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23 Immaculate Coral Tattoos For The Lovers Of The Deep Sea

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Coral tattoos are whimsical and beautiful. If you want to get one there’s a good chance that you’re not really sure how to design it, nor do you know how to explain it to your tattoo artist.

Usually, the images of underwater creatures represent lovers of fantasy and magical stories. They commemorate the wisdom of the world and the strength they need to grow underwater.

Coral tattoos are something that’s quite unique. It’s a special way to show your undying love for the ocean and ecology. You’re the type of person who’s aware that our nature needs help, and you’re someone who knows just how important coral reefs are.

That’s why we’re glad that we can give you 23 examples to inspire you to get a fresh and meaningful design inked on your skin.

Simple coral tattoos


Coral tattoos don’t have to be complicated to be beautiful. If you’re looking for a pop of color that’s not too much on your skin, then this design is perfect for you. The red outlining of the smaller coral is a perfect contrast to the shadowed version. In the dotted design there are no outlines, which makes it look even more whimsical.

Source: @sarah_milano_tattoo

The most amazing thing about these tattoos is the fact that there’s no way to say that one shape is the right shape. There are so many different corals, and as you can see, you can do a simple one that’s filled with tiny details.

Source: @j.h.ditchfield_tattoo

This simple coral tattoo is astonishing! It follows the shape of the arm perfectly, but it’s also done with a thin outline and minimal shading.

Black and gray coral tattoos

Source: @orgasmicforest_tattoos

Black and gray tattoos are never going to lose popularity. They’re simple, yet leave a strong statement behind. Just like this coral tattoo above, the simple design makes it seem childish, but that’s in the eye of the beholder. So, the little fishes in this tattoo are also a unique detail.

Source: @rachelwoodtattoo

Here we have another example of how the linework can represent what you want without having to do too much detail. This tattoo is much bigger, but the lines obviously represent corals.

Source: @katclarke_tattoo

A more complicated example of coral tattoos can also include other sea creatures. Here you can see shells surrounding the corals and a star fish. This tattoo has some extremely fine lines that leave space for this subtle and dainty shading.

Source: @lizzydaltontattoo

Go big or go home! This is probably not everyone’s taste, as it’s such a huge piece. However, the amount of details and shading in this tattoo is immaculate. The geometrical shape of the bottom and top of this tattoo add a lot more personality to this design.

Source: @leah.hannaford

Another big tattoo that should definitely inspire your next tattoo choice. Here you can see a fully shaded tattoo, that has a lot of different corals at the bottom. The shape of this tattoo follows the arm and shoulder of this person perfectly, and it gives a wonderful ending that can be incorporated into the next tattoo choices.

Source: @iamcharlottelee

How about a chest piece? This is a black and gray tattoo design that’s been perfectly composed to fit the shape of this woman’s chest. The fine lines are crisp and clean, while the shading is minimal. You can even see how the corals would move with the waves if they were in the water.

Colorful coral tattoos

Source: @balinha_tattoo

Coral tattoos would look amazing if they were to be done with colors. In this example, it’s only a red linework, however, the perfect placement can make it even more special. As you can see, this tattoo is simple, but it’s meaning speaks volumes.

Source: @saegeemtattoo

A colorful coral tattoo doesn’t have to have any outlines. Just like the one above, your coral tattoo could be made out of simple shapes and colors. There are simple shadows, but the colorful fish on top make it look whimsical.


Another example is that lacks outlines, but looks perfectly composed with the bubbles, the colors, and the small fishes around it. Even though this tattoo is so minimalistic it’s still filled with details.

Source: @saegeemtattoo

Focusing on three colors would also be a wonderful idea. In the photo above, you can see a well-detailed design. The corals with make a wonderful composition with the fish and the turtle. This would be a perfect design for anyone who loves the deep sea.

Source: @okidtattoo

Colorful coral tattoos can also be made in a much bigger design. This one isn’t that big, but it’s still easily readable. The colors, the shapes, the shading, make it look animated. However, it’s wonderful to see how much artistic liberty you have with your designs.


If you’re a fan of extremely tiny outlines and tiny details, then this design is wonderful and unique. It’s not the most eye-catching design, but it’s dainty and whimsical.

Unique coral tattoos

Source: @chou_tatt

You can design your coral tattoos however you want! I mean, just look at this treasure that was lost somewhere in the sea, and it got stuck to some corals. There’s no outline in this one, but it’s feminine and detailed. The lights that are reflecting off of the jewels was done immaculately.

Source: @maok_tattoo

Or, how about an animated tattoo? No one says that you have to stick to one particular design choice. You can always choose something as unique as a fish with legs that’s jumping right through a coral reef.

Source: @la.pipe.bleue

This interesting tattoo design holds more than corals. The bottom part of this woman looks like she’s diving right into the corals. The fine lines are perfectly composed into this tattoo.

Source: @nancydestroyer

Your love for the sea can also be represented in the shape of a heart. Nothing would show the meaning as well as this tattoo design. Coral tattoos have so many different designs, but this one flows down the left side of the chest.

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Source: @harry.plane

A manatee in a teacup that’s surrounded by wonderful coral tattoos. This tattoo has some wonderful images of sea creatures that make this perfectly cohesive tattoo.

Source: @tiggytattoos

Pokémon really are everyone’s favorite childhood memory. If you want a girly tattoo that still shows your appreciation for the creatures of the sea, this is a very creative design. The saturation of these colors is immaculate, and the entire composition follows the thigh.

Source: @greentavac

This is a traditional tattoo style. Coral tattoos can also be done traditionally, as you can see. This style is mostly known for thick lines and big parts that are colored in. The colors are also well-saturated. This tattoo shows all the best parts of this style.

Source: @reenrebecca

Last, but definitely not least, here we have stamps that have gorgeous images in them. Coral tattoos can be put into any design, as you can see. Here we have someone who loves the ocean and wanted to commemorate that, with shadowy outlines, and detailed designs within it.

23 Immaculate Coral Tattoos For The Lovers Of The Deep Sea