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20 idee di tatuaggio del faro di qualità superiore che illuminano la pelle

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If you choose to get a lighthouse tattoo, it will become your symbol of guidance and overcoming life challenges. It will be there to help you make important decisions by constantly reminding you of the path you’ve chosen to take.

A tattoo such as this one can definitely light up not just your skin but also your life. So, to help you achieve that, we’ve selected some of the designs we like the most hoping you’ll find inspiration in them.

1. Faro realistico

Credito: delamartattoo

If realistic tattoos are your jam then this is an idea you may fall in love with. It’s a smaller lighthouse tattoo but still, it has all the details that portray the wanted scenery in the best way possible.

2. Pezzo audace e scenografico

Credito: grxsy

Lighthouses are usually surrounded by wild nature, rocks and waves. Well, this design envisions that perfectly and is a great option if you’re looking for a slightly bigger and more impressive piece of skin art.

3. Faro in stile tradizionale

Credito: brycecottontattoos

Are you into traditional-style tattoos that actually look like tattoos? Then this is the solution you need. With a simple black and gray technique and floral elements which are typical for this style, you’re going to get a tattoo that ticks all the boxes.

4. Faro a linee sottili

Credito: troppe_tattiche

On the other hand, if you prefer subtle tattoos that rely on the usage of thin lines and a slight amount of shading, then this design is the way to go. It has the vibe you’re looking for but it doesn’t sacrifice your preferred meaning.

5. Faro rosso e bianco

Credito: k.tbell

We’re sure that an image such as this one comes to your mind when you think of a lighthouse. Traditional white and red lines are meant to warn the sailors that the shore is near and guide them safely along the coast. In the same way, this tattoo is there to guide you through life.

6. Piccolo faro

Credito: cbabiano

Here we have another black and gray option but this time, we’re talking about a smaller tattoo that could fit even on your wrist. Once you get it done, you’ll feel like it was always meant to belong on your skin.

7. Piccolo faro

Credito: ink_wench

Quando i tatuaggi semplici sono ancora molto più complicati di quanto si desideri, allora un disegno minimalista come questo è la strada da percorrere. Alcune linee saranno sufficienti per ottenere il tatuaggio del faro dei vostri sogni.

8. Faro in stile schizzo

Credito: martinkellytattoo

When it comes to tattooing, the possibilities are endless which means that you can always find the style that fits your aesthetics. If you’re into tattoos that look like sketches then this is an idea you should consider.

9. In piedi, a testa alta


We love this tattoo because it’s a perfect combination of realism and cartoon-style elements. The waves and the clouds don’t feel real at all but then you look at the lighthouse which gives completely opposite vibes.

10. Faro in stile Blackwork

Credito: drogato

You can get a smaller tattoo and still make sure it’s noticeable on the skin. The easiest way to do that is to opt for the lavoro nero style which relies only on the usage of black ink. Just like that, you’ll have a tiny piece of art that everyone will notice.

11. Faro minimalista

Credito: vlinki_

Here we have another toned-down version of a lighthouse tattoo that won’t be too much to look at. It’s perfect for all of you who don’t like complicated and overly impressive designs.

12. Faro abbandonato

Credito: 5tinyknives

Maybe you’re going to fall in love with the idea of getting an abandoned lighthouse. In that case, this is a cool design that may be everything you’re looking for.

13. La parte superiore del faro

Credito: mauds.canvas

The thing with tattoos is that you can get creative and opt for anything you want. That being said, you can choose to ink only the top part of the lighthouse and that way, achieve the meaning you’re looking for.

14. Tatuaggio in stile nautico

Credito: tatuatore_fini

Questo tatuaggio dà un vero e proprio nautico feel and combines different elements that are typical for this style. It’s a great idea if you want the lighthouse to represent more than just a way to guide you through life.

15. Tatuaggio commemorativo del faro

Credito: hollywood_inks

Your lighthouse tattoo could also serve as a way to honor someone special from your life. If that’s your goal then this is how you can achieve it.

16. Faro dalle linee pulite

Credito: henriq.gomes

A combination of neat organic lines of the waves that contrast the sharp edges of the lighthouse was enough to make us fall in love with this tattoo. It’s so simple but impressive at the same time.

17. Raggiante di luci


This lighthouse is beaming with lights, doing its main job of allowing you a safe sea ride. Now, that’s the literal meaning of this tattoo but you can always make it more personal and allow it to tell your own story.

18. Piccolo tatuaggio colorato

Credito: lucatestadiferro

For a touch of color, we recommend going with a design such as this one. It’s not overly complicated and doesn’t take up too much space on the skin. However, it does a great job of giving you a vibrant piece of art.

19. Faro imponente

Credito: invernohalo

Now, this tattoo is bold, daring, and impressive. It definitely won’t be for everyone but if your life motto is to go big or go home then we’re sure that you’re going to love this idea.

20. Faro colorato

Credito: tatuaggi di rana

Last but not least, we have one more colorful option perfect for all of you who are in love with vibrant tattoos. We’re sure that people will ask you a ton of questions about your new tat because it’s impossible not to notice it.