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25 Microphone Tattoo Ideas If You Want Your Voice To Be Heard

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A microphone tattoo is an ode to your musical talent! It’s a reminder that you’ve got a gift that’s worth sharing with others.

This tattoo is one of those things that people get done once they understand that this is a special part of their lives and that they want to commemorate that for all eternity.

Nowadays, getting a microphone tattooed on your skin isn’t just about singing. Some people even get it done when they’ve made a career on a radio station or podcast. Either way, there’s a story to be told!

If you want your beautiful tattoo to be an ode to your dream of having a voice that’s heard throughout the entire world, then we have some examples ready for you.

Microphone tattoo with color

Source: @antonelloleuti

A microphone tattoo can be done in black and gray, but even then, you can add whatever color you’d like to your design. For example, this tattoo has these beautiful orange flowers surrounding it. Even though the mic is done in such a traditional design, there are still so many details incorporated into it, that make this look quite realistic.

Source: @byrnie84

If you don’t want any bright colors, then it’s best if you choose some very light shades of purple and blue to compliment the rest of your tattoo. Just like these gorgeous flowers! The colors create a wonderful contrast to the rest of the tattoo.

Source: @tattoosbypat

As stated before, if you’re hosting a radio station or a podcast, you probably want something that reminds you of that. This tattoo would be the perfect option for you! The orange circle around the tattoo looks like an actual light because of the added white in the middle of the circle.

Source: @stanleychen_tattoo

This is quite a groovy tattoo. With all the colors that are incorporated into this tattoo, it’s easy to lose yourself in the amount of saturation. However, the stand is made out of the neck of a violin – which is unique in itself!

Source: @inktastic_tattoo

This microphone tattoo is so simple, yet it has a lot of personality. The whole background is orange, which means that it’ll have a perfect contrast to the black and gray shading of the mic. The little lights that are peeking through the mic are also a wonderful detail.

Source: @kristaltattoos

This abstract, yet realistic, mic tattoo is such a bombastic idea. The mic looks like it’s actually reflecting light, and the lines underneath it look like the sound is traveling all around. It’s amazing and the colors are perfectly saturated.

Source: @andrea_kroki

If you want something that looks a little more funky, then this may be the option for you. This style of tattooing is often referred to as watercolor because the colors look watered down. It also has some elements of trash polka.

Source: @fabiobonanseatattooer

This tattoo doesn’t have a lot of colors incorporated into it, aside from all the shading that’s done in blue and red. So, if you choose this style, then you’ll have subtle hints of wonderful colors.

Source: @az_tattooer

Or, you don’t have to have anything more than one shade of one color. This microphone tattoo is much more modern than the previous ones. The mic and its cable are done in black and gray, but the small amount of red in the background makes quite a difference.

Source: @darciekaportattoo

Are you looking for something more playful? How about a childish tattoo with many details, like the notes, the stars, and even the little polka dots in the background? These colors are so bright and happy that you’ll experience joy, every time you see them.

Traditional microphone tattoo

Source: @ren.m.tattoos

Traditional tattoos are not losing any popularity. I mean, you can get whatever you want and make it look like an old biker is wearing that tattoo. This microphone tattoo is quite simple, but the big yellow rose creates a gorgeous contrast. Even the red ink that’s peeking through from the background is an amazing detail.

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Source: @jehfsorpressa

Traditional tattoos are well known for the flames that are usually incorporated into everything. So, when you add this style of flame to your tattoo, it’s obvious that you’re burning with the love for music.


If you want to elevate your simple mic tattoo and make it look even more traditional, then adding these little flowers around it will make a huge difference.

Black and gray microphone tattoos

Source: @vrodtattoos

Sometimes, the best tattoos are the simplest tattoos. You don’t have to make a huge fuss about it to make it look gorgeous. I mean, look at this black and gray microphone tattoo! It has all the shading needed to make it look realistic.

Source: @thisismariia

However, if you want to add some details that aren’t too obvious to your tattoo, then this is the way to go. This is still a simple black and gray tattoo, but the flowers and the lines behind it really make a huge difference.

Microphone tattoos with other musical details

Source: @bartman_iac

For lovers of music, sometimes, it’s simply not enough to just do a microphone tattoo. I mean, yes, the mic is an important and recognizable part of the industry, but other images should be included. Just like in this example! All the notes, and the piano behind it, really add even more personality to the whole thing.

Source: @genuine_inks

This mic is overflowing with notes! And even the squiggly lines surrounding it make it look like there’s energy radiating from it. We love to see this amount of detail in such a meaningful tattoo.

Source: @liluniverse

The microphone looks like it’s blooming out of this rose tattoo! Even the notes that are flowing behind it give this tattoo a very flowy feeling. The rose is done in quite a traditional way, while the mic has many details incorporated into it.

Source: @glory_art9_studio_tattoo

You know, just as well as everyone else, that sometimes the best tattoos are the simplest ones. Just like this one! The black and gray shading is done perfectly. You can even see little specks of white ink that look like light is hitting them.

Source: @barbarabuchignani

Go big, or go home! A half-sleeve tattoo gives you many options to incorporate everything that you desire and still have all the details visible. The music sheets on top are a wonderful detail that you don’t see quite often, the piano says a lot about the musical orientation, but the mic is still the main star of the show.

Unique microphone tattoo ideas

Source: @lastmanink

Some people are interested in something unique and authentic. Just like this tattoo! The mic has rings around it, just like Saturn, that could represent that your entire world is revolving around music. It looks quite retro.

Source: @tatoueursdf

A small microphone tattoo can tell the story of your life. Do you feel like you’re bound by music? Then adding a little handcuff at the other end instead of a cord is really meaningful.

Source: @rebeccayeats_tattoos

You can have a small and meaningful tattoo that’s still unique. The rose that’s on this mic stand looks like it’s growing out of the cables. The red ink is a wonderful contrast to the black line-work.

Source: @yxtatt

If you’re more into geometrical shapes, then you may want this tattoo. This cyber-inspired tattoo shows the mic is coming together in a very magical way. The surrounding lines give it a geometrical feeling without adding too much weight to the design.


Dainty line-work is one of those styles that are feminine and simple. This is an infinity line because there’s no place where the line is breaking off. It’s all one continuous line. It’s simple and sweet, but the meaning is still authentic.