Inspiración en tatuajes para todas las almas

20 impresionantes ideas de tatuajes en la pierna para los amantes de la tinta

Colocación de tatuajes

If you’re looking for a leg tattoo inspiration, you’re probably feeling lost among all the options that are right in front of you. From simple and minimalistic designs to complicated ones that require hours and hours of work, you may not know which one to go for.

Getting ink on this part of the body has become increasingly popular and honestly, we’re all about it. Thanks to the ton of space, you can opt for literally any tattoo you want but to make things easier for you, we’ve selected some of the best ones you may fall in love with.

1. Elementos florales y ornamentales

Crédito: marvinbenzoni

If flowers and ornaments are your thing then you can always combine the love for two in a tattoo such as this one. It doesn’t matter if you make it bigger or smaller, we’re sure you’re going to end up loving it.

2. Patrones audaces

Crédito: luz_ha_volvido

This is in a way an ornamental tattoo but what makes it different from the “traditional” ones is the thickness of the lines. Thanks to it, the whole design appears more noticeable and bold which may be exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Combinación de elementos

Crédito: alex_tatts_31

¿Le gustan los tatuajes geométricos? ¿Te gustan las citas? ¿Y te consideras un fan de los elementos naturalistas? En ese caso, este diseño es una combinación perfecta de todo lo que te describe a ti y a tu personalidad. Y lo mejor es que puedes personalizarlo como quieras.

4. Bandas y vides

Crédito: marcas_del_alma

Thick, black bands that wrap around your leg may be something you like. But at the same time, they can feel a bit boring. That’s why spicing them up with vines and leaves is the way to go when you’re looking for something more than just dark lines.

5. Tatuaje de dragón

Crédito: mammon_black

Dragons are popular tattoo motifs and honestly, it doesn’t come as a surprise. With a beautiful symbolism, a creature such as this one will fit on your leg just right. No matter the style you opt for, we’re sure that you’re going to be impressed with your new skin decoration.

6. Tatuaje de esqueleto

Crédito: jeraydoestats

When you’re looking for an edgier tattoo but still want to introduce some feminine elements into it, this combination of a skeleton and flowers is the way to go. If you’re not feeling brave enough to get your whole leg tattooed, you can always adjust the size of the design to your liking.

7. Tatuaje de una línea


Simple, beautiful, and elegant. Those are the adjectives we would use to describe this timeless piece of skin art. A tattoo such as this one is an amazing choice if you’re looking for a delicate design that will be pretty but subtle at the same time.

8. Líneas de puntos orgánicos

Crédito: kostekstekkos

This tattoo is a combination of an abstract style and a dotwork technique. It’s a fun take on the traditional leg tattoos. Just bear in mind that it will require hours of sitting at the tattoo shop.

9. Tatuaje de retrato

Crédito: dino_nevroz_tattoo

Your leg offers a ton of space to work on, especially the area of your thigh. This means that you can even get a portrait tattoo on this part of your body without being afraid that your tattoo artist won’t have enough room to work on it.

10. Atrevido tatuaje ornamental

Crédito: suzon_tattoo

This is a traditional ornamental design that the majority of you is familiar with. It’s detailed and intricate which is exactly why you’ll get impressed each time you look at it. There’s just so much going on that one look at this tattoo doesn’t do it justice.

11. Tatuaje de mariposas

Crédito: honoluluhenna

Butterflies are symbols of rebirth and growth. Besides their beautiful meaning, they always end up looking amazing on the skin so we’re not surprised that so many people decide to get them inked.

12. Pieza floral

Crédito: wolfhuntguzal

If you love floral tattoos, then you should consider getting one on your leg. With a ton of space to play with, you’ll be able to get any design you want without making it look too crowded.

13. Vides envolventes

Crédito: superrgeek

If you’re looking for that botanical feel, you can always opt for a vine tattoo. It’s not going to be overly powerful but at the same time, you’ll achieve that naturalistic vibe you’re looking for.

14. Tatuaje de letras

Crédito: stillballin6_

Otra idea genial para tu tatuaje de pierna es una cita o una frase motivadora. Lo mejor de todo es que puedes optar literalmente por cualquier fuente y tamaño que desees y así personalizar tu nuevo tatuaje como quieras.

15. Tatuaje de temática forestal

Crédito: oskar_gurbada

This is a fun idea if you love tattoos that are inspired by nature. The one in the picture above craves inspiration from the forest but you can always opt for some other motif if this one doesn’t feel like your cup of tea.

16. Pieza delicada para la pierna

Crédito: qiongyu_art

Thin, organic lines and some swirls could be the way to go if you’re looking for a delicate tattoo that won’t take up too much space on the leg. The best thing about it is that you can always add some other elements you like and that way create your own dream design.

17. Tatuaje floral colorido

Crédito: leannadavis_tattoos

When it comes to floral tattoos, there’s so much to choose from. One of the possibilities is to opt for a colorful piece that will definitely become a thing people recognize you by.

18. Tatuaje relámpago

Crédito: sigmainkart

We’re sure that you haven’t considered getting a lighting tattoo but when you think about it better, it does sound like a fun option especially if you’re into abstract tats.

19. Tatuaje de león


This linework tattoo looks out of this world, that’s for sure. It’s highly detailed and perfectly executed so expect a ton of questions about it. And, we have to remind you that you can always opt for the outline of some other animal if the lion doesn’t suit your style.

20. Tatuaje patchwork

Crédito: bigfishtattoo

When you’re struggling to figure out which design to go for, you can always combine your options into one patchwork tattoo. A great thing about this method is that you can incorporate some of your favorite ideas and turn them into a cohesive unity.