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25 Devil Tattoo Ideas In The Name Of Your Inner Demons

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A devil tattoo wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea right away. This creature has always been presented as something sinister and evil, so why would anyone want to get that permanently engraved on their skin?

Well, different people like different things. If you’re someone who wants to get a devil tattooed on their skin, then you’re probably someone who wants to show their resistance and rebellion.

In this particular article, we’ll give you some options to inspire your personal design. Although many don’t believe that the devil is this red guy with horns and a tail, it’s still the most known version of him.

I hope you find something to commemorate the person that you are today and to give guidance for the demons that are inside of you.

Black and gray devil tattoo

Source: @davide.mancini

Black and gray tattoos are everyone’s favorite. There’s so much you can do with just black and gray, or even just black ink. In this example, you can obviously see that the only color that was used is black, and the outlines are quite thick. There’s no shading, but rather the little lines that add a little more depth to the tattoo.

Source: @taesin___

In this black and gray devil tattoo, it’s not so obvious that it’s anything more than a normal skull. It would be more simple if the horns and fangs weren’t added. However, it’s obvious that we’re talking about the king of the underworld with those details!

Funny devil tattoo ideas

Source: @hunterdeantattoos

The most common interpretation of the devil is that he’s a mischievous being. Let’s be honest, if the devil does exist, he must be hilarious. So, if you want to do a funny devil tattoo, there are a couple of options to choose from. I believe that you’re sending a genuine message with this tattoo. It’s funny, but you still get the gist of it.

Source: @neeko_low

Now we’re getting to the amazingly saturated tattoos. I mean, just look at that red ink! Even the shading around the little devil is perfect. He looks like he’s up to no good, while still being silly.

Source: @justangie.v

“Ain’t no rest for the wicked!” This is a great message to remind you that you’re up to no good and that you should get out of your bed to get to work. I mean, the devil himself is always working.

Source: @stephenltattoo

You can be as creative as you want to be with your devil tattoo. I mean, who would’ve thought that you could tattoo a devil sitting on a block of cheese on your skin? This is a very funny tattoo that could show off your personality perfectly.

Source: @bobotattoo_rc

If you have a toddler in your home, maybe they’ve tried drawing a devil once. If that’s true, then you should get that tattooed. I mean, there are no rules to what you can or can’t put on your skin! This tattoo artist really made sure to stay true to the authenticity of this drawing.

Traditional devil tattoo

Source: @isasantanatattoo

Traditional tattoos are mostly known for their thick outlines and saturated colors. I mean, you can see the perfect example of that right here. This devil tattoo isn’t conventional, but it’s very unique. This traditional girl has two devils coming out of her head, which means that she’s probably up to no good.

Source: @andresinkman

A devil tattoo can be done is a traditional style and still have a very specific meaning. The fact that it’s a devil makes it dark enough, but if you choose darker shades of colors, you can make it even more meaningful.

Source: @darylwatsontattoo

This traditional devil tattoo really shows him in the way that the stories depict him. Most of the tattoo is done in red ink, but the fact that there’s a lot of shading really makes everything pop out. It’s not just a big splash of red color.

Source: @spottitattoo

You can also consider getting a full-body image of the devil. I mean, this tattoo has many details that are quite noticeable. For example, the image is still obvious even though it’s supposed to show the wine pouring.

Baby devil tattoo

Source: @vuducats

One of the more popular images of the devil is the baby devil. For a devil tattoo, this may not be your first choice, but it’s an adorable option that you should consider. I mean, just look at this baby! There isn’t a lot of shading in this tattoo, yet every aspect of the tattoo is perfectly readable.

Source: @laluztattoo

This is another adorable baby devil. He even looks like he’s in love! You can obviously see that it’s the devil when you look at the red suit, the horns, the wings, and even the tail. But it’s still cute!

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Source: @ellenmellon.tattoos

This is the same baby devil design. However, this devil looks quite angry. The outlines are very thick and there’s some shading that really gives just enough depth to this design.

Source: @vuducats

When you look at this baby devil tattoo, the most noticeable part is the fact that they chose to leave the belly empty, and it gives a more realistic feel to the tattoo. The color in his cheeks is so well-saturated, and you can see that it’s the same shade as the rest of his body.

Satan tattoo

Source: @reiinku

Most people wouldn’t say that the devil and Satan have anything in common. They were depicted in completely different ways. Satan was usually depicted with a goat head and horns. However, while you’re here I thought that I should give you a couple of these as well, in case you want something more sinister on your body.

I mean, this devil tattoo was done in two parts, and it makes one whole image when you put the hands together. If that isn’t art, then I don’t know what is!

Source: @businessforsatan

This is a big piece, and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, which is completely okay. However, if you want a Satanistic tattoo – then this is the way to go!


This tattoo of Satan is quite interesting. Most of the tattoo is done in very dark shades of gray, and also a lot of black ink. However, the white lines really look like light is hitting the image perfectly. There’s even a speck of white in his eyes, which makes it quite special.

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Source: @roger_chenpin

I’d say that this is a fun example of a Satanic tattoo. The little girl is whispering something to him while he’s crossing his fingers. He’s even wearing a little blazer! I mean, it’s adorable. The ink is perfectly saturated, and the linework is amazing.

Source: @kkdelucastattoo

Maybe you don’t have to add a lot to your devil tattoo, you could simply do something like this. A simple pentagram with the goat-head in the middle really sends a message. There’s no reason for you to go all out if that isn’t your intention.

Unique devil tattoo ideas

Source: @koblindeadman

If you don’t want your devil tattoo to look like everyone else’s tattoo, then you should look for something unique. I mean, these two devils are dancing around the sun. The contrast is great because of the ink difference. The sun is done in black ink, while the devils are done in red ink.

Source: @rightinthetrash

How about a devil cat? This tattoo is absolutely adorable. The kitten looks perfect, and there’s a lot of texture in this tattoo. The wings perfectly encompass the whole image, and the little horns and teeth really make it obvious what it’s supposed to be. However, I believe that the red fur says everything it has to say.

Source: @soniadei

If you want to do a unique devil tattoo, then you should consider something quite detailed like this tattoo. People have always thought that women had a special bond with the man down below. So, this woman is obviously in the middle of a ritual. What makes this a devil tattoo is the color pallet, as well as the black horns and the pentagram behind her.

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Source: @yagerbomb.tattooer

You don’t even have to do a whole devil for your next ink. How about his hand? I mean, this tattoo has everything that you were looking for. The hand is red, it has yellow veins, but the pentagram on the palm sends an obvious message.

Source: @_catnoname

So, we were talking about unique devil tattoo ideas, and I had to throw in something extremely unusual. I mean, there are so many people who debate whether the devil is a woman. So, here we can see that idea come to life. This is probably the most feminine design of all. The black and gray ink is perfect, but the little specs of pink ink really make a huge difference.