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30 Penguin Tattoo Ideas That Are Unusually Adorable

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Penguins are cute and wobbly animals that are unique due to the fact that they have wings but can’t fly. That’s one of the proofs of how adaptable and determined they actually are. It’s no surprise that you want to get a penguin tattoo that’s going to remind you of everything you’re capable of, even when all the odds are against you.

Some people believe that penguins also symbolize family, commitment, and determination. Due to the fact that they only have one partner throughout their whole life, these birds can serve as symbols of true love. For that reason, many couples choose to get matching penguin tattoos as proof of their commitment to each other.

Now, it doesn’t really matter if you choose to ink this adorable animal onto your skin because of what it represents or simply because you’re in love with its personality. The thing is that you’ll have to come up with a design that speaks to your heart.

To make that search easier, we’ve come up with 30 ideas to inspire you. Are you looking for a black and gray tattoo or would you rather like something more colorful? We’ve gathered different designs all in one spot so it’s easier for you to make a decision.

Simple black and gray penguin tattoos


If you’re a fan of realistic tattoos, you’re going to love this one. It can’t get any better than two adorable penguins cuddling.

Credit: miriama.tattooart

Here we have another realistic black and gray tattoo that’s going to impress you. It actually feels like you’re looking at a real animal, and not a decoration on the skin.

Credit: lisatorrigliani.tattooartist

Penguins are community-oriented animals. So, if you’re looking for something to celebrate your friends or family, this is a good option.

Credit: kristinpie_tattoo

Besides their determination, these animals always look like they’re having the times of their lives. If you want to celebrate your own relaxed attitude toward life then this tattoo will be a great way to do that.

Credit: lucky_13_tattoo

When you’re looking to get a tattoo for that special someone, this is a design for you. Romantic and meaningful – what more could you ask for?


This fine-line tattoo is simple, but you gotta admit that it’s also cute at the same time. It’s a great option when you’re not looking for something big and bold.

Credit: violetteviette

This is a perfect tattoo when you want to celebrate those who mean the most to you – your family!

Credit: ramo_tattoo

A gentleman penguin all dressed up and ready for a date? Sounds like a fun and adorable tattoo idea.

Colorful penguin tattoo ideas

Credit: sun_t_tt

When you’re looking to add a bit of color to your tattoo, this is a good way to do that.

Credit: industrialsting

Do you want a tattoo that’s different and bigger from the usual penguin tattoos? This one can serve you as an inspiration. Or, you can simply get the same one. It’s up to you.

Credit: gamzekutuktattoo

How to make any simple tattoo stand out? Add some color to it!

Credit: frankingstyle_tattoos

This realistic penguin looks like it’s running straight into your arms. If its eyes could talk, they would tell a whole lot of amazing stories.

Credit: curledvurptattoo

This penguin is carrying an important message in its love letter. So, it’s a great idea when you’re looking for a tattoo that will symbolize your love for that special someone.

Credit: siknaktattoo

If you’re looking to get a fun tattoo, look no further. A fierce and angry penguin is a unique way to celebrate the love and appreciation you feel for these animals.

Credit: ashleyarsonart

Colorful tattoos may not be for everyone but they’re definitely pieces of art that stand out on your skin. This tattoo design is a great way to celebrate the love you feel for your child.

Credit: tatu.chuy

We can’t get enough of this combination of gradient colors and geometrical shapes. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the love between two different personalities who get along like peanut butter and jelly, then this could be the way to go.

Credit: teeganhalstead_tattoo

Traditional tattoos may not be as popular as they used to be. But if you’re a fan of this style, then this colorful snowglobe tattoo offers you everything you love.

Credit: kirsten_berg_tattoo

This tattoo can also serve as a symbol of love. Its linear design combined with watercolor details will definitely get people complimenting your tattoo artist.

Credit: graveyard__ink

A watercolor technique is a great way to add some color to any tattoo design. It brings life to tattoos and makes them unique and different.

Cartoon-like penguin tattoos

Credit: jayslaventattoos

We adore this adorable penguin who looks like it came straight from a cartoon. If you love this tattoo style, then you’re going to appreciate this one as well.

Credit: havelitattoo

When you’re a huge fan of cartoon-style tattoos but still want to get something black and gray, this adorable penguin playing with a birdie is a great option for you. Just look at it!

Credit: misskittytat2

We’re getting tired of using the word “adorable” to describe these tattoos but we can’t do much about it. This female penguin can’t be better described through any other adjective, and we’re sure you agree with that.

Credit: yozi_poke

This penguin doesn’t want to catch a cold. It’s a simple and fun tattoo design that’s going to become your favorite conversation starter.

Credit: pemynism

Who said that penguins don’t like ice creams? They should enjoy the summer months the same way we do, right? Again, this is a fun tattoo that people will want to find out more about.

Credit: jin051jin

“Just look at me! I’m so pretty.” If you’re into quirky tattoo designs then this could be a good choice for your new tattoo.

Credit: pemynism

Cartoon-style tattoos are usually fun and humoristic. This penguin who decided to go into space is definitely going to make you laugh every time you’re having a bad day.

Matching penguin tattoos

Credit: alejasepulvedatattoo

As we’ve already mentioned, penguins are committed animals who spend their whole lives with one partner. So, they’re a great option if you’re looking into matching tattoos. Mrs. Penguin for him and Mr. Penguin for her. Isn’t it adorable?

Credit: evolution_wittingen

If you and your partner are more into realistic, black, and gray tattoos, then check this one out. This tattoo can serve as a promise that you’re going to grow old together.

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Credit: mollyemrick

“You’re still going to be my favorite penguin even when you’re all wrinkly and your feathers turn gray.” This is another wonderful option for couples.

Credit: richierichtattoos

Is there anything cuter than these two chubby penguins that represent all the love two people can feel for each other? We would say that this one is a winner when you’re looking for something lovey-dovey and romantic.