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20 ideas de tatuajes de delfines Juguetones como este animal

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If you were to come up with the most playful and relaxed animal in the whole kingdom, you would probably think of a dolphin. These creatures always seem to be happy and sometimes, you would want to live the way they do. So, it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to get a dolphin tattoo (including yourself).

When it comes to their symbolism, dolphins represent a whole lot of things. They’re symbols of peace and harmony but at the same time, people see them as a symbol of freedom.

Estos cariñosos animales también pueden representar la comunidad y la amistad, por lo que algunos pueden optar por hacerse tatuajes de delfines a juego para representar su amor mutuo. Al final del día, definitivamente tienen un montón de significados positivos, pero ninguno de ellos es tan positivo como su energía contagiosa.

Now, no matter if this is your first tattoo or if you’re a regular at a tattoo shop, choosing a design you want to go with is always a task. We want to make that process at least a bit easier by presenting you with some of the options we love.

Eche un vistazo a los siguientes diseños y vea qué le parecen.

1. Delfín negro y gris

Crédito: ___chaehwa___

Dolphins spend their lives chasing the waves. So, when you’re looking to depict this loving animal in its natural habitat, it’s an obvious choice of what you’re going to get. We love this black and gray look since it will fit everyone’s aesthetic.

2. Delfín fino

Crédito: toadtattoos_

Fine-line tattoos are a safe choice for all of you who don’t want to overcomplicate your designs. This happy little dolphin will look amazing on any part of your body but it’s definitely going to stand out better somewhere where you don’t have a lot of tattoos.

3. Familia de delfines

Crédito: lizzie_starr

Are you looking for a tattoo that’s going to represent the importance of family in your life? This is the design you need to embrace the love you feel for your closest ones.

4. Adorable delfín

Crédito: kitstattoo

Who could resist this adorable-looking dolphin that’s carrying a flower? With a couple of lines, you get this perfect tattoo you’re going to adore.

5. Una combinación de estilos

Crédito: osmanergin_

Este tatuaje es una combinación perfecta de estilo naturalista y maorí. Nos encanta la forma en que estas líneas fluyen entre sí y crean un diseño impresionante en tu piel.

6. Delfín de puntos

Crédito: dom_sylvain

Los tatuajes de puntos requieren mano firme, mucho tiempo y paciencia. Pero al final, consigues un diseño perfecto que destaca de la mejor manera posible.

7. Un auténtico tatuaje de verano

Crédito: wildharetattoo

What about a tattoo that consists of a couple of sea elements? This combination will make others realize that you can’t live without the sea.

8. Persiguiendo la puesta de sol

Crédito: ianreynold

We love the contrasting lines that make this tattoo stand out. They truly make it different from everything else you’ve ever seen.

9. Persiguiendo olas

Crédito: inkedby.angeline

¿Ha dicho sencillo? ¿Minimalista? ¿Nada complicado pero bonito al mismo tiempo? ¡Lo hemos conseguido! Este tatuaje lo tiene todo para convertirse en el tatuaje diminuto más mono de tu cuerpo.

10. Una combinación de elementos

Crédito: tatuajes.trikona

This design combines straight and curvy lines into a tattoo that looks so stunning even though it’s fairly simple. We think it’s going to look perfect on your wrist but you can always place it somewhere else if you’re not looking to get a tattoo on this part of your body.

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11. Delfín con refrán


Para que tu nuevo tatuaje sea más personal y cercano, puedes añadir un refrán o una cita que te guste. Así sentirás que tu tatuaje es realmente tuyo.

12. Buceador y un delfín

Crédito: tattooist_youngjae

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or an amateur diver, you can choose to celebrate your love for the deep sea through a design such as this one. We love the subtle colors of this one and all the tiny details that turn it into a real piece of art.

13. Delfines de colores

Crédito: taeri_tattoo

Are you looking for a fun and colorful design? In that case, this tattoo ticks all of the boxes. It’s bright and unique and the best part is that it’s definitely going to become a conversation starter.

14. Elementos naturalistas y geométricos


Do you love tattoos that include geometrical elements in their designs? We have to admit that we’re real fans of this combo of naturalistic, flowy elements and sharp and linear ones. Together, they look stunning.

15. Bonito delfín

Crédito: laurenscarrott_tattoo

This tattoo may look girly but honestly, we love it. The combination of an adorable dolphin and black hearts will make this tattoo an everlasting symbol of love. That’s just adorable.

16. Delfín de colores

Crédito: devillace

¿Está cansado de todas las opciones en negro y gris o de las ideas que consisten en un poquito de color? ¿Busca algo vibrante pero, al mismo tiempo, quiere quedarse en el lado pequeño? Creemos que este tatuaje hace realidad todos tus sueños.

17. Delfín acuarela

Crédito: lizgaustattoo

Would you consider getting this combination of an abstract design and a watercolor style? It’s a unique tattoo that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we think it looks great.

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18. Toque de color

Crédito: anthonyinkco

This design uses a tiny bit of color but honestly, it’s placed at all the right places. In the end, you get a dolphin that almost has a 3D effect.

19. Delfín juguetón

Crédito: anmol.tattooss

This is another option that’s more on the simple side and it’s perfect for people who love fine-line tattoos. You can always choose to enhance this design by including some other elements in it. Or, you can keep it simple and enjoy it the way it is.

20. Delfín rojo

Crédito: grzechkusto

Finally, we have an option that may work for everyone who loves their colors but doesn’t want to go with a complicated design. At first glance, people will assume that this tattoo isn’t permanent but once you share your story with them, we’re sure they’re going to love it.

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