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20 idee di tatuaggio di farfalle che si distinguono sul petto

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So you’re looking into butterfly tattoo ideas that you can proudly wear on your chest? Despite the fact that these tattoos can have a bad rap, we truly believe that engraving a butterfly onto your skin is a decision worth considering. At the end of the day, your body, your rules!

Per quanto riguarda il significato di questo tatuaggio, le farfalle sono spesso considerate simboli di trasformazione, crescita e nuovo inizio. Questo ha perfettamente senso, dato che ogni farfalla colorata in cui ci si imbatte ha iniziato il suo viaggio come bruco.

Even though this is the most common reason why people choose to get a butterfly tattoo, it’s not the only one. Some ink this insect onto their body simply because they appreciate its beauty. Others do it to raise awareness of the importance of mental health.

There are many reasons why you could choose to wear this tattoo on your skin, and honestly, we encourage each one of them. That being said, we wanted to make it easier for you and present you with some of the ideas we love the most. Hopefully, you’ll find something that works for you.

1. Farfalla semplice

Credito: catab.tatuatore

Are you looking for something simple and wearable? Something that’s not too vibrant and colorful? If you want to remain in your comfort zone, opt for a black and gray style and enjoy your simple butterfly for the rest of your life.

2. Farfalla con spada

Credito: andreasrahbek

Here we have another black and gray option that’s a bit more noticeable due to the bolder design. A sword and the eyes are the elements that make this tattoo different and not so typical.

3. Signora farfalla


This is a bolder option made for all of you who are willing to commit to a bigger tattoo. If you’re ready to proudly wear something of this size on your chest, then this is definitely a cool option.

4. Incantevoli ali di farfalla

Credito: ficcanaso

This dainty tattoo is a perfect design for everyone who’s willing to opt for a more feminine tattoo. We love the idea of getting a tattoo of butterfly wings since it proves that you can give your ink any meaning you want.

5. Farfalla in stile tradizionale

Credito: esther_mulders

Siete amanti dei tatuaggi in stile tradizionale? Allora questa farfalla nera e rossa sarà la vostra tazza di tè.

6. Farfalla a forma di teschio

Credito: ek_kalakar_000

Maybe you’re looking for something edgier? Something that will require a second glance for others to realize what you’re wearing on your skin? This tattoo is a great way to achieve that.

7. Donna farfalla

Credito: javierbetancourt

Here we have another bigger design made for people who love their tattoos to be bold and daring. You would’ve thought that black and gray tattoos can’t be much but this design shows just how many details you can achieve even though you’re not using a ton of different colors.

8. Farfalla colorata

Credito: rio

Finally, we have something for all of the lovers of colorful tattoos out there. This design will make you speechless since it’s crispy and neat – exactly what you’re looking for in your tattoo.

9. Tatuaggio minimalista con farfalla

Credito: jarhn_tatuaggi

Okay, so this tattoo is minimalistic in the sense of its design. Simple, thin lines and a tiny bit of dot work all add to the fact that it’s easily wearable by anyone.

10. Stile del tatuaggio Linework

Credito: otautahitattooqueenstown

We love this combination of black and blue farfalle and intricate linework. This design will require a steady hand so make sure you pick a tattoo artist carefully since not everyone has the patience to create this piece of art on your skin.

11. Farfalla magica


Questo farfalla sembra uscito direttamente da una fiaba. Ci piace il suo design semplice e l'aspetto elegante e raffinato sulla pelle.

12. Farfalla del cybersigillismo

Credito: sofia.tats

Cybersigilism is a style that combines natural-looking lines with a futuristic feel. It’s a unique combination that gives really cool results. If you love this method, you’re certainly going to feel inspired by this design.

13. Farfalla a inchiostro rosso

Credito: angixxe_tattoo

Sometimes, you want a simple tattoo but at the same time, you don’t want something basic that everyone else likes. Then this design is a perfect choice for you. We love the multiple shades of red that give this farfalla un look unico.

14. Farfalla nera e grigia

Credito: oldfield_tatuaggi

Potete sempre scegliere di rendere il vostro tatuaggio nero e grigio più personale, abbinandolo a una frase che vi sta a cuore. Può essere letteralmente qualsiasi cosa vogliate, il che è ottimo perché vi permette di rendere il vostro tatuaggio più personale.

15. Una vera opera d'arte

Credito: shiiworks

This tattoo is a real piece of art and is a great choice if you want your body to feel like a canvas. We love everything about it- from all the details to flowy lines and accents of red ink. It’s perfect in every way!

16. Farfalla con fiori

Credito: fayechristinatattoo

Un'altra cosa che potete sempre fare per rendere il vostro tatuaggio più complesso e evidente è combinarlo con fiori di vostra scelta. Questo renderà il vostro disegno più elegante e femminile.

17. Farfalla a linee sottili

Credito: julestattoo_

Fine-line tattoos will never go out of style simply because they’re so sleek and neat. At the same time, this method allows you to create any design you wish. The tattoo above is proof of that. It’s a combination of a farfalla e un teschio; una scelta strana che in qualche modo funziona perfettamente.

18. La luna e una farfalla

Credito: tatuatore_ryu_hwa

Are you looking for something bolder and more abstract? This tattoo uses strikes of black ink and creates a design that’s different from everything else on this list.

19. Piccola farfalla

Credito: rebeccy_tatuaggi

Maybe you’re looking for something tiny that you can easily cover whenever you want to. This design allows you to do that since it’s so small. You can even downsize it if you want to.

20. Uno sciame di farfalle

Credito: trujiarte

Se uno farfalla doesn’t seem enough for you, you can always opt for a tattoo that consists of a number of these flying insects. Three butterflies sound like a good choice, but you can always opt for a number that feels comfortable to you. Also, we love this color combination but again, you can adjust it to your liking.