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22 Tatuajes de manzanos seriamente atractivos para tu próxima tinta

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Browsing the web searching for apple tree tattoos? You’ve come to the right place! You might be confused about what to permanently ink on your body (eek!), but you know you’re doing the right thing when you’re considering getting a tattoo of the tree of knowledge, the forbidden fruit, *the* apple.

Whether you’re a devoted Christian or someone who’s been on Earth for a little while, you’ve probably heard the story of Adam and Eve. Outside of religion, apples and apple trees can carry a million different meanings. On one hand, apple tree tattoos are a great representation of temptation.

On the other, they’re one of the best symbols to use when you’re on the hunt for a tattoo that represents knowledge, power, strength, resilience, and rebirth. When you decide to get an apple tree tattoo, you can play with different elements to amplify or completely change the meaning of the tattoo.

Te sugerimos que optes por manzanas, flores de manzano, hojas de manzano y manzanos *reales* cuando quieras centrarte en el significado del tatuaje del manzano. Cuando decidas el estilo, el diseño y la ubicación perfectos para ti, echa un vistazo a algunos de nuestros diseños de tatuajes de manzanos favoritos entre los que elegir.

1. Un tatuaje realista y colorido de una rama de manzano

Crédito: @tattooist_color.b

When you’re on the hunt for a proper apple tree tattoo, opt for something realistic, lively, and lovely. Whether you go for a tattoo that stretches across the arm or a work of art that covers the back, you’re guaranteed to appreciate the artistry needed to complete a realistic apple tree tattoo.

2. Tatuaje de un manzano

Crédito: @yeoyoungyoung

We’d argue that apple branches embellished with apple blossoms and apples are a little more popular than *actual* apple trees, but who’s to stop you? With an apple tree tattoo, you can devote an ode to the story of temptation, knowledge, and Adam and Eve. What’s not to love?

3. Un tatuaje de un manzano en flor en la clavícula

Crédito: @fflowerporn

Argh, collarbone tattoos are the bane of our existence. Although they’re a little tricky to complete (and not appropriate for first-timers), they’re a great way to display the work of art you opt for. A little apple florecer en la clavícula puede ser tu forma de celebrar la vida y el amor.

4. Tatuaje de una rama de manzano en el brazo


An apple tree branch on the arm might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we’re obsessed with these elegant, effortless, fine-line tattoos, nonetheless. Whether you opt for a black tattoo or decide to add a splash of color when you’re done, you’re guaranteed to attract attention.

5. Tatuaje de una rama de manzano en la parte superior del muslo

Crédito: @eightlines_studio

When you’re on the fence about the placement of the tattoo you’re planning on getting, consider going all out. We wouldn’t suggest getting an upper thigh tattoo to a first-timer, but nothing’s stopping you from experimenting with different styles, symbols, and placements when you make up your mind.

6. Un tatuaje en la espalda de un cuervo sentado en un manzano

Crédito: @martaliisa.tats

¿Un cuervo sentado en un manzano? Por supuesto. Un tatuaje en la espalda puede ser una forma estupenda de permitir que tu tatuador vaya a por todas y juegue con diferentes elementos que pueden ampliar o cambiar por completo el significado del tatuaje. Un tatuaje de cuervo, por ejemplo, representa algo secreto, desconocido y oscuro.

7. Tatuaje de una rama de manzano en la parte superior del brazo

Crédito: @kawkatattoo

Apple tree tattoos can carry a million different meanings, and that’s what makes them popular and prominent across the world. When you’re unsure about getting an entire apple tree tatted on your upper arm, though, you might want to opt for a branch with a couple of apple blossoms scattered around.

8. Tatuaje de un manzano en el pecho


A chest tattoo can be a tricky tattoo to complete, but – there’s something extremely addicting about getting a chest tattoo that represents knowledge, power, and strength. An apple tree tattoo might not be the most common chest tattoo out there, but we’re obsessed with it, nonetheless.

9. Un tatuaje de un manzano con formas geométricas

Crédito: @mettatattoo

When you want to get a tattoo that’s different from the rest, you might want to allow your tattoo artist to play with diferent styles, symbols, and shapes. A tattoo embellished with lines, squiggles, and geometric shapes can carry a completely different meaning from a tattoo of a simple apple tree.

10. Otro tatuaje de manzano con formas geométricas

Crédito: @yoursohn

And – that’s why apple tree tattoos embellished with geometric shapes are all the rage these days. Add a couple of lines, squares, or even triangles to make your tattoo more eye-catching and thought-provoking and you’re good to go. At the end of the day, you get style points for stepping out of your comfort zone.

11. A surreal apple blossom tattoo coming out of a man’s body

Crédito: @macecosmos

What do you do when you want to make people gasp for air when they’re met with your tattoo? Getting an apple tree tattoo might not be as exciting as getting a *surreal* apple tree tattoo, after all.

Surrealism refers to an artistic style that consists of dreamlike, imaginative, and often irrational elements, symbols, and shapes. So, a surreal apple tree tattoo can consist of an apple tree branch coming out of a man’s body.

12. Un tatuaje de hojas de manzano esparcidas por el hombro

Crédito: @vv_tattoo

When you opt for a shoulder tattoo, you can experiment with different measurements to ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re searching for. A shoulder tattoo of an apple tree branch can be a great way for you to express your creativity and go all out.

13. Un manzano tatuado con una serpiente

Crédito: @tattooist_dojun

Adam and Eve, an apple tree, and a snake – what better way to create an epic tattoo that’s guaranteed to attract attention, turn heads, and raise questions? A snake typically represents the cycle of life, death, rebirth, and even reincarnation.

14. Un tatuaje de un manzano negro

Crédito: @ati.ful

Apple tree tattoos are strikingly stunning when they’re playing with different color combinations, but that might not be your personal preference. A black apple tree tattoo can be much more masculine and exceed your expectations. What do you think?

15. Un tatuaje de manzana

Crédito: @mousetats

We’ve talked about apple trees, apple branches, and apple blossoms – but what about apples? When you’re a modern minimalist who prefers simple and sleek tattoos, you might want to check out the fine-line apple tattoos that represent good health, fortune, and progress.

16. Un tatuaje de una rama de manzano por encima del tobillo

Crédito: @eden_tattoo_

A tattoo above the ankle can be easily concealed and revealed, depending on your personal preferences. When you decide on the apple tree tattoo that speaks to you the most, make sure you opt for the type of placement that’s going to work with your style, line of work, and vibe.

17. Un tatuaje de una rama de manzano en el hombro

Crédito: @tattooist_yun

An apple branch tattoo on the shoulder? After all, an apple branch tattoo embellished with apples and apple blossoms can be a *literal* work of art. Work with your tattoo artist and come up with a design that’s going to reflect who you are and who you want to be.

18. Un precioso tatuaje de una rama de manzano en el brazo

Crédito: @adelina_lishka

When everything else seems boring and basic, consider getting an apple blossom tattoo that stretches from your fingers and hands to the rest of your arm. We can guarantee you’re going to feel like a million dollars whenever you get ready to go out and catch a glimpse of your new tattoo.

19. Un tatuaje de manzano con una vuelta de tuerca

Crédito: @stewe_ink

Why not play with your tattoo? When you get an apple tree tattoo, chances are you’re paying homage to the story of Adam and Eve or playing with the meaning of temptation. Add a heart to the design of the tattoo and you get something completely different – you get a tattoo that represents you and your life.

20. Un tatuaje contemporáneo de un manzano

Crédito: @friendoli_tattoo

When you’re tired of traditional tattoos, you might want to check out contemporary tattoo artists who play with different styles, symbols, and shapes to create permanent masterpieces on your body. What do you think about contemporary apple tree tattoos?

21. El tatuaje de un manzano bajo la luz de la luna

Crédito: @pinnedprick

A crescent moon tattoo represents a new beginning, a new phase, and a new chapter. Whether you’re going through something right now or you want to pay homage to a period of your life when you were struggling to keep afloat, you might want to get an apple tree tattoo with a crescent moon.

22. Un manzano tatuado con abejas


Apples, blossoms, and bees go together, don’t they? When you get an apple tree tattoo embellished with a bunch of bees, you can count on a sick design that catches everyone’s attention. A bee tattoo, to make matters even better, represents loyalty, commitment, and dedication.