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21 incredibili idee di tatuaggi trappola per il tuo prossimo inchiostro

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Looking for the perfect tattoo placement? Trap tattoos might not be all the rage these days, but they’re a great way for you to work with your tattoo artist, express your creativity, and use the curvature of your body to your own advantage. Trap tattoos are wearable and versatile, and that’s why we’re bringing you a few of our favorite trap tattoo ideas for your next ink.

What are trap tattoos, anyway? Shoulder, back, and neck tattoos can all be called trap tattoos because they’re placed around the area of a diamond-shaped band of muscles which happen to be named trap or trapezoid muscles. So, whether you’re looking for an elaborate back piece or a smaller, simpler back-of-the-neck inking, trap tattoos might be exactly what you’re looking for.

1. An ornamental trap tattoo

Credito: @lennblacklotus

Ornamental tattoos are decorative rather than functional or meaningful, but they’re quite a common tattoo motif for trap tattoos. They allow you to work with your body, place different ornaments alongside your shoulders, neck, and back, and come up with a design that looks and feels great.

2. A tiny trap tattoo

Credito: @ephemeraltattoo.artists

While trap tattoos do typically stretch across upper, middle, and lower trap muscles, there’s no rule saying that you can’t play with smaller, simpler designs somewhere around that area. A linework tattoo, for example, can be quite modern and minimalist and make you feel like you’re rocking a rad trap tattoo.

3. A minimalist tattoo on the upper trap

Credito: @mikel_ink_

With minimalist tattoos, you get to choose whichever placement works for you. Whether you opt for upper, middle, or lower trap muscles, you can get away with a smaller design that means something to you. A leaf tattoo, for example, represents different stages of life, your love of nature, and your strength to overcome anything life throws at you.

4. A maximalist tattoo on the middle and lower trap

Credito: @becca_tattoo

A maximalist tattoo, on the other hand, might require you and your tattoo artist to work on a bigger part of your body. After all, trap tattoos typically stretch across the entire upper back, neck, and shoulders, and that’s why they’re the perfect placement for a statement floral design.

5. A fine-line ornamental tattoo on the middle and lower trap

Credito: @sera.sacli

Ornamental tattoos are always a great way for you to cover your trap muscles without going all out (a.k.a. opting for a blackwork tattoo). An ornamental tattoo can consist of flowers, leaves, and similar elements that mean something to you, too.

6. An ornamental tattoo on the upper, middle, and lower trap

Credito: @casablum_

What about an ornamental tattoo that consists of dots and tiny ornaments? When you’re not the biggest fan of flowers, leaves, and similar elements, you can always find a tattoo artist who specializes in dotwork tattoos or tattoos made of dots. With a dot here and there, you can come up with the most strikingly beautiful trap tattoos out there.

7. A fallen angel tattoo on the upper trap and head

Credito. @exclusive_blckart

Ornamental tattoos aren’t the only ones attracting the attention of first-timers and seasoned tattoo-getters. With trap tattoos, you’re free to come up with whatever tattoo design and style works for you, and that’s what makes these types of tattoos super special. A fallen angel tattoo, for example, represents your loss of innocence, your battle with addiction, or even your triumph over something negative in your life.

8. A mockingbird tattoo on the middle and lower trap

Credito: @ek.tattoos

A mockingbird tattoo represents purity, beauty, and peace. Moreover, mockingbirds are seen as symbols of intelligence, innocence, and the power that comes with allowing your voice to be heard. A mockingbird tattoo on your trap muscles might be exactly what you’re looking for!

9. A crabapple wreath on the upper and middle trap

Credito: @rachel__finelli

Wreath tattoos that wrap around your shoulders and go over your upper back might be the perfect tattoo motif for trap tattoos. A crabapple tattoo, like the one in the picture, can bring luck and protection to the person wearing it.

10. A dandelion wreath trap tattoo

Credito: @rachel__finelli

A dandelion tattoo, on the other hand, can represent freedom, transformation, and the ability to let go of everything that’s holding you back. With a trap tattoo of a dandelion, you can remind yourself of your strength and resilience.

11. A floral trap tattoo

Credito: @sarahcoopertattoo

What about a floral trap tattoo? Floral tattoos are awesome because they can represent a myriad of meanings, depending on the style of the tattoo or the type of flowers you opt for. Floral tattoos typically represent romantic love, friendships, and even family history.

12. A trap tattoo of a dragon with flowers

Credito: @kyla_rose_tattoo

If you’re looking for bigger, bolder trap tattoo ideas, you can play with elements such as dragons, snakes, and mythical beasts, too! A dragon tattoo surrounded by flowers, for example, can represent your power, progress, and passion for life.

13. A Luna moth trap tattoo


Moths represent transformation and change, and they’re a popular tattoo motif regardless of the placement. A trap tattoo of a Luna moth, for example, can represent all the positive changes you went through or the hardships you had to endure to get where you are right now.

14. A trap tattoo of a rose and a snake

Credito: @becca_tattoo

A snake wrapped around a rose might be one of the most prominent tattoo motifs out there! It represents many things, from life and death to love and hate. It can represent anything that reminds you of what you’ve been through and what you’ve accomplished.

15. A tiny ornamental trap tattoo

Credito: @relodipokes

If you’re not the biggest fan of bold tattoos, you can opt for a tiny ornamental trap tattoo and call it a day! Whether you place it on your upper, middle, or lower trap muscles, it’s guaranteed to make a splash.

16. A dotwork trap tattoo

Credito: @lauren.ansbro.tattoos

We can’t forget about dotwork tattoos! Dotwork tattoos are created by inking a series of dots that come together to create the desired image. Depending on the type of tattoo, dotwork tattoos are lighter, simpler, and more subtle than regular tattoos, which might be something you’re on the hunt for, too. 

17. A geometric trap tattoo

Credito: @katiemizuno

What about a geometric tattoo? Similarly to ornamental tattoos, geometric tattoos are purely decorative and they’re a great way to cover your trap muscles with elegance and ease.

18. A celestial trap tattoo


Celestial tattoos carry many meanings, though. With a tattoo of the sun, the moon, and the stars, you can remind yourself of how hardworking you are and how devoted to every cause you are. Work with your tattoo artist, check out our trap tattoo ideas, and come up with something that works for you.

19. A sun and moon trap tattoo

Credito: @inkbymik

A sun and moon tattoo represents the perfect balance between the opposites. Whether we’re talking about good and bad, light and dark, or something completely different, a sun and moon tattoo on your trap muscles can create the perfect harmony you crave in your life.

20. A Cybersigilism trap tattoo

Credito: @chevelletattoos

If you’re a fan of Y2K trends, you might be interested in getting a Cybersigilism trap tattoo. A Cybersigilism tattoo refers to a style that uses technology, mysticism, and symbols to make creative and unique designs. 

21. A sketch work trap tattoo

Credito: @to_apolly0n_

We’re ending the article with a sketchwork tattoo! If you’re a fan of unfinished tattoos,  rough, loose, and unrefined lines, and an organic design, you might be interested in getting a sketchwork trap tattoo.