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Gotta Catch Them All! 26 Pokémon Tattoos For Your Inner Child

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Did you ever think about making your inner child happy with Pokémon Tattoos? It’s one of those things that will always stick with you, just like the memories that you have with this anime.

You can find a lot of meaning in tattoos like these. They aren’t just an ode to happiness and days when things were much easier, but they’re also a representation of the way we evolve through the years. Just like Pokémon, a person evolves through different stages in life and we become stronger.

That’s why your tattoo should reflect the way that life is preparing obstacles for us to become bigger, better, and stronger. I hope you’ll find the inspiration you need for your next tattoo appointment.

Full-color Pokémon tattoos

Source: @danmcwilliamsart

Charmander is one of the most adorable Pokémon. Also, when we’re talking about Pokémon Tattoos, the most intriguing ones are the ones done in full color. That’s why this Charmander tattoo should inspire your design! I mean, just look at that saturation of colors, the shading, and the design itself! It’s perfect.

Source: @dannyelliott_ink

Charmander wearing a Charmander hoodie? And little shoes? If that isn’t the epitome of cuteness, then I don’t know what is. He’s even holding a little flame up. And the red shadow in the background just adds another touch to the whole design.

Source: @chibicosori

If you want a Pokémon Tattoos but don’t know what to get, then maybe you’d benefit from something a little more fun. This Pikachu tattoo is absolutely stunning, the colors are perfectly saturated, even the yellow. However, the expression on its face is priceless.

Source: @bam.tattoos

Lapras is one of the most feminine Pokémon that you were able to see throughout the entire anime. This is why, you may want to opt for this Pokémon rather than any else. The pastel colors that were used here are perfectly blended, and even with the saturation, the shading is immaculately done. The transition between colors is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Source: @gazztattoos

We all had a soft spot for Gengar. He was silly, but at the same time, he was quite scary. This tattoo in particular has encompassed all of his traits. The ghostly flames around him are seen in some of the highlights within the tattoo, but the entire tattoo has some very vibrant colors.

Black and gray Pokémon tattoos

Source: @doill_blk

If color isn’t your thing, you can still have a wonderful Pokémon tattoo with just black and gray ink. Here, we have an example of a Mimikyu tattoo. However, we could argue if Mimikyu is even a Pokémon, considering that it’s just a species from Nintendo’s and Game Freak’s Pokémon franchise. Even so, if you want to get this tattooed on your skin, everyone would still know what’s going on.

Source: @blackjota_tattoo

Mewtwo is the strongest Pokémon ever. If you want to show your power and evolution by getting him tattooed, then you’ll have the best tattoo, for sure! This tattoo has very unusual shading, but it’s still solid enough to create depth in the design.


After Mewtwo, let’s give you another legendary Pokémon. Mew is adorable, and the little mandala that he’s sitting on in this particular design is gorgeous. There are many other details, like the bells, the bow, and even some clouds all around him. This Pokémon tattoo is packed with trinkets!

Source: @kenpossibbletattoos

Cubone is another well-loved Pokémon that didn’t get the recognition he deserved during the show. However, that could change if you decide to get this tattoo on your skin! He looks angry, but we all know that he’s adorable.

Source: @marta_atzeni_tattoo

The main character of every episode was Pikachu. He’s one of the most recognizable characters in the world! So, why would you want to go for something else, if the original gangster is right there?! There wasn’t much shading done in this design, which is why the design is so crisp and clean.

Source: @doill_blk

Blastoise is the final evolution of Squirtle. He doesn’t look like the sweet little turtle at all, but rather an angry bigger brother. This tattoo has so many details that it makes the whole thing even look realistic, if I may say that.

Source: @luisdattt

Bulbasaur is one of those Pokémon that everyone adored. I mean, just look at that face! The thickest outlines are around the head and the eyes, however, the rest is mostly done in shades of gray.

Tattoos with multiple Pokémon

Source: @anime.cwb

There were so many trainers that would only look for water Pokémon. Are you one of those? If you’d like to catch all the water Pokémon, then maybe this would be the design for you. The different shades of blue perfectly compliment each other, and the little specks of color here and there tie everything together.

Source: @illustday

If you want your Pokémon tattoo to incorporate more than just one Pokémon, then you can also do that! You don’t have to settle for just one. This example even has 6 of them, with Ash at the very top. Every picture has the perfectly saturated colors that you’re looking for.

Source: @deadpan_anne_tattoo

The most important thing in tattoos like these is to find an artist who’ll have the right idea. I mean, just look at the composition on this tattoo! The Pokémon aren’t getting in the way of one another, the colors are amazing, and every Pokémon has its special moment to shine.

Source: @zzang.ga_tattoo

Pixel art is becoming more popular these days, even though many would disagree on that. Tattoos that are done in this style are usually quite small, as you can see. However, in this design you have the main 4 Pokémon from the bunch, and you can still see all the details perfectly.


This is another piece that was done like pixel art. These Pokémon are quite big, but the art style is the same. The pretty saturation of the colors is what makes everything come together and look like you’re still playing your favorite Nintendo game.

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Unique Pokémon tattoos

Source: @illustday

Nurse Joy deserves a round of applause for always being there when the poor little babies needed her! This is quite a unique tattoo choice because she isn’t something that you’d think of when you think of Pokémon tattoos. What also makes this tattoo so unique are the tattoos on her arms and even on her little helper.

Source: @qiqi_tattoo

Pokémon tattoos aren’t just for guys, they can also be designed for the girly girls. I mean, just look at Raichu! The adorable design really makes your heart flutter, but the small details around him make everything even more special.

Source: @nicolethirdeye

Espeon and Umbreon were quite mystical and magical beings. That’s why they’re such a wonderful idea if you’re into magical beings, and you were inspired by these creatures when you were a kid. They are put into actual frames, as their designs are generally perfect.

Source: @siamesescalante

Psyduck wasn’t a fan favorite, but he’s still cute. Especially if you want a unique Pokémon tattoo, then Psyduck isn’t the first character that anyone would think of. The saturation in this tattoo is immaculate, but the outlines are also crisp and clean.

Source: @matsy__

No one knew too much about Togepi, we just knew that she was a Fairy-type Pokémon and that she was adorable. Putting her between a bunch of fries really would make her smile this brightly! The most impressive thing about this tattoo is the shading. It makes the entire tattoo come to life and it gives the design so much depth.

Source: @baronart_lizzie

Mareep was such a wonderful Pokémon. If you’re looking for Pokémon tattoos, then you don’t have to search any further. The colors are this light because they’re meant to represent the dreaminess of this character.

Source: @ownyoursummer

Wartortle is the first evolution of Squirtle, and he definitely has a lot of potential to become everyone’s favorite Pokémon. As you can see, this tattoo wasn’t done with black and gray ink, but rather with different shades of blue ink.

Source: @fobefalato

Well, you’re looking for unique Pokémon tattoos, so let me give you exactly that. A Pikachu in a Misfits shirt and piercings would be the best option for you. This tattoo looks like something that would’ve been done on a weird gig somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but that’s just the style of the tattoo.

Source: @studio66_lasvegas

The best thing to remember is that you don’t have to do something extremely detailed and big to commemorate your childhood best friends. This is the perfect example of that! This tattoo looks like it was drawn by a toddler, yet the colors are gorgeous, and the silly story is obvious.