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22 Powerful Cross Tattoos For Women In Touch With Faith

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Tattoos often serve as powerful testimonies of one’s beliefs, experiences, and passions. In this article, we explore 22 powerful cross tattoos for women, each embodying a touch of grace, a dash of individuality, and a deep connection to faith.

Cross tattoos hold a special place, particularly for women who wish to showcase their faith in a way that is both personal and profound. They come in various designs, from the simplest lines to the most intricate patterns, each carrying a unique story.

1. An ornate cross tattoo

Credit: vismstudio

Delicately etched on the arm, this ornate cross tattoo incorporates the enduring symbol of faith with some very intricate flair. The fine lines create a lace-like effect, imbuing the piece with a sense of softness and femininity.

At the heart of the cross blooms a single flower, signifying purity and single-minded devotion.

2. A timeless cross tattoo

Credit: zipinblack

Perched gracefully on the upper arm, this tattoo showcases a cross with a design that harks back to the vintage era of intricate craftsmanship. It features Victorian-inspired elements that are both elegant and filled with symbolism.

Its detailed work suggests a deep appreciation for tradition and the personal significance of one’s faith and heritage.

3. A subtle floral cross tattoo

Credit: suhjeom_tattooer

Gently resting upon the skin with a blush of red ink, this is one of those cross tattoos for women that blend spirituality with the delicate touch of nature.

The design intertwines the sacred symbol with soft floral patterns, and has a subtle color palette that suggests a personal and introspective connection to faith.

4. Gothic elegance

Credit: engraved.vessels

This elaborate cross tattoo is a stunning display of Gothic elegance with a contemporary edge. It has a complexity that seems to draw inspiration from the grandeur of old-world cathedrals.

It’s the perfect choice for a woman who finds strength in her spirituality and wants to embody it in a form that is as enduring as the architecture that inspires it.

5. A guardian angel cross tattoo

Credit: imsumimi

Displayed prominently on the upper arm, this tattoo transcends traditional symbolism by blending a cross with elements of celestial guardianship.

The central eye, framed by the protective wings of an angel, signifies divine watchfulness and guidance. It’s a truly profound design, made for those who feel deeply connected to their guardian angels.

6. A simple minimalist design

Credit: tattooer_jina

This tattoo is a testament to the beauty of simplicity. Positioned on the wrist, a place that’s often visible, it’s a constant reminder of the wearer’s faith and values.

The design is a seamless fusion of a cross and the word “Lucete,” meaning “shine,” rendered in a single, fluid line that underscores the unbroken connection between belief and light.

7. Rosary and cross tattoo for women

Credit: olgacaca

This tattoo depicts a rosary, a sacred symbol of prayer and meditation in many Christian traditions. The beads flow into an intricate cross, rendered with a realism that gives the impression of a tangible object rather than ink on skin.

It’s especially poignant for those who find solace in the ritual of prayer and seek to carry that sanctuary with them.

8. A chained cross

Credit: bakaneitor_threesix

Inked with striking contrast upon the chest, this tattoo boldly combines the classic imagery of a cross with a sacred heart and enveloping chains.

The cross itself is sharp and defined, with spikes radiating light, perhaps symbolizing the unwavering strength of faith. This powerful piece serves as a badge of unshakable belief, love’s endurance, and personal victories over life’s bindings.

9. A celestial cross tattoo

Credit: sukza__art

Now, we have a chest cross tattoo for women, and this one is a delicate array of lines and dots, looking almost like a constellation in the night sky.

Its ethereal design suggests a spiritual map, a guide to the heavens, or maybe a connection to the cosmic energies.

10. A forearm crucifix tattoo

Credit: ghani_art_tattoo

This tattoo features the solemn image of Jesus on the cross, a potent symbol of sacrifice and redemption in Christian iconography.

Placed on the inner forearm, a part of the body that is both visible and personal, it serves as a constant reminder of the wearer’s faith and the foundational stories that shape it.

11. A geometry crucifix tattoo

Credit: kidneedle_tattoo

Here, we have another crucifix design, this one is executed with even more detail and realistic imagery than the previous one.

It is an image of Jesus surrounded by geometric shapes and symbols, with a heart above him hinting at the concept of divine love. This tattoo is symbolically positioned on the calf—a place of strength and support.

12. A cross that looks like a sculpture

Credit: jku_tattoo

Etched onto the skin with a three-dimensional effect, this tattoo showcases a cross that looks incredibly realistic.

The shadowing and perspective give the tattoo an almost sculptural quality, as if a metallic emblem were affixed to the skin. It suits someone who appreciates the artistry of tattoos and the profound narratives behind symbols, combining both into a piece of wearable art.

13. A vibrant Baroque cross design

Credit: studio_jaw

With its vivid colors and ornate details, this cross tattoo for women takes you back to the opulence of the Baroque period, at least in design.

It’s a tattoo for someone who has a flair for the dramatic and sees their faith as something to be expressed with artistic extravagance.

14. An angelic cross tattoo

Credit: tattooist_hwi

This striking tattoo features a cross with an angel at its center, serving as divine protection for the person wearing it.

The intricate details and deep shading give the design a sense of depth, almost as if the angel and the cross were carved from stone. It’s a particularly significant cross tattoo for women, especially when placed on the upper back.

15. Three forearm cross tattoos for women

Credit: wooyootattoo

This design features not one, but three distinct cross tattoos for women, placed next to each other on the inner forearm.

The three crosses are all executed in different styles, symbolizing the variety of approaches people take to faith, all united by a common central belief.

16. A minimalist vine cross tattoo

Credit: inkdbybrownz_fineline_tattoo

This tattoo, a minimalist cross composed of vine-like lines and dots, is a charming take on spiritual symbolism. The simplicity of the design reflects a light-hearted and organic approach to spirituality, one that is personal and not bound by tradition.

It is an ideal choice for someone who embraces their faith with a gentle touch, and for whom spirituality intertwines with the joy and spontaneity of life.

17. A gothic cross back tattoo for the stoic woman

Credit: dianaregalado

Centered on the back, this tattoo portrays a cross with gothic elements, conveying a sense of solemnity and reverence.

The detailed shading and ornamental flourishes suggest a connection to the grand cathedrals of the past, while the central, lighter hue of the cross seems to represent an inner light.

18. Blossoming faith tattoo

Credit: yeowool_tattooer

This delicate tattoo, with a single rose intersected by a cross, captures the truly beautiful essence of faith. The soft colors of the rose and the fine lines of the surrounding flora give the piece a gentle, yet vivid presence on the skin.

The visual element is accompanied by handwritten text that reads “Love that never gives up Hope,” which adds a deeply personal layer of meaning.

19. Praying hands tattoo

Credit: h_tattooer

This detailed tattoo captures a pair of clasped hands in prayer, with a rosary draped over the fingers and a cross hanging delicately below.

It’s a classic representation of prayer and devotion, suggesting a moment of quiet reflection or an appeal to a higher power. It resonates with those who find comfort in their prayer and carry their spirituality close as a source of strength and solace in their daily life.

20. Cross tattoo behind the ear

Credit: rabbit_habitatt

Nestled discreetly behind the ear, this small cross tattoo is an intimate symbol of faith. It’s an ideal choice for someone who wants a subtle yet permanent expression of their spiritual beliefs.

The design is detailed enough to intrigue, yet small enough to be a personal secret, shared only with those who come close. It’s very reminiscent of a prayer whispered in a quiet moment, away from the eyes of the world.

21. A rosary anklet tattoo


This tattoo wraps around the ankle like a rosary, with the beads leading to a cross that rests just above the foot, symbolizing a path of faith that guides every step.

The detailed cross, dangling like a charm, serves as a focal point of devotion—a reminder of spiritual grounding. It’s a testament to walking through life with faith as your steadfast companion.

22. Floral cross tattoo

Credit: summerwel_blkink

This bold tattoo features a gothic cross filled with floral motifs, a design that combines the strength of faith with the beauty of nature.

The contrast of the dark ink against the skin makes a strong visual statement, while the flowers within the cross bring a touch of softness and life to the symbolism.

Overall, these 22 powerful cross tattoos for women stand as enduring symbols of faith, resilience, and inner strength. Each one reflects a unique connection to spirituality, serving as a constant reminder of hope and devotion on life’s journey.