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22 Pretty Poppy Flower Tattoos We Can’t Stop Staring At

Flower Tattoos

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” While florals might not be Miranda Priestley’s cup of tea, that doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to experiment with floral tattoos. Floral tattoos are a perfect pick for first-timers because each blossom represents something different. What about poppy flower tattoos?

Poppy flower tattoos are both well-known and obscure. When you decide to get a poppy flower tattoo, chances are that you’re focusing on the meaning behind the ink rather than the ink itself. Poppy flowers represent peace, remembrance, and dreams, as well as passion and passage of time.

Now, tattoos are deeply personal things by nature which means that different flower designs might represent a memory, an experience, or simply a love of the floral aesthetic. Poppy flowers alone come with a million different meanings, depending on the style, color, and design of the tattoo.

With that out of the way, you might want to allow your creativity to bloom and make your poppy flower tattoo totally unique to you. We’re bringing you a few of our favorite poppy flower tattoos, too.

1. A fiery, floral tattoo on the sternum

Credit: @yerae_tt

A tattoo comprised of California poppies, California goldfields, and silver lupines? Absolutely yes! We don’t know what’s more eye-catching and enchanting – the placement of the tattoo, the colors, the composition, or the fact that not everybody gets to see this work of art.

2. A poppy flower tattoo on the ribcage

Credit: @gayagatto

Ribcage tattoos are always a sight for sore eyes, but when you opt for one that’s simple and sleek – you get an elegant addition to your tattoo collection.

3. A collection of red flowers

Credit: @zihong_tattoo

Poppy flower tattoos are all the rage these days, but you might want to enrich your tattoo with a few more flowers. A rose, a camellia, and a poppy might be the perfect match – they’re all red and they’re all meant to signify your strength, power, and resilience.

4. A blue poppy flower tattoo

Credit: @tattooist_iruda

What about a blue poppy? Blue poppy flower tattoos might not be as popular and prominent, but they’re a great way for you to do something different. Opt for a blue poppy flower tattoo to represent your remembrance and sacrifice.

5. A tattoo of poppy flowers and ladybugs

Credit: @madeleine_inked

Poppy tattoos are cute, but there’s a way to make them even cuter. Sprinkle a ladybug or two on top, bottom, or near the flower and you’re going to get a whimsical, magical tattoo.

6. A watercolor poppy flower tattoo


Watercolor tattoos are bold, bright, and beautiful – and they’re not for those who are afraid of drawing attention or standing out. With a watercolor tattoo of a poppy flower bouquet, you’re guaranteed to be the talk of the town.

7. A poppy flower tattoo on the wrist

Credit: @jehlickou

Wrist tattoos are some of our favorites because they’re dainty and delicate without being boring. When you want to add a little something to your everyday look, you might want to opt for a poppy flower tattoo rather than a bracelet.

8. A red ink poppy flower tattoo

Credit: @iren.odynets

Black-and-white tattoos might be the norm, but that doesn’t mean that you’re forced to like them. If you’re a fan of red ink tattoos, you might like this fine-line poppy flower tattoo that looks like it was carved rather than inked. It’s stunning!

9. A single-line poppy flower tattoo

Credit: @unotattoonyc

You can’t go wrong with a single-line tattoo! Whether you’re a modern minimalist who prefers to get tiny tattoos or you don’t want to deal with your boss giving you dirty looks because you decide to get a sleeve, a single-line poppy flower tattoo might be the one for you.

10. A collection of three poppy flowers

Credit: @kumigems

We’re obsessed with these flower collections, that’s for sure! Whether you’re bored by bouquets or you want your poppy flowers to represent something, you might want to opt for a collection of three poppy flowers – each with its own meaning and each devoted to someone special.

11. A tattoo of a poppy flower and a crescent moon

Credit: @bery_forestink

If you’re interested in making your poppy flower tattoo more interesting, you might want to add a little crescent moon into the mix. It might add a new meaning to the tattoo, too – crescent moon tattoos typically represent new beginnings, new phases, and new chapters.

12. A poppy flower tattoo on the back

Credit: @black.seahorses

With a back tattoo, you don’t need to worry about not having enough space to experiment with different styles and designs. Whether you opt for a statement tattoo that stretches across the entire back or a simple, small tattoo that adds a little “oomph” to your back, we’re here to support you.

13. A tattoo of a vine of flowers on the forearm

Credit: @zihong_tattoo

We’re lowkey obsessed with poppy flower tattoos that play with other flowers, too. Add a rose for a dash of elegance or baby’s breath to tie the entire thing together. At the end of the day, floral tattoos are the perfect chance for you to play with different designs.

14. A fine-line tattoo of a bouquet of poppy flowers

Credit: @waldemartattooing

A bouquet of flowers might not be the vibe you were going for, but a fine-line tattoo might make you change your mind. We can’t get enough of how simple and sleek this tattoo looks, and that’s especially important if you’re going for a placement that’s going to be visible – well – to everyone.

15. Matching poppy flower tattoos


We’re suckers for matching tattoos, no matter what the rest of the world says. When you decide to get a matching tattoo with your BFF or your SO, you might want to opt for a poppy flower tattoo.

16. A tiny poppy flower tattoo

Credit: @lagom.tuzla

Tiny tattoos are an excellent way for first-timers to experiment with different styles, colors, and designs. A poppy flower bouquet complete with a drop of color might not be a statement tattoo, but you’re probably going to appreciate the simplicity of the entire process.

17. A poppy flower tattoo on the forearm

Credit: @francielitattooart

We’ve got another fine-line tattoo coming your way! What can we say – fin-line tattoos are making a comeback and we’re more than happy to rave about them. A fine-line tattoo of a poppy flower on your forearm sounds great.

18. A delicate, dainty poppy flower tattoo

Credit: @truecanvas

Delicate and dainty tattoos are typically associated with finger tattoos, tiny tattoos, or even minimalistic tattoos. Depending on your personal preferences, you might like to go a little bigger and bolder without going overboard – and this is exactly how you’re going to achieve that.

19. A simple, sleek poppy flower tattoo on the shoulder

Credit: @gigi_tattooer

Oh, there’s no better way to capture the simplicity of a single flower stem than with a fine-line tattoo. See what we mean?

20. A little poppy flower tattoo

Credit: @vane.tattoo_

Black-and-white tattoos are always going to be the classic, chic route, but that doesn’t mean that colorful tattoos can’t be equally trendy. With a tattoo like the one in the picture, you’re guaranteed to get a million questions about where you got the idea from. Tag us!

21. A realistic poppy flower tattoo

Credit: @max_wood_art

Realistic tattoos require heaps of time, effort, and energy, but they’re worth your while. Rather than going the fine-line route, you might want to “go big or go home” and get a realistic poppy flower tattoo of your dreams.

22. A black-and-white poppy flower tattoo

Credit: @studio_emmanuel_mazzeo

We’ve arrived at the end of the article with another black-and-white tattoo, though. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned tattoo addict, you’re going to enjoy the simplicity of this poppy flower tattoo.