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20 tatuaggi di cervi radiosi che non "rovineranno" la vostra parata

Tatuaggi di animali

Tattoos are a sign of self-expression, but finding something meaningful to get permanently inked on your body can be challenging. That being said, you might want to broaden your horizons, move past the fleeting tattoo trends, and opt for something as simple as a deer tattoo.

While deer tattoos might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they’re packed with meaning and they’re guaranteed to attract attention, turn heads, and get you to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Deer tattoos typically represent grace, elegance, and gentleness, as well as spiritual guidance, intuition, and independence. Depending on your personal preferences, you might be interested in basing your next ink on delicate deer tattoos we prepared for you down below.

1. A tattoo of a deer surrounded by flowers

Credito: @gruntinstattoo

Deer are free spirits wandering in the wild and that’s exactly what your tattoo needs to showcase. Complete with fine-line flowers and leaves, this deer tattoo guarantees to bring you peace, prosperity, and good fortune.

2. A black and red ink deer tattoo

Credito: @carlstonacidspencer

Deer tattoos are pretty simple and straightforward, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to express your creativity when you decide to take the plunge. Work with your tattoo artist and consider adding a splash of red ink to the final design of your tattoo.

3. A sketch-style deer tattoo

Credito: @szymon_radzik

Sketch-style tattoos are perfect for people who prefer the “unfinished” appearance of sketches over realistic, detailed, and delicate works of art. With broken lines, ink splatters, and rough shading elements, you truly can’t go wrong with a sketch-style tattoo.

4. Abstract deer tattoo on the hand

Credito: @oztattoom

Abstract tattoos are meant for modern minimalists who want to experiment with different styles and symbols. Whether it’s the overwhelmingly dark design or the unusually intricate ink splatters, this tattoo is made for people who want to stay on top of trends.

5. A deer skull tattoo on the forearm

Credito: @hazy_tattoos

Deer skull tattoos are becoming more and more popular, and for a good reason, too. Deer tattoos are pretty tame when compared to darker, more delicate skull tattoos, and that’s why people tend to prefer the latter. Deer skull tattoos represent death and rebirth, and are oftentimes seen as symbols of strength, resilience, and power, too.

6. A matching deer tattoo

Credito: @chrisonertattoo

Whether you want to get a tattoo that represents your romantic relationship or celebrates your love of all things nature, you and your partner might want to get matching deer tattoos. While deer tattoos might not sound romantic, the two of you get to assign whatever meaning you want to them.

7. A fine-line deer tattoo on the upper arm

Credito: @loudplanetstattoo

What about a fine-line tattoo? When you’re on the hunt for something a little more soft and subtle, you might be drawn to fine-line tattoos. Fine-line tattoos create thinner and more intricate lines with a lining needle and are typically more popular among first-timers.

8. A deer skull tattoo on the leg

Credito: @your_neighbourhood_studio

When picking the perfect placement for your tattoo, make sure you have plenty of space to work with your tattoo artist and come up with a design that showcases the beauty of a deer tattoo. What about a deer tattoo on the leg?

9. A deer tattoo on the stomach

Credito: @matildatattoos

Stomach tattoos might not be for everyone, but you might be drawn to them, nonetheless. Stomach tattoos are super wearable and versatile, especially because you can get a small tattoo that incorporates your belly button or a large tattoo that covers most of your stomach. So, what do you think?

10. A micro-realist deer tattoo on the upper arm

Credito: @mauvaisgarconstattooshop

Want a realistic deer tattoo? Consider getting a micro-realism tattoo which happens to be a style of tattooing that aims for hyper-realistic images in miniature form. Whether you need to complete your sticker sleeve or you simply don’t want to be stuck with a big, bold tattoo on your body, you can opt for a micro-realism tattoo.

11. A tiny deer skull tattoo on the wrist

Credito: @monkeynoma_tattoo

Tiny tattoos are all the rage these days, and you might be tempted to hop on the trend with a tiny deer tattoo. Make sure you pick the right placement and work from there. Moreover, don’t shy away from expressing your creativity and showcasing all your assets. Tiny tattoos can pack a punch, too.

12. A deer tattoo on the knuckles

Credito: @sea_of_ink_tattoo_studio

What’s your opinion on knuckle tattoos? Whether you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd or startle all your friends with a tattoo they’ve never seen before, you might want to opt for a tattoo of a deer on your knuckles.

13. A sketch-style deer tattoo on the chest

Credito: @stevewalkertattoo

We’ve got another sketch-style tattoo coming your way! Sketch-style tattoos deserve the spotlight, but you might want to keep yours concealed for the time being. So, you might want to opt for a chest tattoo and make sure you can conceal or reveal your tattoo when you see fit.

14. A geometric deer tattoo on the back

Credito: @okanxart

Geometric tattoos are on-trend right now, and they’re perfect for people who want to merge a myriad of styles, symbols, and ideas into a single tattoo. A deer tattoo complete with lines, circles, and triangles will make you feel like you’re rocking a true work of art on your body – and you are.

15. A deer tattoo with leaves on the upper arm

Credito: @hen.wife

Why not put a personal spin on your tattoo with flowers, leaves, or branches? Whatever botanical elements float your boat, you can turn to them to make your tattoo more memorable, eye-catching, and elegant.

16. A watercolor deer tattoo on the thigh

Credito: @tattooartist_jing

Watercolor tattoos are whimsical, magical, and fairy-like. When you want to get a tattoo that showcases who you are when no one’s looking, you might want to get a watercolor tattoo of a deer somewhere on your body.

17. A matching deer skull tattoo

Credito: @doe.bull

What about a matching deer tatuaggio con teschio? We already talked about deer skull tattoos representing strength and resilience, and that might be something you want to celebrate with your romantic partner, your BFF, or even your favorite family member. With a matching deer skull tattoo, you can.

18. A deer skull tattoo on the knee

Credito: @tomcartersart

Whenever you want to stun everyone around you with your tattoo placement, opt for a knee tattoo. Sure, knee tattoos are underrated, but that “kneeds” to change ASAP. So, opt for a knee tattoo when you want to use the curvatures of your body to your advantage.

19. A winged deer tattoo


We’re pretty positive you’ve never seen a winged deer tattoo before! Winged creatures typically represent freedom, transformation, and change, and that’s why you might want to consider adding a set of wings to your baby deer tattoo, too.

20. A deer tattoo on the elbow

Credito: @viartattoo

We’re ending the article with an elbow tattoo! Elbow tattoos are similar to knee tattoos, and you can use them to create some of the most strikingly beautiful, eye-catching, and thought-provoking tattoo designs ever.