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24 ideas geniales de tatuajes de Batman para tu héroe favorito

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In the DC Universe, Batman has a very special place, which is why a Batman tattoo should have a very special place on your skin.

The king of the night can be turned into a gorgeous design that will adorn your body forever. No one can tell you that you shouldn’t get this tattoo when there’s so much meaning behind his courage and intelligence.

Once you start thinking about your next tattoo, how about you finally make that move and get batman tattooed? If you’re struggling to find the perfect design, we prepared so many ideas to inspire your personal design.

Black and gray Batman tattoo

Fuente: @the_tattoo_art_

Considering how dark Batman’s suit is, maybe the best option would be to simply get a black and gray tattoo. This one is extremely detailed, yet everything is perfectly visible. Also, the drops of water look extremely realistic and it’s a great design choice.


This is a much simpler tattoo design. Most of the tattoo is done with black ink, with come very dark shading. However, the red splashes of ink on his face look like blood. That’s a wonderful detail to add, to break away all the darkness of the rest of the tattoo.

Fuente: @dipietrotattoo

Batman’s suit is quite a statement piece in his story. However, his face is the perfect tattoo option because of the expression. Nonetheless, you can still add a smaller version of him at the bottom of the tattoo, to show off some details from his suit, just like it was done in this particular design.

Fuente: @christine_pang

Your Batman tattoo doesn’t have to include too many details for it to make the perfect design. This tattoo shows his mask breaking apart, which could symbolize many different things. So, if this is something that you’re interested in – then make that appointment.

Fuente: @nova_fffire

You can add whatever you’d like to your tattoo. Here you can see that some people even choose to add other details that would make the design even spookier. The rib cage, the spine, and the skull that are peeking through are the little things that you should consider.

Fuente: @tuliodepaulaa

A realistic tattoo that’s done in black and gray really is asking for a lot of attention to detail, which is why you’ll probably have an amazing tattoo at the end. In this example, there’s even the bat at the top of the tattoo.

Fuente: @felpx_tattoo

A dotted Batman tattoo has many advantages, especially considering that you can add so many details that will break off the rest of the shading. The stubble on his face is a great detail, and the bats behind him add another level of personality.

Full-color Batman tattoo ideas

Fuente: @lucasgomesart

Even though we all know that Batman’s suit is completely black, there are still so many different things that you can do with your tattoo to make it come to life. How about adding some color to break off the seriousness of his face?

Fuente: @crissgarnica

This is quite a unique batman tattoo. This little guy looks quite innocent compared to his grown counterpart. This tattoo has many details that are mostly brought to life with the different shading within the tattoo.

Fuente: @romano_estudio

Tattoos that look like stickers are amazing. Just look at this thing! The image of Batman looks like it was taken right out of a comic book, but the little outline makes it look like an actual sticker.

Fuente: @jamiedonnellytattoos

Talking of tattoos that look like they came straight out of a comic book… How about this one? This Batman tattoo has everything you need. The angry face, the gorgeous background, and even the bats.

Fuente: @lucasgomesart

This Batman tattoo was designed in a way to look like the light is hitting him from one side. The contrast between red and black is what makes this tattoo so special. The white ink in his eyes makes it look even scarier.

Fuente: @tylerdtattoo

Or, if none of the previous tattoos spoke to you, how about an entire sleeve dedicated to your favorite superhero? The saturation of the colors here is immaculate and you can definitely see that you’re an avid fan.

The Joker tattoos

Fuente: @shooby_tattoo

Whenever you think of Batman, you also think of The Joker. Which is why you should also consider getting a tattoo of him, as he is notorious for making Batman’s life a living hell. This is an extremely realistic tattoo, and there are so many details in his face that make this look amazing.

Fuente: @roryd1982

The Joker within the Batman logo is such an iconic design! You have the best of both worlds incorporated into one single tattoo that is special and cool. Those yellow teeth really add a different sort of vibe to the entire thing.

Fuente: @wrensfairyrealm

Or how about a simple black and gray tattoo? Every tattoo shows The Joker smiling, but this one shows his true personality. All the Batman details, like the card, the symbol on the side, and the bats all around it make it obvious that you’re telling the entire story of this man’s legacy.

Catwoman tattoos

Fuente: @camfontetattoos

A Batman tattoo doesn’t have to be a tattoo of him to dedicate your respect to this franchise. How about Catwoman? She’s such an iconic character that deserves her own moment in the spotlight.

Fuente: @carlyjordyn

A full-body tattoo of Catwoman is an ode to her amazing design. This tattoo is done with black ink and a couple of lines represent the light that’s reflecting from her latex suit.

Fuente: @sadgirlstattoos

Catwoman is an icon. If you want to find a design that shows her power, then this could be the one. The whip in her hand is a statement piece.

Fuente: @dragostattoo

A sensual moment that was shared between these two characters would make the perfect tattoo design. It’s so authentic because it’s not as popular as most people would think it is. Even though it’s done in black and gray, the shading gives the design a lot of depth.

Fuente: @kathleensanders

Or maybe, you’d like something with a little bit more color? A Batman tattoo can still be obvious, even if the only thing that refers to him is his symbol in the night sky. However, Catwoman is the main star of this show.

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Simple Batman tattoos

Fuente: @hein_zaw_ag

Sometimes, the simpler the tattoo is, the better it is. This Batman tattoo has everything that you need, and it’s still such an easy thing to settle for when you don’t have any ideas. It shows the iconic laugh of The Joker and the bats that commemorate our favorite superhero.

Fuente: @chrisbobtattoo

Here we have another example of the Bat symbol with The Joker’s smile incorporated into it. There’s no shading in this tattoo, all the line-work is crisp and clean, yet the message is obvious.

Fuente: @rumitattoo

And last, but definitely not least, we have an example of the Bat symbol that’s completely done with black ink. There are no details included in this tattoo because this was more than enough.