26 Einfache Kreuz-Tattoo-Designs als Ode an Ihren Glauben

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Who wouldn’t want to rock simple cross tattoo designs, right?

Picking out the perfect tattoo design can be challenging when you’re unsure of what you want on your body for the rest of your days. You might be inspired by in-loving celebrities like Miley Cyrus or Harry Styles who, oftentimes, celebrate their creativity through their tattoos. You’re not the one to add to your tattoo collection on a whim, but cross tattoos hold a special place in your heart.

What do cross tattoos even mean? Without a shadow of a doubt, a cross almost always symbolizes faith, sacrifice, and protection. When you tattoo a cross somewhere on your body, you’re probably trying to give an ode to your faith or opting for a tattoo that’s simple to understand, no matter who asks you “What does your tattoo mean!?”

Whether you’re a first-timer who’s never set foot in a tattoo shop before or a tattoo addict who can’t seem to get enough of the pain (and the pleasure!), we’re bringing you a few of our favorite simple cross tattoo designs.

Ein einfaches Kreuz-Tattoo auf deinem Arm

Kredit: @firstjing

Who wouldn’t want a tattoo of a beautiful flower surrounding the cross that represents your devotion to your faith? Floral tattoos have always been some of the most popular tattoo designs out there and now we know why! We can’t get enough of them!

Oh, you wanted a simple cross tattoo? We’re giving you all that and more! Whether you’re adorned with a bunch of beautiful, bold tattoos or you’re a fan of something on the smaller side of the spectrum, we recommend going for a straightforward cross. What’s not to love!?

Kredit: @zipinblack

Want something simple but you don’t want to end up with a boring tattoo everyone and their mother possesses? We’ve got you covered with one of the most intricate, intriguing cross tattoos we’ve ever seen. Add a splash of color and you’re good to go!

With a realistic tattoo like this one, you’re going to be the coolest dude around no matter where you go! Simple, sleek lines, hardcore details, and a dash of imagination are what make this tattoo a one-of-a-kind. So, what are you waiting for?

Ein stilvolles Kreuz-Tattoo auf deinem Finger

Kredit: @umitattooer

Up until recently, finger tattoos weren’t the most popular among the tattoo crowd. With celebrities’ stamp of approval and the fact that they’re perfect for tiny designs that don’t take too much time, money, or effort – finger tattoos are all the rage now. We suggest this one!

Now, how do you let people know that you’re married to Jesus and Jesus only? With a ring finger tattoo, of course! We’re kidding, we’re kidding. We do recommend getting a simple cross on your ring finger as a form of permanent “jewelry” or as a physical wedding ring.

Kredit: @porkyinks

Make no mistake – even the most minimal finger tattoos make a statement thanks to their visibility. Whatever design you decide to go with, you’re guaranteed to attract attention and turn heads. We already told you that you can use Fingertattoos anstelle von Schmuck!

Ein feminines Kreuz-Tattoo auf dem Rücken

Back tattoos are a must, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned tattoo artist. A tattoo of a flower with a simple, sleek cross on top might not seem that magnificent, but that’s the beauty of understanding what different people want. Simple tattoos are sometimes the prettiest!

Kredit: @thenrytattoos

Why don’t we take the average, already-seen-before flower tattoos up a notch? With a design that combines the symbolism of a cross and die Schönheit einer Rose and her thorns, there’s nothing that can go wrong. Add a few more flowers for good measure and voilà.

Well, you can’t say we’re throwing boring tattoos at you, right? When you’re on the hunt for something simple, you don’t need to settle for line art or negative space art. With a detailed tattoo that hints at the shape of a cross, you can allow people to interpret it however they want!

Kredit: @sukza__art

We can only describe this tattoo as magical! With intricate lines and details that make your heart flutter, this tattoo deserves a spot on your body – well, on your back.

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Ein minimalistisches Kreuz-Tattoo am Hals

Heavily inked people know that neck tattoos aren’t a walk in the park, but they’re more than happy to get them, anyway! We suggest going for something simple, but effective – especially if you’re already covered in tattoos.

Kredit: @surfersparadisetattoo

Neck tattoos are oftentimes done when you run out of sufficient space on your arms, legs, and torso, but this one deserves a spot on your body whether or not you’re heavily inked. We’d say that it’s pretty simple, although it’s embellished with a detail or two, too.

Going back to tiny tattoos, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to suggest one of the most classy, chic neck tattoos ever – a simple cross tattoo design. Neck tattoos are already exposed enough and you don’t need to make them bigger than the rest of your ink.

Kredit: @843_tattoos

The three crosses tattoos represent faith, hope, and love. Therefore, they’re a great way to embellish your body without wasting space on something that doesn’t mean anything.

Ein mächtiges Kreuz-Tattoo auf deinem Bein

Sometimes you want a statement tattoo and there’s nothing wrong with that! Luckily for you, crosses are super simple to tailor to your needs and you can end up with an eye-catching tattoo like the one in the picture.

Kredit: @harusisun

Argh, we can’t get enough of how perfect this tattoo is! Whether you’re searching for something simple to satisfy your hunger for new ink or something a little more elaborate to show off, we’re pretty sure this tattoo classifies as both.

Now, if the previous tattoo isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to opt for something a little edgier. While this tattoo might not be as simple as some of the other tattoos we suggested, it’s worth your while.

Kredit: @inkgirlolivia

While the tights aren’t a traditional tattoo placement, they’ve been getting more and more traction over the past few years. With a few simple strokes, you can get the same simple cross tattoo on your thighs, too.

Ein süßes Kreuz-Tattoo am Ohr

Ear tattoos are super fun and you can experiment with different placements! Whether you opt for a cross tattoo near the ear, behind the ear, or on the ear, you’re bound to turn heads. We suggest going for something easy-peasy because ear tattoos can be quite a pain.

Kredit: @siennagrace_

There’s no denying the popularity of small, symbolic ink on ears, the side of the face, and even front and center. That being said, though, you might not be ready to ink your face and that’s okay – a tiny tattoo of a cross behind your ear will do the trick!

Kredit: @lucyscovelltattoo

Maybe you’re not a fan of straightforward, realistic cross tattoos. Maybe you’re searching for something that’s going to make people around you wonder about the meaning of your tattoo. We suggest opting for a cute design that leaves a lot to the imagination.

Ein elegantes Kreuz-Tattoo auf der Schulter

Shoulder tattoos are perfect for first-timers and that’s why they’re on the more popular end of the spectrum, too. A super simple tattoo might be your first thought because of the pain or the time needed to complete the tattoo, but we urge you to rethink.

Kredit: @__elleink

When you’re unsure of what type of tattoo to get, you might want to opt for an ornamental tattoo that consists of a few different elements including your all-time favorite cross. And this specific tattoo is designed in the shape of a cross, too!

Want a super masculine tattoo on your shoulder? We’ve got your back (and your shoulders!) With a few added details, this tattoo is the perfect example of what you can get with a little patience and a lot of imagination.

Kredit: @howyoubeen____

Shoulders welcome elaborate designs and art that accentuate the natural curve of the body. With a few added elements to the simple cross tattoo designs you’re typically working with, you get something that’s guaranteed to carry meaning.