21 ideias de tatuagens de caduceu superiores que vai querer tatuar

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You probably consider getting a Caduceus tattoo as a way to honor medicine and the medical profession in general. Even though this is a common misconception since the rod of Asclepius is the actual symbol of medicine, in the USA, things are a bit different.

Whether you wish to get this tattoo in the name of science or because you wish to honor the Greek god Hermes who used to carry this staff, we want to give you some superior design options. We split them into categories, based on the placement on the body so it’s easier to see what the actual tattoo would look like on your skin.

Caduceus tattoos made for your arm

Let’s start with arm tattoos since they’re a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts.

Crédito: spirit.of.salt

Right off the bat, we have an unusual design that plays with ornaments and added elements such as the moon, sun, and the branches of leaves. It’s such an interesting concept for all of you who like to be different.

Crédito: myart_carmen

This is a more classic take on the Caduceus tattoo and a great thing about it is that it’s a bit smaller design which means that it will easily fit on any part of your arm (or potentially even some other part of the body).

Crédito: cediebelly

This design includes the sketch of a heart on the very top of the staff. We also appreciate all the dotwork since it adds to the character of the whole design.

Crédito: livitattoos

People with chronic illnesses such as diabetes often opt for a Caduceus tattoo. This way, they’re sure that the medical personnel will know what to do in case they need some kind of medical attention.

Crédito: highwaters_ink

If you wish to add some other elements to your design, flowers are always a good choice. You can opt for your favorite flowers, add more or less of them, and even choose the color. It’s all up to you.

Crédito: labgirlneo

This is another interesting idea that includes tiny ornaments and certain geometrical shapes. It’s a bit different and maybe a better fit for all of you who like minimalistic tattoos.

Crédito: frank_ifa

We love this design of the Caduceus that turns into a heartbeat. It’s definitely a great choice for medical personnel.

Caduceus tattoos for your back

Your back is an amazing spot for tattoos since it offers so much space. This way, you can easily control the size of your tattoo and adjust it to your liking.

Crédito: tattooist.zink

If you’re a fan of geometrical tattoos, you’ll love this design. It includes different geometrical shapes in the background, adding something different to the regular Caduceus tattoo you’re used to seeing.

Crédito: ng.ringvean

This is one of the possible options for a back tattoo. We love the details and all the shading on this one and you’ll probably feel the same way about it if you love black and gray tattoos.

Crédito: geometrink

If you’re looking for a bigger tattoo but still don’t want to go overboard, this is the perfect size. It’s the traditional Caduceus design that you can’t go wrong with.

Crédito: camitattoo13

For all the lovers of abstract tattoos, this is a great choice for you. A small Caduceus symbol in the middle is intensified through the abstract pattern that surrounds it. This way, you get a much bolder design.

Caduceus tattoos that are perfect for your chest

Your chest is another great spot, no matter if you’re a fan of bigger or smaller tattoos. Here’s what it can all look like.

Crédito: deng.cortez

This design is made for all of you who like to go big or go home. The symbol of Caduceus is surrounded by huge wings that spread all over your chest. It’s an impressive piece that will take a lot of hours to finish, but we’re sure you’ll love the end results.

Crédito: champagne.ink

This is what your tattoo could look like without the added wings. Perfectly placed right in the middle of your chest, you’ll love it for its simplicity and symmetry.

Crédito: gcimarmc

This is a similar version of a previous design but it relies more on the usage of black ink. That way, you get a bolder tattoo that’s sure to stand out.

Crédito: stephenkingart

Of course, you always have the option to get your tattoo on one side of your chest. It will look something like this and potentially, this design may convince you to add some bolts of lightning to your new tattoo.

Caduceus tattoo for the stomach

Crédito: martin_b_ttt

Your stomach is such a delicate spot for a tattoo and because of that, it makes any design look more elegant. We love the way this tattoo turned out because it shows perfectly what you can get if you opt for this placement.

Caduceus tattoos made to fit on the rib

Rib tattoos are getting more and more popular, especially among people who want to have the possibility of hiding their body decoration. If you’re one of them, then consider these options.

Crédito: oaguilarcrafted

Black and gray tattoos will always look amazing thanks to the shading and the highlights that this technique is famous for. We love how neat and crispy this tattoo looks. It’s a dream come true for every tattoo aficionado.

Crédito: inkyourskin_amsterdam

This is a bigger Caduceus tattoo that introduces some unique elements. The cool thing about it is the fact that two serpents actually form a DNA strand. There’s also an added crown at the top of the staff that wraps it all up.

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Crédito: timbecktattoos

We’re aware that the majority of these designs have been colorless which is why we had to add something suitable for all of you who like vibrant tattoos. The shades on this one will definitely make your tattoo pop.

Caduceus tattoos for the leg

At this point, we’re probably talking your ears off but we have to mention that your leg is another great spot for these tattoos. It offers just enough surface for a tattoo artist to lay that stencil perfectly.

Crédito: mumi_ink

Okay, this could be one of our favorite designs ever. We love the combination of golden shades, the highlighted details, and the added flowers that are so delicate, but at the same time, change the overall design of the tattoo. In one word, everything about this design is perfect.

Crédito: marcelowhatever

We come to the end of the article with a classic design that plays with shades of black and gray ink. The highlighted parts are actually just negative spaces that allow the color of the skin to peek through.