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Crow tattoos look so mysterious and dark, but the fact stands that there’s a protective energy when it comes to these birds. The sound of a crow is something that no one really likes because they’re quite scary, but in this case, your crow tattoo is actually your savior.

In many Western cultures, it was believed that a crow was an omen of bad luck, misfortune, and death. However, in the Nordic myths, it’s believed that Odin (the king of Gods) visits in the form of a crow. It’s believed that he’s there to protect and to guide us.

So, whatever you choose to believe, just make sure that you remember that your tattoos are your art, so you have the right to do whatever you please. Let’s find some crow tattoos to adorn your skin with!

Black and gray crow tattoos

Fonte: @ramcelroytattooing

Let’s be honest, it’s quite hard to show a black bird with just black ink. You have to use your imagination! I mean, this artist understood the assignment. There’s a lot of texture in the feathers and that’s what makes it look quite realistic. There are still some white highlights that are making the bird look much lighter, so that it doesn’t heal like a black blob.

Fonte: @eros_tatu

This has all the elements of a geometrical tattoo. The little shapes above the crow make everything so much prettier. As you can see, you can add some details to your design, like the little moon at the top.

Fonte: @schtattooer

This is quite a spooky example of crow tattoos. There are details here that are absolutely immaculate! Just look at those claws, the thorns, the heart, the eye, and the shading. This tattoo is jam-packed with details and the more you look at it, the more things you’re able to recognize.

Fonte: @dot.bean

This dotted tattoo is quite big, but that doesn’t stop it from being filled with texture. The crow looks a bit angry, but it’s also quite majestic.

Fonte: @swan_tattooer

This is probably the darkest crow tattoo on this list. There are some lighter parts, but most of the tattoo is done in deep black ink. The moon behind its head has an interesting outline that really puts the crow into the center of attention.

Fonte: @aureoletattoo

If you’re looking for simple crow tattoos, then this could be the perfect example for you. There’s not too much to say about this tattoo, considering that it’s only a crow. It looks quite realistic because of shading, and the texture of the feathers, so the whole thing is perfect.

Fonte: @ascendinglotustattoo

Maybe you’d like something more abstract? Here you can see the full skeleton of the crow, but you can also see the outside that consists of all the feathers. It’s obvious that it’s a crow because of the big beak, but the whole design is quite light for such a dark bird.

Fonte: @ritadiniztattoo

This is another example of a simple crow tattoo because there are no remarkable details about it. The most amazing thing is the body of the crow, where you can see all those small feathers in the front of the bird.

Fonte: @marcia.tatt

This is quite an animated design. It doesn’t look realistic, but it’s still obvious what it’s supposed to represent. Most of the tattoo is done in solid black ink, and that’s what makes it so special. The circle around the head of the crow represents the moon, but it’s there just about enough to encompass the head of the bird.

Traditional crow tattoos

Fonte: @dougvon_tattoos

Crow tattoos can also be done in a traditional style. This design will be quite similar to the ones that are fully colored, but considering that we’re talking about a black bird, you’ll have to understand why there’s an obsence of color. For example, this tattoo is filled with thick lines and bit patches of black ink.

Fonte: @alexduquettetattoos

The colors in this crow tattoo were added in the form of little flowers all around the bird. There are even some white highlights within the tattoo to add more depth to the entire design.

Fonte: @danielhughestattoos

The traditional tattoos are usually filled with roses, and you can see that there’s on added to this design as well. However, the rest of the bird is done with patches of black ink that represent the feathers. Nonetheless, there’s still some shading added to this design.

Crow tattoos with colored details

Fonte: @swan_tattooer

Just because crow tattoos are usually filled with black ink and some shades of gray, you don’t have to settle for that. You can add whatever colors you’d like to your design. This crow tattoo looks very magical, especially considering the moon right above the crow. However, the red berries are breaking up the image and adding some detail that makes it come to life.

Fonte: @slimjonesink

Your crow tattoo can be as simple as you want and still have some color incorporated into it. For example, here we have a big splash of green ink, and even the eye of the crow is green. Some of that ink is seeping into the crow, so it’s even more unique.

Fonte: @missmoth_tattoo

Or how about a witchy crow? I mean, crows have been considered to be familiars of witches for centuries. If you’re into magic then you should definitely choose this design.

Fonte: @kurogosu

We all know that crows love to steal sparkly things and add them to their nests. But what if the bird chooses to steal something precious, and it has to get struck by an arrow for it? Okay, that story went out of hand, but this design is gorgeous. Go and get it tattooed, please.

Fonte: @nick.tattoos

Just because you see people get those realistic crow tattoos, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to comply with that as well. Maybe something more animated is right up your alley! This tattoo doesn’t have black outlines, but the outlines are actually done with gray ink. But the yellow branches and the circle behind its head make the crow stick out even more.

Fonte: @wtc3art

If you want something original, then maybe you should consider something unorthodox, like this two-headed crow with superpowers! The combination of green and purple ink really does add some sort of contrast to the design, and the red eyes make the bird look quite sinister.

Fonte: @vampyur

For some reason, the combination of yellow and black is very unique. If you want something that no one else has, then maybe you should consider getting yellow roses tattooed around your crow. This crow doesn’t have many details in the wings, but the shadows on the head really add depth to the design.

Crow skull tattoo

Fonte: @cure_ink

It’s hard to consider crow tattoos without talking about the skull of a crow. People get this tattooed left, right, and center. It’s a very popular image. I mean, it’s simple, but the added branch really speaks about the fleeting moments of life.

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Fonte: @brightbones

This crow skull looks like a sketch, which means that it’s something that you won’t see twice. It’s very pretty, yet there are many details that also make it look spooky.

Fonte: @abichotatua

However, if you want to get the skull of a crow tattooed, you don’t have to make a big fuss about it. You can do something quite simple with minimal shading. This crow tattoo is very simple, the outlines are quite crisp, and the shading doesn’t make it look too dark. The tattoo serves it’s purpose.