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21 Beautiful Elephant Tattoo Ideas To Celebrate This Gentle Animal

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Elephants are huge animals and you would think that they have intimidating personalities when in reality it’s completely opposite. They’re gentle and loving and you can easily tell that by how they treat their young. So, it’s no surprise that you’re looking to get an elephant tattoo due to the meaning it can have.

Elephants represent the importance of family since they all live in tight communities. They also do everything they can to protect those who need help such as the young and vulnerable.

These gentle animals are also a symbol of fortune and wisdom. Different cultures believe that they bring good luck which is why they often use them as omens.

Besides these beautiful meanings, an elephant can represent anything you wish. That’s the beauty of tattoos – you give them the meaning you want to.

The main struggle is to choose the design you love which is why we’ve come up with multiple options you can use as inspiration. Let’s see what we have in store for you.

1. Elephant outline

Credit: nacatattoo

This elephant outline is exactly what you need when you’re looking for something simple. It will look great on anyone and it will easily adjust to any part of your body.

2. Elephant on a swing


If you’re more into realistic tattoos and want your design to be filled with details, this cool option will tick all the boxes. We believe that this tattoo represents the strength and the importance of relying on yourself. Could it be exactly what you’re looking for?

3. Tiny elephant

Credit: merievermeij

Tiny tattoos are always a good choice, especially for those of you who are looking for something that can easily be covered. They’re also a perfect option when you still don’t feel ready to commit to a huge design.

4. Baby elephant

Credit: tess_divine_ink

Now, when it comes to bigger and bolder options, this baby elephant could be a dream come true for some of you. We love the combination of tribal elements and geometrical lines as well as all the shading that gives it life.

5. Natural elements

Credit: stephlawtattoo

To some of you, this may seem way too feminine. But if you’re into natural elements such as flowers and butterflies, this is a tattoo that will steal the show.

6. Dotwork elephant

Credit: theflavouroftears

Dotwork tattoos are true pieces of art since they demand a steady hand and patience. This design is a bit bolder version of the usual dot work and we love the way it looks on the skin.

7. Minimalistic elephant

Credit: rakeshnalliboina

This minimalistic elephant with a heart is a great option for a matching tattoo. You can get it with your family members, a close friend, or even a partner.

8. Elephant with geometric lines

Credit: miss__jsl

We love tattoos that combine different contrasting elements in order to achieve a unique design. This tattoo does exactly that and we love the results.

9. Adorable elephant

Credit: seyran_akyaz

Cute, cartoon-like tattoos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But you have to admit that this one looks adorable on the skin. We’re sure someone’s going to fall in love with it.

10. Fine-line elephant

Credit: mktattoos_

Fine-line tattoos may seem simple but once you see their end results, you’ll understand why people often go for this style. Who would’ve thought that you could achieve something this pretty with black ink only?

11. Ornamental elephant

Credit: becca_tattoo

When you’re looking for something intricate and detailed, choose a mandala-style tattoo. You can’t go wrong with designs such as this one when you’re looking for something breathtaking.

12. Elephant head


A good idea is to get the head of the elephant and potentially even combine some additional elements with it (such as this floral piece). With the help of shading, you’ll love your new tattoo.

13. Contrasting elephants

Credit: gingiepop

If you’re looking for something completely different, you should consider a design such as this one. We love the play with contrasts and the dot work on the elephant in the middle.

14. Traditional-style elephant

Credit: roberto_cambise_tattoo

Traditional-style tattoos are the way to go when you want a design that’s going to stand out. This bold piece will become a real statement on any part of the body you opt for.

15. Mandala-style elephant

Credit: rachelledowns

Mandala-style tattoos always look stunning (of course, as long as they’re done professionally). We love this combination with an elephant and the incredible amount of details this design has to offer.

16. Combination of elements

Credit: lingtattoos

A great way to make your new tattoo unique is to play with its elements. This design features geometrical and floral elements and combines them with a realistic design. In the end, you get a tattoo that makes you stare since it’s incredibly detailed and shows real skills.

17. Colorful elephant

Credit: steff_tattoos

Black and gray tattoos are a safe choice which is exactly why we love it when people are daring enough to get something colorful and different. This vibrant elephant has all it takes when you’re looking for a design that celebrates colors.

18. Elephant-shape tattoo


This is another colorful option we love. The idea of filling up an outline of an elephant with different shades of flowers makes this tattoo a true piece of art.

19. Little Dumbo

Credit: francesca_melancholy

This has to be one of the most popular elephants in the world which is why we had to mention it. Dumbo is an adorable cartoon character that will steal your attention with its giant ears. Now, the real question is would you consider getting it inked on your skin?

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20. Family of elephants


Are you looking to get an elephant tattoo as an ode to your family? Then this is a perfect choice for you. It’s a simple design but at the same time, it has such a powerful meaning.

21. Abstract elephant

Credit: memor.inks

When you’re looking for something simple but different, this is what you should have in mind. This abstract tattoo design plays with organic shapes and in such a unique way, you’re left with a beautiful outline of an elephant.