24 Tatuagens de anjo número 777 para trazer boa sorte

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On the hunt for your latest tattoo design? Whether you’re getting a tattoo for the first time ever or coming back to your tattoo artist to complete your tattoo sleeve, we suggest you opt for an angel number tattoo. What’s the tea on the angel number 777 tattoo, anyway?

You’ve probably seen people rocking angel number tattoos before, but you were unaware of the power that comes with a simple numeric sequence. Angel numbers are messages from the Universe, the higher powers, and your guardian angels to give you support, guidance, or a nudge to go in a different direction.

With an angel number tattoo, you can channel your inner strength and respond to your guardian angels. Whether you believe in angel numbers or you simply like the way they look, you can’t deny that they make for great tattoos. Angel number 777 symbolizes good luck and good things coming your way.

You’re probably intrigued by angel numbers, aren’t you? If you’re interested in learning more about angel number 777 tattoos or finding inspiration for your next inking, scroll down for more.

1. A simple 777 tattoo on the arm

Crédito: @yoncaengel

Starting with the simplest 777 tattoo we’ve ever seen, there’s no denying that you can’t go wrong with something subtle and sleek. Whether you’re getting a tattoo for the first time ever or adding another one to a growing collection, you’re going to appreciate the simplicity of the number 777.

2. A 777 tattoo with angel wings

Crédito: @chiman_tattoo_art

Considering the fact that you’re getting an angel number tattoo, you might as well go all out and amplify the meaning of the tattoo with a set of angel wings. Cute as a button, right?

3. A finger tattoo of angel number 777

Crédito: @inkedupstudios

With finger tattoos garnering more and more traction, you might be interested in adding a couple of numbers to your knuckles. A 777 tattoo on your fingers can be a great reminder of what you’re capable of and what you’re willing to do to fulfill your destiny.

4. A tiny 777 tattoo

Crédito: @lobke.ink

If bigger, bolder tattoos aren’t your thing, you might be interested in getting a tiny 777 tattoo. Whether you opt for a fine-line tattoo, a single-needle tattoo, or even a colorful tattoo, you’re guaranteed to walk out of the tattoo parlor with a smile on your face.

5. A 777 sticker sleeve

Crédito: @pulsar.tattoo

Sticker sleeves are becoming everyone’s favorite statement tattoos, and for a good reason, too. With a sticker sleeve, you can work on your collection of tattoos over a period of time without having to stick to a specific theme or fill in the blank spots. What about an angel number-themed sticker sleeve?

6. A 777 tattoo with a cross

Crédito: @rmarkhes.ink

We mentioned beforehand that 777 tattoos typically represent good luck, but we didn’t talk about the fact that they’re oftentimes associated with religious spirituality in Judeo-Christianity. 

With that in mind, the number 777 itself stands for the Holy Trinity and portrays the importance of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. 

7. A 777 tattoo with sparkles

Crédito: @anaguiotto.ink

When you decide to bite the bullet and get a tattoo of an angel number that means something to you, don’t shy away from making the tattoo your own. Play with different styles, symbols, and elements that can make the tattoo look (and feel!) better. A little sparkle goes a long way, after all!

8. A 777 tattoo with butterflies

Crédito: @madrigueraink

Butterflies are always a great way to spice up your number, letter, or word tattoos. Butterflies typically represent transformation, progress, and change, and are seen as a symbol of life’s cycles, hope, and the soul’s rebirth. With an angel number 777, butterflies seem like the perfect pick.

9. A tattoo of angel number 777 with flames and words

Crédito: @czarnacma.ink

Sternum tattoos are quite “saucy,” and you can make them your own by playing with different elements. A 777 tattoo on the sternum sounds great, but the entire design sounds much better when completed with red flames and a mantra that reminds you of who you are and what you’re capable of.

10. A tattoo of angel number 777 on the back of the neck

Crédito: @klizen_

Why complicate the simplest of tattoos, right? When you’re on the market for the perfect 777 tattoo, you might want to experiment with a back-of-the-neck placement. A back-of-the-neck tattoo might be perfect for first-timers, too, because you can choose to show it off or hide it with your hair.

11. A 777 tattoo on the hip

Crédito: @andrewsjar98

A 777 hip tattoo, anyone? A hip tattoo might not be for everyone, but it’s a great way for you to express your creativity without having everyone and their mother comment on it. With a hip tattoo, you’re the one who gets to choose who sees it and who doesn’t.

12. A tattoo of angel number 777 on the front of the neck

Crédito: @kiomaraldana

We certainly can’t say the same thing about a front-of-the-neck tattoo! With a front-of-the-neck tattoo, you commit to having your thoughts and feelings on display 24/7 (unless you’re willing to wear a turtleneck in the middle of the summer!)

With that out of the way, though, front-of-the-neck tattoos are strikingly beautiful!

13. A tattoo of angel number 777 on the side of the fingers

Crédito: @inkby_map

We already talked about finger tattoos, but we focused on knuckles. When choosing the right placement for a finger tattoo, you can opt for the side of your fingers, especially when you’re planning on getting an angel number tattoo. With that placement, you can make your tattoo move and flow with your fingers.

14. A 777 tattoo on the wrist

Crédito: @pelinnsimsek

Wrist tattoos are some of the most popular, prominent tattoo placements out there, especially when we’re talking about smaller, simpler tattoos. Your wrists are almost always on display which means your tattoos might be subject to criticism (and even discrimination!) You might want to think about that.

15. A 777 tattoo on the side of the wrist

Crédito: @99estudi0

With that out of the way, though, wrist tattoos are simply stunning. Whether you opt for a 777 tattoo or a tattoo of a different angel number, you can certainly experiment with different wrist placements and come up with the perfect placement for you.

16. A tattoo of angel number 777 on the upper arm

Crédito: @daniel.nabil_ink

When in doubt, opt for an upper arm tattoo. Upper arm tattoos are classic, elegant, and effortless, and you’re guaranteed to appreciate your choice when you get a tattoo on your sternum, ribcage, or even finger. Upper arm tattoos are known to age better, too.

17. A tattoo of angel number 777 on the shoulder

Crédito: @lefleurtattoo___

Whether you expand your upper arm tattoo onto your shoulder, opt for a back-of-the-shoulder tattoo, or simply stick to your shoulders whenever you have a smaller, simpler design in mind – shoulder tattoos are almost always the right choice. A 777 tattoo on the shoulder sounds wonderful!

18. A tattoo of 777 on the side of the arm

Crédito: @vicotats

We showed you a similar tattoo on the side of the wrist, but we’re bringing you another option to consider. Whether you pair your 777 tattoo with another number, letter, or word, or you decide to leave it alone, a side-of-the-arm tattoo will allow you to do that.

19. A tattoo of 777 on the forearm

Crédito: @inkbydario

With a 777 tattoo on the forearm, you’ll be able to show off your tattoo during the summer and keep it concealed during the winter. We’re big fans of tattoo placements that allow you to do that because you never know how you’re going to feel about your tattoo a couple of years down the line.

20. A 777 sternum tattoo

Crédito: @nina.perges.tattoo

Sternum tattoos are awesome. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced body art enthusiast, you’ve probably thought of getting a sternum tattoo at one point or the other. A 777 sternum tattoo can be a great way for you to celebrate your strength and resilience.

21. A 777 leg tattoo

Crédito: @raybies.ink

After all, leg tattoos are made for bigger, bolder designs that require a little more real estate. When you opt for a 777 leg tattoo, don’t shy away from adding different elements to your tattoo to make it a bit more interesting and intriguing. What about a safety pin, for example?

22. A 777 hand tattoo

Crédito: @hs.tato

A 777 hand tattoo? Absolutely! Angel number tattoos are easy to work with because they typically don’t require too much wiggle room. A 777 tattoo on the hand can be a great reminder of your good fortune, progress, and positive energy.

23. A 777 ribcage tattoo

Crédito: @tattoobychang

A ribcage tattoo might not put a smile on your face, but a 777 tattoo will. When you opt for the ribcage tattoo placement, you’ll want to go for a smaller, simpler design that isn’t going to take too much time, effort, or energy. What better design than a subtle angel number 777?

24. A delicate and dainty 777 tattoo

Crédito: @pariatatt

We’re ending the article with another minimalist tattoo! If you’re a fan of modern minimalism, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and elegance of the 777 tattoo on the upper arm. It’s a great way for you to add to your sticker sleeve or embellish your upper arm with a tiny number tattoo.