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25 Donut Tattoo Ideas For The Cutest Ink Ever

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Who doesn’t love donuts? For all of you out there who have a sweet tooth, these delicious, sugary treats may be the only thing that can satisfy your cravings. In that case, getting a donut tattoo seems to be a reasonable decision.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to decorate your body with this delicacy simply because you’re obsessed with donuts and can’t stop eating them or because you want a fun and different tattoo on your body, one thing’s for sure – you’re going to end up loving it.

Now, there are plenty of designs to choose from and sometimes, it can be hard to make the final decision. Should you go for a realistic donut that you’re going to want to bite into or should you choose a more simple, fine-line design? It’s up to you but we want to give you a couple of different options so you can get a better understanding of what the final result is going to look like.

Besides figuring out what design to go for, you should also opt for the right spot for your new tattoo. Here are our recommendations.

What’s the perfect spot for your new donut tattoo?


Credit: _dudink_

The arm seems to be a great place for a donut tattoo. And this fine-line design will fit there perfectly if you’re looking for something simple but interesting enough.

Credit: tattooer_nana

A glazed donut tattoo with intricate porcelain-style details? Yes, please! It’s a perfect choice for all of you who are into aesthetically pleasing designs.

Credit: joegregorytattoos

This realistic tattoo will make you bite into your forever donut. It’s definitely going to make you crave this delicious treat every time you look at it.

Credit: alex.bituna

If you’re obsessed with glazed donuts with vanilla filling then why not get a tattoo of it on your arm? It’s going to become the sweetest decoration you have on your body.

Credit: peaches_and_ink

Do you actually believe that donuts are your only true love? This neo-traditional tattoo is going to show that to everyone around you.

Credit: andyonetotattoo

A donut party on your arm? If you’re into bigger tattoos and don’t mind covering the majority of your arm with a cool and funky design like this one, then this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Credit: angell_so_fly

What about a spooky version of a donut tattoo? This design may not be for everyone but to some of you, it may be something you’ve always been looking for. It’s different and it will definitely stand out on your arm.


This meditating donut is a great idea for all of you who need a bite (or two) of this delicious treat to calm down. We’re talking about a simple but meaningful design that looks great on your arm.

Credit: thecakecuppery

Are you looking for something bigger and brighter? What about pink, sprinkled donuts and some flowers? These elements will go well together and create a colorful tattoo.

Credit: geoska

Combining mandala art with a half-eaten donut is proof that you can get as creative as you want with your tattoos. This option may be different from everything you thought you wanted but as you can tell, it looks more than perfect.

Credit: thejorell

What if donuts had their own planets? We’re sure they would look something like this. A delicious donut planet in the middle surrounded by watercolor-style space is everything you need and more when you’re looking for a unique tattoo.

Credit: inkoutsideofthebox

If you’re not afraid of big and bold tattoos then this design is perfect for you. Homer’s intergalactic space donut will make everyone stop and stare at your arm for a couple of minutes. We can’t blame them since it can take a while to observe all the details of this tattoo.


If you’re looking to get a matching tattoo with someone or would like to ink both of your arms, then Homer and a donut are a great choice.

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If your personal motto is that you should take things easy in life, then this “Donut worry” tattoo can serve you as an everyday reminder of that.

Credit: tourtellinie

Are you in love with seasonal spider donuts from Dunkin? Then what better way to show everyone how much you adore them than tattooing one on your leg? Sounds reasonable to us.

Credit: necromandi

A colorful and almost cartoon-like cat stuck in a donut is a perfect choice for all of you cat people who can’t go a day without donuts. It’s sweet and cute at the same time.

Credit: extralargelobes

A donut skull? You gotta admit that it looks amazing. If you’re looking for something that’s going to stand out on your arm then this is exactly what you need.

Credit: jamesbtattoos

Here we have another big and bold tattoo that’s going to spread perfectly across your leg. “Donut kill my vibe” donut is a colorful option that everyone is going to love.

Credit: alwaysandforevertattoo

For some reason, this design seems like a great choice for all of you who are into feminine elements on their tattoos. It’s girly, cute and adorable. So, if you’re into that, then you can stop looking at other designs.

Credit: trevorfrascatattoo

Neo-traditional tattoos don’t seem to be for everyone. But if you love this combination of traditional elements and bold colors then this design may be everything you’re looking for.

Credit: tony_wayne

Here we have another neo-traditional tattoo but this time we’re talking about a donut flower. If you love this style, then you’re going to adore this design.

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Credit: mindy.art1st

Your ankle is a perfect place for small tattoos. So, getting this micro donut with pink glaze and sprinkles may seem like a great choice for you.

Credit: braina_tattoo

This sketch-style tattoo is another great option you can tattoo on your ankle. It’s simple and adorable at the same time, and we’re sure you’re going to love it.


Credit: rattatstudio

Are you a fan of finger food? What about getting a tattoo of food on your fingers? Maybe you can opt for your favorite desserts, each one of them getting its own forever spot.


Credit: mowglitattoo

Your back is another great spot for a donut tattoo. It has enough space so you can make your tattoo as big as you want. This donut spaceship is definitely going to steal everyone’s attention. So, would you go for this option or any other one from our list?