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20 Lion Tattoo Ideas To Remind Yourself How Strong You Are

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Lions are fierce animals and we usually refer to them as the kings of the jungle. They symbolize strength, courage, and protectiveness which is probably why people often choose to engrave them on their skin. Do you consider getting a lion tattoo as well but you’re torn between choosing a perfect design? We’ve got you covered!

Maybe you adore lions because of their bravery. Maybe they inspire you because they put their family first and won’t let anyone harm them. Honestly, there are many reasons why these animals are loved by people.

Your new lion tattoo can represent literally anything you want. It will rest on your skin forever and tell your story to the world.

But the real issue with tattoos is finding a design that speaks to your heart. You’ve probably seen a ton of options and honestly, you like a majority of them. But you’re not really sure if you can commit to any of them. Will you regret your decision once it’s too late?

The thing is that you must choose something that feels right; something that will speak for you. And to make the choosing process easier, we’ve made a list of ideas that we love. Hopefully, you’ll find something that feels like it belongs on your skin.

Lion tattoo ideas: black and gray style

Credit: fuhrichtattoo

Do you like black and gray tattoos? Are you a fan of a realistic style? This small but detailed lion head could be a perfect choice for you. The lion’s strength radiates from his eyes which is another great thing about this tattoo.


This fine-line lion tattoo is a great choice for all of you who are obsessed with symmetry. We’re sure it’s going to fit onto your arm like it was made for it. Or, you can place it on any other part of your body since this design is easily adjustable.

Credit: josue_la_tattoos

Do you wish to get a tattoo of a lion as a symbol of the importance of family? In that case, this is exactly what you’re looking for. A father lion protectively guarding his young is the cutest thing ever.

Credit: vktattoo_

This tattoo mixes two completely different styles but the end result is more than great. If you’re looking for something unusual, this may be your dream tattoo.

Credit: gonzalotattoo

Honestly, lions seem to look best when done in a realistic style. That way, their whole personality comes to life. This tattoo is meant for those of you who aren’t afraid of big and bold designs. If you’re feeling brave like a lion, then maybe you should choose this one.

Credit: dyannai_verbon

What’s one thing you love about lions? If you didn’t say “eyes” then think again. Their eyes seem to tell a story, and this tattoo portrays that beautifully. Even though you don’t see the whole face of a lion, you can still sense his personality through these simple details.

Credit: ikova_ink

What about a girl lion? Even though lion tattoos usually have a more masculine vibe, this feminine design is there to show you that you can be as creative as you want with your new tattoo.

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Credit: vinokurovtattoo

Are you looking to combine different tattoo styles? In this case, a realistic lion is a focal point while the mandala design surrounds it perfectly. In the end, you get a beautiful design which is one of a kind.

Credit: rhi_tattoo

Do you want to tattoo a lion onto your body but you hate the idea of bold and over-the-top designs that you’ve been seeing everywhere? We have something for you then. This tattoo is so simple and sleek, but at the same time, it has the meaning you’re looking for.

Credit: shu_tattooart

Are you a huge fan of art? Would you like to make your lion tattoo seem like an artistic piece? This statue of the animal king could be your cup of tea then.

Credit: tattoores

This is another toned-down lion tattoo. A combination of a sunflower and a roaring lion could be exactly what you’ve been looking for this whole time.

Lion tattoo ideas with a touch of color

Credit: miguelameliach

The majority of the lion tattoos seem to be black and gray. If you’re a fan of colors, this watercolor design is a great choice when you’re looking for something bright and bold.

Credit: juttyrotten

What about a roaring lion spreading all over your chest? It’s definitely different and meant only for the brave ones.

Credit: natecordertattoo

Do you love the traditional tattoo style and the way it combines colors with thicker lines? This design also combines a traditional rose flower with a fierce lion, so you should definitely give it a go if that’s something you like.

Credit: dakotaherman

Here we have another traditional tattoo but this one is slightly smaller than the previous one. However, it’s equally captivating with its precise line work.


What about a neotraditional tattoo? If you’re looking for something bright and daring, this lion with a crown is going to keep on reminding you of your strength day after day.

Credit: juliankelleytattoo

Here we have another watercolor-style tattoo but the great thing about it is that the shape of a lion’s head is achieved through the usage of different colors. So, we could say that it’s a bit more abstract since there are not many exact lines.

Credit: celsus_tattoo

This tattoo is almost identical in style to the previous one, but it’s smaller and a bit more toned down. We had to add it to the list since we wanted to show you how you can adjust any tattoo to your liking and make it more suitable for your aesthetic.


Black ink is the main color that dominates this design. But, the pop of color is achieved through green leaves and splashes of blue. In the end, you get a feeling that your lion is watching you straight from his natural habitat.

Credit: marta_atzeni_tattoo

Simba is probably one of the most popular lions out there. If you’re a fan of The Lion King or if you love Simba’s adventurous personality, then you’re going to love this tattoo. It’s fun and it will serve as a reminder that persistence is the key to life.