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20 No Love Tattoo Ideas To Mark All The Heartbreaks

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A “no love” tattoo is a great way to show the world that you’re single and not ready to mingle. It can also mean that your heart has been broken many times before and that you’re emotionally unavailable from now on.

Honestly, you can give it any meaning you want which is one of the things we love about tattoos. Even if two people were to opt for the same design, the stories behind them would never be the same.

Now, “no love” tattoos are usually simple and they’re all about playing with different fonts. If it’s your cup of tea, you can opt for a big and bold tattoo, but in that case, it deserves to have a special place on your body.

So, what are some cool spots for your new tattoo? And what design would work wonders on that part of your body? Let’s find out.

Where to place your new “No Love” tattoo?

Even though a tattoo placement is completely up to you and you can choose literally any place on your body that you like, there are still some spots that work well with certain designs. When it comes to the “no love” tattoo, some spots are more common than others.

That being said, a great position for this tattoo would be your arm (including your hand). You should also consider getting it on your leg.

If you would like to opt for someplace different, think about your chest, neck, lower back, your stomach, or even the area behind your ear. These body positions aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and some of you may not like them (usually, because getting a tattoo there could be more painful).

But first, take a look at the way your tattoo could look and then give your honest opinion. Maybe you’re going to change your mind.


Credit: twontattoo

You can always combine “no love” statements with the classic rose if you’re looking for something that will grab the attention of others. Even though we’re talking about black and gray tattoo, it still has all it takes to be a real star on your body.

Credit: filippo__black

This is a cool design for your arm. We’re talking about a graffiti style so if you’re a big fan of it, you’re going to love this tattoo idea.

Credit: flavianart__tattoo

Are you looking for something simple? Well, it doesn’t get any simpler than this font. However, it’s still going to have the same meaning as some of the bolder designs.

Credit: filippo__black

If your heart has been broken many times then you’re familiar with the pain of it. Sometimes, it feels poisonous like a bite of a scorpion. This is a great way to turn your emotions into a tattoo.

Credit: patrickdillinger

When you’re so sick of love, you may want to get the “no love” statement tattooed. But if that doesn’t seem enough, you can also add the abbreviation to intensify the message you’re trying to convey.

Credit: aandreatattoo

At first, people will assume that your tattoo is a romantic message. But once they read it, they will realize what’s actually hiding behind it. Combining this font with the “no love” statement may seem unusual but it will definitely become your conversation starter as everyone will want to know why you decided to get this tattoo.


Credit: morbhtattoos

Your hand is a great spot for a “no love” tattoo and honestly, we love this design. It’s simple but at the same time, so powerful and meaningful.

Credit: nightowlant

Sketch-style tattoos may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like them then this could be a great option.

Credit: blackpoketattoo

Your palm is another great spot for a “no love” tattoo. It’s definitely not for everyone but at the same time, everyone will be obsessed with it.


Credit: filippo__black

Are you looking for something bigger? Something eccentric and cool? Consider this design since it has all it takes to become your new favorite tattoo.

Credit: willber_villa

This is another amazing option for your chest, but this time, we’re talking about something a bit smaller than the previous design.

Lower back

Credit: ale10_tattooartist

The contrast between black and red ink is going to look impressive on your lower back. This will be the coolest tattoo on the beach, that’s for sure.


Credit: blackblood_studiotattoo

Your neck is another great spot for this tattoo. Plus, it’s going to look amazing once you put your hair up in a bun.

Behind the ear

Credit: lyzatattz

The area behind the ear will always be a perfect spot for small tattoos. A great thing about this part of your body is that you can easily choose to hide your tattoo whenever you feel like it. Just wear your hair down and you’re good to go.


Credit: shantattoo._

Have you ever considered getting a tattoo on your stomach? If this idea has been on your mind for a while, now is a great time to do it. The “no love” statement is exactly what you need to decorate this part of your body.


Credit: fknphillip

You gotta admit that this is one cool design. A baby angel carrying a gun with the words “no love” surrounding it sounds like something you’ve never seen before.

Credit: fabio_penna_tattooer

What about bold, graphic letters saying “no love”? Again, this is something simple but meaningful and it has a chance of becoming one of your favorite tattoos.

Credit: d_inkhead_

Even though this design uses almost the same font as the previous one, it still looks somehow more unique. There’s just something about it that makes this tattoo stand out.

Credit: bruno_tattooer_

“No love” statement burning in flames is something you can consider engraving on your body. The great thing about this design is that you can use the colors you like and make it as bold as you want to. Make it truly yours by adding all the details you love.

Credit: tattooskull86

If you ask us, this is one of the prettiest tattoos on the list. A wired heart filled with the words “no love” is definitely something you should consider. It’s perfectly symmetrical which is something all those perfectionists out there will appreciate.