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Enchanted Tattoo: 24 Ideas Inspired By Fairytales

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Are you thinking about getting an enchanted tattoo? And no, we’re not talking about the movie Enchanted, even though that would also be an amazing idea.

Actually, we’re talking about enchanted beings, forests, magic, and things that are beyond our understanding. There are so many enchanting things in this world that we don’t actually understand, but we’re all fascinated by them.

So, if you’re a lover of fairy tales and the mystical realms, then you’re at the right place. If you’re a witch, then you’re probably going to find something that speaks to you deeply.

Enchanted tattoo of a frog

Source: @caseymarietattoo

An enchanted tattoo can have any image that you’d like, especially if that image has a familiar. The enchanted frog is a well-known fantasy creature. Witches say that it’s a common familiar, but we all know the story of the frog who, when kissed by a princess, turns into a prince.

Source: @milky_tattoodles

This toad even has a crown to show you that he’s the real deal. The watercolor style makes the tattoo even more enchanting, the mushroom that he’s sitting on looks like a night sky full of stars.

Source: @samreadtattoos

An enchanted frog that’s sitting on a crystal and holding a little leaf. If that doesn’t scream magical to you, then I don’t know what is. Even the dark shades of green that were used in this tattoo give it a magical feel.

Enchanted rose tattoo

Source: @tazebeth

A tale as old as time! True as it can be…

An enchanted tattoo is a special request. So, let me ask you one thing: what was your favorite Disney movie? If it was Beauty and the Beast, then you should definitely consider getting the enchanted rose for your next tattoo.

Source: @frankiedanbytattoos

This tattoo of the enchanted rose is well done, to represent the glass that it’s held within. Even the shadows make the tattoo look quite realistic.

Source: @thelexfiles_tattoos

This is a more animated tattoo. The different shadows aren’t done with black ink, but rather there are multiple shades of green used in it, and they’re separated with black outlines.

Enchanted tattoo of black and gray designs

Source: @outofstepbooks

Black and gray tattoos are extremely popular. In this example, you can see multiple tattoos of enchanted beings. They tell a story that only the person wearing this artwork understands, but there are so many details that the tattoos themselves are immaculate.

Source: @shewolftattoo

There are so many fairy tales where the princess looks through her window, and the window always looks like the most enchanting thing of them all. Getting this particular image tattooed will make everyone greed with jealousy.

Source: @thomasetattoos

In enchanted stories, there are so many examples when the prince has to slay the dragon to save the princess. This is the perfect tattoo if you want something that commemorates those gorgeous stories. The design and the linework in these tattoos are absolutely immaculate.

Source: @daniellegrovestattoo

Would you take this enchanted succulent home? Well, if anything, you should be aware that plants have magical powers. So, getting a little succulent tattooed would definitely tell the world that you’re someone who loves the magical things in life.

Source: @charlotteglatt_tattoos

An enchanted tattoo can represent whatever you want. Especially, if you’re a practicing witch, then the options are endless. In this example, you can see an enchanted broom that’s about to fly you to your next adventure.

Source: @wicktail

An enchanted book can hold loads of secrets. However, a grimoire holds all the secrets of your magical practices. So, it would be best to let a demon guard it. What better guardian is there than Calcifer himself? Getting this tattooed would be a masterpiece!

Enchanted mushroom tattoos

Source: @__sylph____

Whenever you think of a magical or enchanted forest, besides huge trees, you’re probably also thinking about the little mushrooms that are growing there. An enchanted book with mushrooms growing out of it is one of those tattoos that will leave everyone speechless!

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Source: @nervatattoo

You don’t have to base your enchanted tattoo on black and gray art. You can also do your mushroom tattoo with many different colors. However, the shades of blue and purple in this one specifically are really creating a gorgeous piece.

Enchanting figures in tattoos

Source: @bk_tattooer

Enchanting stories always have heroes in them. That’s why so many people consider mythical creatures to be so enchanting. Poseidon is not only a magical character, but as the God of the Seas, he’s also seen as a representation of power.

Source: @bk_tattooer

An angel is quite a gorgeous idea for a tattoo. Here, you can incorporate all of your favorite stories into one tattoo and still make it look enchanting. The skeleton, the snakes, the sun, and even the lines in the background make this tattoo look magical.

Source: @phoenixfyreinkery

Whenever someone mentions magical creatures, people always think of fairies. This is probably the enchanted tattoo that you’re looking for. An enchanted tattoo can even consist of a pin-up girl that’s dressed as a fairy!

Source: @ohbedan_tat2

If you wanted your enchanted tattoo to genuinely be about the movie Enchanted, then you should definitely consider this design of Giselle. The tattoo itself looks magnificent!

Colorful enchanted tattoo

Source: @little.bee.stings

A potion bottle is quite an interesting choice for a bottle. But for creatures like you and me who love the magical realm and the symbolism behind it, it’s a design that we can’t wait to put on our skin. So, these stark colors are really alluring for your next ink.

Source: @stefanojj

An enchanted forest is something that everyone has heard stories about. So, how about, instead of an enchanted tattoo – you actually do an entire sleeve with magical creatures from the enchanting forest?

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Source: @ohbedan_tat2

We’ve all heard the story of Thumbelina. This tattoo represents that story, but it adds a whole new majestic feel to it considering all the pastel colors that were put into it. Even though pastel colors are hard to maintain on the skin, these actually look perfectly saturated.

Source: @misspoppytattoo

Another design from Beauty and the Beast. This time, it’s the teapot and her son. All the enchanted creatures from this movie would make an amazing tattoo choice. However, I believe that these two have a special connection.

Source: @erinstormink

And here we have another potion bottle. Your enchanted tattoo should really consist of something magical like this. The potion in the bottle is protected by these magical tree roots, and that’s what creates such a bewitched feeling.

Source: @worldofdarkart

Enchanted creatures can also be quite scary, as you can see. This deer is definitely on the creepier side, so if you’re not comfortable with that, then maybe the other designs are more for you. However, this huge piece is perfectly saturated.