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22 tatuajes biomecánicos para el alienígena que llevas dentro

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It’s obvious that a biomechanical tattoo isn’t for everyone. This tattoo is mostly done by men who want to cover a larger part of their body.

The reason why people decide to get this tattoo is because they want to show something inhumane, or something alien inside of them. It’s usually a representation of the bad things someone’s been through, the dark side of them that not everybody can see. Sometimes, these people even believe that they’re hiding so much from the outside world, that they’re two completely different people.

Either way, you can also do this for the aesthetics. These tattoos are filled with details, as you’ll see, and you’ll need some inspiration before you decide what you’d like to get inked.

Ideas de tatuajes biomecánicos para el brazo

Fuente: @adamfrance

Un tatuaje biomecánico es fácil de reconocer porque parece que la mecánica se asoma a través de la piel. Sin embargo, éste se parece más a una armadura real porque tiene muchos detalles similares a los de una armadura. Los detalles y el sombreado de este tatuaje hacen que parezca sacado directamente de una película de ciencia ficción.

Fuente: @endre_tattooend

Se trata de una pieza de brazo muy interesante. La mayor parte del tatuaje está hecha en negro y gris, pero los detalles rojos representan en realidad tuberías y tubos del cuerpo. Algunos detalles son muy oscuros para resaltar aún más otras imágenes.

Fuente: @ajeeb_wajid__

If you want to make your biomechanical tattoo look even more realistic, it’s good to add these tips and tears of skin around the image. It looks like someone scratched the upper layer off to reveal what’s actually underneath.

Fuente: @czarnyak.dawid

Este es un ejemplo asombroso de cómo se pueden combinar las imágenes mecánicas con el cuerpo real. Parece que las tuberías se conectan a través de los músculos a la mano. Todavía hay rasgaduras de piel alrededor, y el tejido muscular es asombrosamente detallado.

Fuente: @tonyd_tattoo

This biomechanical tattoo doesn’t have very specific mechanical images. What makes this biomechanical is the fact that there’s something hidden under the skin, and it looks like a tear into another universe.

Fuente: @polar_art

This placement is perfect, you can only see a bit of it until you turn the arm around. It looks like the pipes are connected over the skin to the next machine. There are so many small details, but it’s mesmerizing how they were able to make the skin tears look so realistic.

Fuente: @jontibalbuena

Se trata de un carnoso design. You can see all the layers of skin that had to be removed in order to show what’s actually underneath. The machine itself looks very realistic, but there’s still a red background that shows the human flesh.

Fuente: @drazpalaming

Se trata de un tatuaje biomecánico bien diseñado, y sólo con ver el sombreado y la saturación de color, los ojos se preguntan cómo es posible. Los colores que se supone que representan las luces de la máquina están proyectando una sombra real sobre el resto del tatuaje. Sin embargo, la saturación de grises y azules es asombrosa, sobre todo si se tiene en cuenta lo realista que parece esta pieza.

Fuente: @7vidastattoo

If you’re more into black and gray, then you may want something more simple. This design actually looks like something that came straight out of a comic book. The machine underneath is working tirelessly to make everything function properly! The tears in the skin are very animated, but the tattoo doesn’t call for any realism.

Fuente: @doctorglo_krd

Just look at all those details! You can see all the pipes in the background, but the colors are blended perfectly into the black and gray designs on top. The yellow lights are well-saturated, yet they’re not taking any attention away from the rest of the tattoo.

Fuente: @novak_art_tattoo

This is another black and gray biomechanical tattoo that you should definitely consider for your own design. Here, the machines are connected from one tattoo to the next, even over the ripped skin in the middle. It shows a lot of artistry, but it’s also very masculine.

Tatuaje biomecánico para el hombro

Fuente: @pongkz

If you don’t want to do your tattoo on your forearm or on your bicep, then you may want to consider something that flows from your shoulder down your arm. For example, this tattoo has so many machines incorporated into it, that you can get lost in the design. However, you can still see the rips in the skin that add the bio en biomecánica.

Fuente: @romantattoos

This is a very alien-looking tattoo design. If you want something that looks more like a spaceship than anything else, then you’ve found your winner. There are so many colors here, and that’s why the shading is so important. However, the colors compliment each other perfectly.

Fuente: @thatbluesix

Aquí tenemos otro diseño en negro y gris que puede interesarle. En este ejemplo, las máquinas son mucho más grandes, y no hay pequeños detalles que te distraigan de lo increíble.

Fuente: @mitchgtattoo

¿Soy sólo yo, o este diseño parece como si realmente se pudiera trabajar en esas máquinas? Parece bastante realista, y los tornillos que dan la ilusión de salir de la piel, realmente hacen que esto parezca tridimensional.

Fuente: @msdarkart

There’s a good chance that you’re not interested in something simple. You want something that will be a bold statement and forever show the world the dark side of yourself. This tattoo has a lot of black ink, but the shades of red are what’s so eye-catching. Instead of gray shadows, it’s done in shades of red.

Fuente: @squareandcompasstattoostudio

Cuanto más miras este tatuaje, más te pierdes en todos los detalles que esconde. El fondo negro realza el resto de la maquinaria.


Even though this is still considered a shoulder tattoo, it’s actually going down onto the chest. All the pipes are connecting different machines, and the composition of this tattoo really makes everything look functional.

Tatuaje biomecánico para la pierna

Fuente: @vechanicglitch

¿Qué tal un tatuaje biomecánico en la pierna? Se trata de un diseño bastante oscuro, pero el sombreado claro en algunos lugares y los resaltes dan tanta profundidad que todo es perfectamente legible.

Fuente: @borrowedparticles

This black and gray tattoo actually looks like it’s done in different shades of blue that give the effect of actual metal. There are some parts where the dark background is poking through, and you can obviously see that this tattoo took multiple sessions.

Tatuaje biomecánico para la espalda

Fuente: @sedtattoo

A biomechanical tattoo can be on whatever part of your body you’d like. So, how about your back? Finally, we have an example of a feminine design. Wings on the back have been a very popular tattoo design, but this one is unique. The only specs of color is the red that looks like blood that pouring from the mechanical spine.

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Fuente: @siempretattoo

This is a huge biomechanical tattoo. There are no tiny details because the space is huge and you would get lost if there was anything more added. The dark background shading really does do the rest of the tattoo a favor because everything is brought into focus. However, the rips in the skin are shaded to look realistic and they’re well done.

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