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21 Brilliant Father and Son Tattoos To Make You Emotional

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Many say there’s no greater love than that of a father for his son, so it’s no surprise that numerous father and son tattoo ideas exist. If you’re looking for the perfect one, I’m here to show you 21 brilliant father and son tattoo designs that’ll make your eyes watery.

Whether you’re the son honoring your dad or the dad showing love for your little one, I bet you’ll like these tattoos as much as I do.

1. Hold me forever

Credit: john_hullar

This tattoo depicts a father’s hand holding his baby son’s little hand, with the son’s name and date of birth written below. It’s a heartwarming representation of a dad’s love for his newborn son. The tattoo is simple yet profoundly meaningful, placed on the forearm for visibility most of the time.

This tattoo can symbolize that no matter what happens, you’ll always be there for your son. What a beautiful way to show and honor one of the greatest loves in your life.

2. Forever bonded

Credit: thegrasshopperstudio

In this tattoo, you can see a father and son holding hands, walking into a sunset, with their fist bump depicted above and the inscription “Until we meet again.” It’s a son’s way of honoring his late dad, with the hope of meeting again one day. You’ll always be your dad’s little man, no matter how old or big you grow, and no matter where he is, you’ll always love him the same.

3. Incredible father and son tattoo


Lion tattoos have huge symbolism and usually stand for bravery and courage, so this animal is a great option for a tattoo that shows the bond between a father and a son. Lions stick together, and they are the kings of the animal world, and I think every son thinks of his father as a strong, capable king who can do anything.

This tattoo is a real work of art with so many incredible details and a beautiful meaning behind it. If you’re looking for that special father-son tattoo, this one is just great.

4. On the top of the world

Credit: bethtomestattoos

You and your son wearing your favorite sports uniform while you carry him on your shoulders shows an ideal bond between you two. Many fathers and sons really connect through their favorite sport that they like to watch or play together, and that’s something that sticks with them throughout their lives.

You know best which sport or activity you both like, and you can pick that as a motif for your father and son tattoo. Whatever you choose, make it personal and meaningful, since you’re going to have this tattoo forever.

5. Memorial father and son tattoo

Credit: bar_omeara

Tattoos are a great form of art where you can express yourself or your inner feelings. Father and son tattoos are very special since they cherish some great moments that have meaning in your life. One of the most special among them is a memorial tattoo for your dad, just like the one in the picture, that shows you and your dad on an outing.

Above this drawing, there is a name along with the year of birth and the year of death. If your father is no longer with you and you want to create a lasting tribute to cherish his memory, this could be a wonderful tattoo design for you.

6. Beautiful father and son tattoo

Credit: tattoostudiotempleofinkan

Shoulder tattoos are a classic choice for placement, especially when they carry deep meaning and symbolism. With that being said, one of the most popular locations for a father-son tattoo is definitely the shoulder.

This particular tattoo shows a little boy with a soccer ball holding his father’s hand and looking at him straight in the eyes. It is as if he wants to see what his father is thinking of him at that moment. On the other hand, the father is looking back at his son with so much pride and support. Overall, this shows you how important a father’s support is to the son since he’s the person that the little boy looks up to.

7. Dad’s my protector

Credit: little_red_tattoos

Bear tattoos are often used as a symbol of protection. They are a perfect motif for father and son tattoos since fathers are their son’s most important protectors.

In this tattoo, the large bear has various details and symbols, while the smaller bear is done completely in black. The smaller bear walks beside his father, almost leaning toward him, illustrating how sons learn and gain knowledge from their dads.

8. Amazing father and son tattoos

Credit: babs_tats

Here’s another father and son tattoo related to sports, highlighting the profound impact of this shared activity in a boy’s life. Whether playing or simply watching sports with their dads, it brings fulfillment, happiness, and creates unforgettable lifelong memories.

This back tattoo features a father and son dressed in their baseball uniforms, with striking deep blue details that make the design truly stand out.

9. You’re my king

Credit: nick_suprise24

Every son sees his father as a king, while every dad thinks of his little one as a prince and his inheritor, which is exactly what this tattoo is all about. A father handing over his crown to his son makes a beautiful statement and a powerful message. Whatever and whoever comes into their lives, they’re always going to be the kings of each other’s hearts.

10. Vintage photo tattoo

Credit: bennygon

This tattoo shows a father holding his son’s hand to help him climb the fence, and the design looks like a vintage picture, which makes it look so nostalgic and even more emotional. Fathers are always there to support us and help us cross obstacles in our lives. This drawing perfectly symbolizes that constant assistance, especially while we’re still young.

11. Incredible black and grey tattoo

Credit: dorettakoller_tattoo

Father’s hands are the strongest yet the most gentle ones, and those hands raise and protect us through our whole lives. This tattoo shows us two little hands reaching for their dad’s hand surrounded by leaves. I like how realistic this ink art looks because of how perfectly the shading is done. Dads are their children’s heroes, and it’s exactly what this tattoo symbolizes.

12. Son portrait tattoo

Credit: booskew

If you are a dad who wants to get a tattoo that’ll honor the love you have for your son, just look at this sweet baby portrait. You can take a favorite picture of your baby boy and get it inked on your body to always have him by your side. Not only is your baby too adorable, but you’ll also have an amazing piece of art on you.

13. Time is precious

Credit: gertitattoos

Time is a precious gift and we can’t turn it back, so the only thing we can do about it is to enjoy every moment we have, especially with our loved ones. The picture above shows us a father and a son, inside a clock, holding hands which represents the passage of time and our choices in how to spend it. As you know—time flies when you’re having fun!

14. Lovely father and son tattoo

Credit: Vishal. rathod.12.30

Our love for someone never fades, especially for our parents, even when they’re no longer with us. They continue to live on in our hearts and memories, which is one of the most beautiful aspects of life. There truly is no greater love than the one we have for our parents, and a special place in every boy’s heart is reserved for his father.

15. Tightest hug

Credit: ginkartist

In this heartwarming arm tattoo, a father and his son are locked in a tight hug that symbolizes their special bond. This piece of art radiates the affection and pure love shared between a father and his son, showcasing their unbreakable connection. I think this is such an inspiring tattoo with a beautiful message.

16. Gorgeous father and son tattoo

Credit: darkagetattoostudio

One of the cutest things ever is the little feet of a newborn baby. They are so small and cute and ready to explore the world in which you’ll be their most important teacher and protector.

This tattoo depicts the father’s hands shaped like a heart, framing his baby’s feet, and I love how realistic it looks. I hope this can be the inspiration you were looking for your father-son tattoo.

17. Cute tattoo idea

Credit: anteroom

If you want a unique father-son tattoo, this one is a perfect choice for you. A father and son portrayed as penguins has to be one of the cutest things ever, since penguins are among the most social animals, forming strong family connections.

So, this tattoo symbolizes the family bond and unity that are so important to all of us. The support and love of a father for his son are among the strongest feelings ever, and the bond between them is unbreakable.

18. We got this!

Credit: jimmypanic

This dad tattooed himself getting a fist bump with his baby boy, and the tattoo is placed on the left side of his chest, right next to his heart. This illustrates just how deep and strong his love for his newborn is.

The fist bump itself represents the unity and support this dad will always have for his son. Even though the baby has just come into the world, he’s already the most important person to his father.

19. Touching father and son tattoo

Credit: olie_larsen

The tightest and safest hug is the one a father gives to his children. In this tattoo, two boys are embracing their dad, illustrating the closeness between them. Behind the trio are three triangles, typically symbolizing harmony and perfection, further emphasizing the amazing bond they share.

20. Eternal footprint

Credit: tattoo_villa

Baby footprints inside a triangle are a great way to express the love you have for your newborn son. Once more, the triangle serves as a motif of unity, harmony, and perfection, while the little feet inside it symbolize the perfect place and protection a father provides for his son.

So, no matter how hard life gets, your son will know he can always turn to you for help. That’s a powerful message every kid needs to know.

21. Remarkable father tattoo

Credit: badra_tattoo

This arm tattoo is simple yet strong. The letter ‘h’ inside the word ‘father’ is replaced with a dad holding his little boy, with their shadow forming the ‘h’. This design looks cool and special, showcasing that the bond between a father and a son truly is endless.

Father and son tattoos hold immense personal significance, and I’m certain that these 21 heartwarming designs will make you very emotional. They beautifully symbolize the powerful connection between you and your father, reminding you of the profound bond you share forever.