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21 Legendary Hockey Tattoos To Honor The Sport And Say PUCK IT!

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Hockey tattoos can be as simple or as intricate as you’d like. If you’re a fan of this sport, you’ve probably come across so many different designs that you’re overwhelmed with the options.

You want something that will commemorate your love for the sport, but also something that will be your own personal ode to the years you’ve spent watching it or even playing it. Either way, you’ll find the most legendary hockey tattoos here to design your tattoo and take it to the nearest tattoo parlor.

Unique hockey tattoos

Source: @inkedhockey

Hockey has one of the most recognizable gear of all sports. That’s why this tattoo would be such a great inspiration for your next trip to the tattoo shop. The shades of blue are perfectly saturated, but the shading is also wonderful. The little quotes underneath it are just another way to commemorate the best hockey puns.

Source: @thegoblinqueenn

Hockey tattoos can be huge, but sometimes they don’t have to. A hockey stick is extremely recognizable, which is why this simple tattoo could adorn your body and show your love for this sport. The lines are crisp, and the simple shading adds a lot of dimension to the design.

Source: @luckylindsay13

This example looks like a traditional tattoo. The red ink is amazingly applied to the skin, but the surrounding flowers are what remind you of traditional tattoos. The combination of colors creates a great contrast in this design.

Source: @hennigan_tattoos

You don’t have to use color in your design if you don’t want to. Just like you can see in this example! This is a commemorating tattoo, that shows the love for the sport, but also the love for a specific player.

Source: @danhof.tattoos

There are so many details in this design that make this tattoo so unique. The combination of black ink and yellow details creates the perfect contrast. You have the skates, the hockey sticks, and even the puck at the bottom. Everything is there, yet it’s not just a basic design.

Source: @inkedhockey

If you’re interested in unique hockey tattoos, then you may want to consider a design that’s really special. This puck has finally had enough, and it decided to attack the stick! The composition in this tattoo is amazing, and the combination of colors and details makes it one of a kind.

Source: @lizzietattoo

For hockey tattoos to be unique, you don’t have to think too much about it. This tattoo has all the main things that are included in the tattoo, like the skates, but it’s still unique because of the red flowers surrounding it.

Source: @tarlito

Traditional tattoos will probably never go out of style. The rose is such a common detail in tattoos. This tattoo is quite big, but it doesn’t have too many details for people to get distracted. It represents your love for hockey!

Source: @jimelitwalk

New school tattoos are a special kind of breed. Just look at this dinosaur giving his best on the playing field! The composition of the tattoo is very unique, yet the colors are gorgeous.

Source: @fleshbrush_

This is another funny new school design. The colors in this one create a contrast that you wouldn’t see otherwise. The flame around the puck makes it look like it’s going to fly off the foot at any moment!

Hockey player tattoos

Source: @rikharleytattoos

Maybe you won’t have to play around with hockey tattoos. You could simply get your favorite player tattooed on your body! This is a black and gray example of that, and you can add a face to the design easily.

Source: @vargsart

This is a tattoo of Bo Hanson from the Aalborg Pirates. If he’s one of your favorite players or your idol, then no one can tell you that you shouldn’t get this tattoo. I mean, we find a lot of inspiration in sports players, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone!

Source: @matthewbrownartwork

Or how about a tattoo of Patrice Bergeron from the Boston Bruins? This tattoo is extremely detailed. It looks so realistic! The movement is obvious in this design, even if it’s just a tattoo.

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Source: @davelaotattoos

Maybe Martin Brodeur from the New Jersey Devils is your idol? Some may consider it to be weird if you put such a huge face on your body for all eternity, but it’s also a decision that you’re not making lightheartedly. This tattoo is filled with a lot of shading, which makes it quite dark, but that only means that it’ll heal amazingly.

Source: @andreapalombi_tattoos

Has it crossed your mind that you can design your own Funko pop? If not the real toy, then you can definitely do that in the form of a tattoo.

Just add the jersey of your favorite team, and you’ll have a unique design that’s also a great ode to the sport you hold so dearly.

Hockey team tattoos

Source: @inkedhockey

Hockey tattoos can be designed in so many different ways, but usually, people want to have a tattoo of their favorite team.

This tattoo shows a patch of the Jets, but you can do something that will be a reminder of your favorite team. This design looks so realistic, and the details are breathtaking.

Source: @dominiquedarko

Pittsburgh Penguins if Pokémon were real. Let your imagination run wild with your tattoo design! The Pokémon that’s been added here is one of those style choices that shows creativity and the true meaning of authenticity.

Source: @inkedhockey

Hockey mascots are well-loved and well-known among the fans. A tattoo of such a mascot would always remind you of the joy and love you feel when you’re watching a game.

Source: @ivanflorestattoos

The Anaheim Ducks are a hockey team with a very dedicated fan base. If you’re part of that fan base, then maybe you’d like to consider this design for your next tattoo. It’s such a simple image, but it still holds all the dedication you feel for this team.

Source: @davidevanstattoos

If you’re a fan of traditional tattoos and of the San Jose Sharks, then here’s the perfect tattoo design for you. There are so many details here, like the shading within the anchor and so much more. The shark is biting through the hockey stick, and it looks like it’s ready for the next game.

Source: @inkedhockey

The New Jersey Devils have a special place in the hearts of their fans. This tattoo was executed in such a cool way, and the idea behind it is authentic. The Devil is holding a trident instead of a hockey stick, which is a great detail. Even the flames that are coming off his body are a representation of the passion that players have.

The simple shading and saturation of this tattoo are remarkable, and I hope you’ll be happy with this innovative design.