain on top speak volumes as to why you chose to tattoo that on your body.

Credit: @dreadarlingtattoo

A coffee plant and a little watermelon on the side? What’s not to love, right?

Credit: @muk.tatouage

And we can’t forget about a coffee plant tattoo that comes with all the details you might want to display on your body. At the end of the day, your love of coffee plants deserves a proper work of art.