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20 impresionantes tatuajes de linces que hacen la tinta "purr-fect"

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So, you’ve decided that you want to get inked. Now you need to filter through the array of tattoo motifs you’ve been saving for years and years, and you’re overwhelmed with the sheer number of animal tattoos you decided to hold onto. Whether it’s your first time or fifteenth, you truly can’t go wrong with a lynx tattoo.

Lynx tattoos can represent a myriad of meanings, but they’re typically seen as symbols of awareness, change, ability, and confidence. Lynx cats are believed to possess supernatural eyesight, and that’s why they’re oftentimes seen as symbols of psychic power, clairvoyance, and the ability to unravel hidden truths, too. We’ve rounded up some of the most impressive lynx tattoo ideas on Instagram for your liking.

1. A detailed lynx tattoo on the forearm

Crédito: @diego.dod8

Starting with a delicate and detailed lynx tattoo on the forearm, this tattoo features everything you need and more to attract attention and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Sure, a lynx cat doesn’t need additional elements, but there’s something about the beautiful mountain scenery that makes our hearts flutter.

2. A soft and subtle lynx tattoo

Crédito: @sweet.barbarie

With a soft and subtle lynx tattoo, the focus of your ink can be on the incredibly cute cat rather than the scenery. Whether you’re a modern minimalist or someone who appreciates the smaller, simpler tattoos, you might want to get a fine-line tattoo of a lynx cat.

3. A tattoo of a lynx surrounded by flowers on the thigh

Crédito: @meganbirdtattoo

What about a tattoo of a lynx cat surrounded by flowers? Whether you go with your birth month flowers or flowers that work well with the rest of the tattoo, you can create a true work of art – without going all out or spending too much time, effort, and energy on your tattoo.

4. A lynx tattoo on the leg

Crédito: @fuki_ink

When picking the perfect placement for your tattoo, don’t overlook the beauty of leg tattoos. While they are hidden away for the most part, they’re also elegant, effortless, and easy to reveal when necessary. What do you think?

5. A full-sleeve lynx tattoo


We’re obsessed with themed sleeve tattoos! Whether you opt for a tattoo sleeve that focuses on the lynx only or something a little looser (complete with flowers, foliage, and similar elements), you’re guaranteed to walk out of the tattoo parlor with a smile on your face.

6. A colorful lynx tattoo on the upper arm

Crédito: @victoria__ko

We salute your desire to add some color to your life, too! While black ink tattoos are effortless and elegant, there’s nothing wrong with colorful tattoos that make your body look a lot more vibrant and whimsical. A colorful tattoo of a lynx can be a great way for you to express your creativity and push your limits.

7. A colorful lynx tattoo on the thigh

Crédito: @jhonrodriguez

Why not opt for a colorful lynx tattoo on the thigh? With a thigh tattoo, you’re free to “go big or go home” because you’re provided with plenty of space to work with. A thigh tattoo can be as big or as small as you please, and that’s up to you and your tattoo artist to decide.

8. A sketch-style lynx tattoo on the upper arm

Crédito: @zajawatattoo_gdy

We can’t forget about sketch-style tattoos! With rough lines, ink splatters, and unfinished designs, sketch-style tattoos are the perfect pick for people who are attracted to modern tattoo styles. A sketch-style tattoo of a lynx might not be at the top of your bucket list, but that needs to change ASAP.

9. A watercolor lynx tattoo

Crédito: @dasfreuleinfux

What about a watercolor lynx tattoo? Watercolor tattoos are bright, vivid, and whimsical, and they’re meant to look like little works of art on your body. With a watercolor tattoo of a lynx cat somewhere on your body, you can attract attention everywhere you go.

10. A brushstroke-style lynx tattoo

Crédito: @tattooist_jaymee

Brushstroke tattoos are bold and beautiful, too! Brushstroke calligraphy is a unique art form that combines the elements of traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting. Brushstroke tattoos do the same thing, only with more elements that don’t necessarily need to belong to the same culture.

11. A lynx tattoo on the neck


What do you think of neck tattoos? Neck tattoos might not be for the faint of heart, but they’re a great tattoo placement to consider when you’re on the hunt for something unique and unexpected. A neck tattoo of a lynx cat can be complete with flowers, leaves, and similar elements, too.

12. A tattoo of a lynx across the entire upper back

Crédito: @victoria__ko

A lynx tattoo across the entire upper back? Absolutely!

Whether you opt for a black ink tattoo or a colorful one, you can do whatever you want because you’re working with a canvas that keeps on giving. A lynx tattoo can move with your body and accentuate the beauty of your back.

13. A tattoo of a lynx surrounded by flowers on the hip

Crédito: @_giuliacovelli_

Lynx cats and flowers seem to be the perfect match. When you’re unsure of the style of the tattoo you want to opt for, experiment with elements that can help you decide – flowers typically point toward a fine-line tattoo or a traditional tattoo. What do you think?

14. A lynx tattoo on the inside of the arm

Crédito: @hipner.magdalena

We’re obsessed with how delicate and detailed this tattoo is! This tattoo features a cute and cuddly lynx cat surrounded by intricate leaves and foliage that add to the overall vibe of the tattoo. This is a great example of a dotwork tattoo that uses tiny dots to create the desired image.

15. A realistic lynx tattoo on the elbow

Crédito: @lozzarachtattooer

Realistic tattoos are quite a chore, but they’re worth your while, nonetheless. Realistic tattoos are exactly what you think they are – works of art that are filled with intricate details, high amounts of shading, and elements that make you believe you’re looking at a photo.

16. A black and red ink lynx tattoo

Crédito: @paskull

We couldn’t pass on the opportunity to rave about this tattoo, either! We’re obsessed with the way these two ink colors complement one another and we’re in awe at all the delicate details and all the work that went into creating this tattoo. What’s not to love?

17. A simple lynx tattoo on the forearm

Crédito: @zawadzki_tattoo

When you’re itching to get a tattoo of your favorite cat but you don’t want to spend the entire day on the tattoo chair, you might want to opt for something like this. A soft and subdued lynx tattoo that’s neither big nor small, bold nor bare. After all, a tattoo of a cat as stubborn as a lynx can (and will!) speak for itself.

18. A whimsical lynx tattoo on the upper arm

Crédito: @moonlit_tattooist

We love the whimsical vibe of this tattoo, too! Whether you add a couple of sparkles to your tattoo or opt for dots and ornaments that typically go with more mysterious and magical styles, you can put a personal touch to your tattoo with no effort whatsoever.

19. A tattoo of a lynx on the shoulder blade

Crédito: @mike_riina

A screaming lynx cat on your shoulder blade? We don’t see why not! Shoulders are the perfect placement option because they offer a large, black canvas and they provide you with plenty of “privacy” when you don’t want to share your tattoo with the rest of the world.

20. A lynx tattoo on the bicep

Crédito: @herpelz

We’re ending the article with a lynx tattoo on the bicep! Positioned on one of the most prominent muscles, bicep tattoos are a great way to show off your strength and resilience – and so are lynx tattoos. Show off your muscles with a fresh lynx tattoo and see what happens.