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20 leggendari tatuaggi celtici che celebrano un ricco patrimonio culturale

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Celtic tattoos honor the rich history of Celtic people who inhabited today’s areas of Ireland and Scotland. They rely on the usage of all these different symbols which all have a special meaning. From the Celtic knot to the Claddagh symbol, there’s plenty to choose from.

If you’d like to celebrate your Celtic heritage but don’t know where to start from, then you’re at the right place. Let us give you inspiration for your next tattoo.

Celtic knot tattoos

Celtic knots represent the connection between birth, life, death, and rebirth. People get them tattooed mainly because they’re symbols of love, happiness, and friendship.

Credito: halfhumanhalfmachine

Now, if you like the idea of getting a tattoo of a Celtic knot but prefer to keep things simple, this is the design for you. It’s small but meaningful and will tick all of the boxes that need to be ticked.

Credito: nutatuneath

If you’d, on the other hand, like to get something bigger and bolder then you should consider this design. It’s filled with Celtic knots of different sizes and fully embraces the feeling of interconnection.

Credito: fiveotattoo

Here we have another bigger design that will be a great choice if you’re looking for a back tattoo. Perfectly symmetrical, this tattoo plays with shading and will add a touch of color to your body.

Celtic cross tattoos

The Celtic cross is different from the traditional cross symbol due to the circle around it. It usually stands as a sign of knowledge, strength, and compassion which are all positive symbols you’d be proud to wear on your skin.

Credito: jazzyjeff_tattoo

If you’re looking for a bigger tattoo of a Celtic cross that will also highlight your Irish roots, this is the solution you need. We love the combination of the black and gray style and colorful details in the middle that pay honor to the Irish culture.

Credito: hollatattoos

If you’d like to keep things sleek and elegant then you could opt for something like this. Thanks to the fine lines, you’ll get a feeling that you’re wearing a delicate piece of tradition on your skin.

Credito: noottattoo

You can always go big, bold, and dark with a design such as this one. It combines the Celtic cross with the Celtic knots, paying true homage to the people from your bloodline.

Celtic Claddagh tattoos

A Claddagh is a traditional Irish ring that consists of different elements. The heart represents love while the crown above it stands for loyalty. The hands that hold the heart and the crown represent friendship.

Credito: drordahl

If you love the meaning of this symbol and would like to get one inked on your skin forever, then this is one way you can do it. This tattoo is a combination of different Celtic elements and will embrace this culture in the best way possible.

Credito: home__jab

If you’re looking for a simple tattoo of a Claddagh ring then this is exactly what you need. It can’t get any more minimalistic than this one, right?

Credito: blak_hand_tattoo

When you’re into traditional-style tattoos, this design will be exactly what you’re looking for. A combination of black ink, shading, and thicker lines will give you the tattoo of your dreams.

Credito: suzylutattoos

We would also recommend going with a fine-line style simply because it will easily fit onto any part of your body. Plus, you can be sure that your new tattoo won’t ever go out of trend.

Tree of life tattoos

The tree of life represents the connection between life and death and the harmony between earth and sky. It’s an empowering symbol that can easily become one of the most meaningful tattoos you own in your collection.

Credito: nateluna

As you can see, this tattoo is a bit more detailed and complicated than some other ideas on the list. But we’re sure that once you see the end result, sitting in the chair for hours will be worth the wait.

Credito: winstonartwork

This tattoo goes to show how big you can go with a motif such as this one. It can easily cover the upper and lower part of your back, leaving you with an impressive ink everyone will ask you questions about.

Credito: lydiabruno13

This design combines three different elements and gives you a real Celtic tattoo. It’s an idea worth considering if you’re looking for something impressive and noticeable.

Celtic harp tattoos

A Celtic or Irish harp is a symbol of Irish identity and pride. It’s a perfect solution if you’re looking for a tattoo that will embrace your roots in the nicest way possible.

Credito: vickikochiss

When you’re looking for a classical way to get a tattoo of a Celtic harp, this is how you can do it. The dotwork technique and interconnected Celtic knots give this piece a character you may fall in love with.

Credito: ink.rmb

However, if you’d like to add color to your tattoo, this is an easy way. A combination of red, green, yellow, and brown will make the whole design pop.

Credito: helloscoutie

If you’re looking for a smaller, fine-line tattoo, you should consider this one. It’s not complicated at all and will easily fit anywhere on your body so it can even serve as a gap filler.

Celtic hound tattoos

Celtic hounds are a part of the Celtic legends and today, they symbolize hunting and healing.

Credito: badgerkingtattoo

If you like the dotwork technique, you’ll fall in love with this design. All of the details are achieved through the usage of dots which give this tattoo a special charm.

Credito: nordlandic

Or, you can always opt for a fine-line style such as this one. What makes this tattoo unique is the added Celtic knots which are included in the design.

Celtic owl tattoos

Traditionally, owls symbolize wisdom and knowledge and things are no different in the Celtic culture. What makes them stand apart is the fact that Celtic people had huge respect and fear for this impressive bird which is why they’re common motifs in Celtic tattoos.

Credito: smile_4_ink

If you’re looking for a bigger tattoo with a ton of detail then you’ll appreciate this idea. Filled with shading, the stippling technique, and Celtic elements, it has all it takes to become your new favorite ink.

Credito: bronachstattoos

This is another amazing idea that also includes Celtic knots and even adds some color to the design through the eyes. It’s definitely a perfect option if you’re looking for a slightly smaller owl.