Do delicado ao ousado: 21 ideias de tatuagens de dedo bonitas para experimentar

Tatuagens em voga

À procura de ideias de tatuagens de dedo giras para colocar no seu corpo?

With a wide variety of tattoo styles to choose from, you might struggle to decide what’s best for your aesthetic. Finger tattoos might not have been the most mainstream for a while, but we’ve seen them grow in popularity over the past few years. Finger tattoos are able to be inked in almost any style, too, which means you get to choose what works for your own vibe.

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist at heart, don’t be fooled by finger tattoos. We know that they’re typically associated with cute, chic, and feminine styles, but they’re guaranteed to make a statement no matter what you opt for.

Finger tattoos are one of the more painful places to get tatted and that’s why you need to do your research before you bite the bullet. Maybe you’re considering getting a finger tattoo because you’re scared of committing to something bigger and bolder. Maybe you want to get matching finger tattoos with your BFF. Maybe you and your partner decided to get ring finger tattoos in lieu of wedding rings.

Whether you’re a first-timer who’s never set foot in a tattoo shop before or a tattoo addict who can’t help but ink every inch of their body, we’ve got you covered with a few of our favorite cute finger tattoo ideas to get you started.

1. Uma tatuagem minimalista no dedo

Crédito: @orma_tattoo

You can’t go wrong with a minimalist tattoo! When you’re unsure of what to get, a few carefully placed dots and stars can make a world of difference. You can get a few deets on each finger or opt for one that speaks to you the most.

2. Tatuagens com a aliança de casamento a condizer com o seu namorado

Crédito: @salt_inkso

When you want a permanent ode to your devotion to one another, you might decide to get matching tattoos – and these are the perfect choice. Simple and sleek, they’re guaranteed to keep your love safe and sound for eternity.

3. Uma tatuagem floral e fluida no dedo

Crédito: @dita_emtattoo

With this tattoo, you can see the vine flowing down from the wrist to the ring finger, making for the most perfect statement tattoo we’ve ever seen. Who needs a ring when you have a versatile tattoo that goes with everything you own!?

4. Uma tatuagem de dedo com linhas finas

Crédito: @_teclado_por_em

What better way to express your style than with an array of simple, small tattoos scattered across your fingers? We can’t even decide which of the million we love the most!

5. Uma borboleta

Crédito: @suedesilver

Simple, clean lines with a heavy use of negative space will never fail to make for the most mesmerizing tattoos. Whether you go for a butterfly, a little bird, or even a bee, you’re going to attract attention and turn heads.

6. Uma tatuagem colorida e gira no dedo

Crédito: @girls_mini_tattoos

If you’re not the biggest fan of black ink, you might be more intrigued by colorful tattoos. It’s about time you adorned your fingers with the cutest sequence of elements – a flower, dots, a star, and a moon.

7. Uma mini-lua

Crédito: @tatuador_hyuna

Make a small design look simple, smooth, and crips by going for black ink. Black ink tattoos can make a statement, whether they’re dainty or daring. A moon tattoo can carry a myriad of meanings, too, and that’s why it’s one of our faves!

8. Combinar tatuagens hiper-coloridas com a sua melhor amiga

Crédito: @dareumtattoo

A floral wreath around your and your bestie’s fingers? Absolutely! Whether you go for flowers, dots, or even simple lines, you can surprise your best friend with a matching tattoo for her birthday or the anniversary of your friendship.

9. Uma tatuagem de asas nos dedos

Crédito: @aadam_o_artista

Opt for wings on your favorite fingers for a minimalistic but not boring tattoo. Wings carry different meanings, but they’re almost always associated with freedom, dreams, and faith.

10. Uma tatuagem de tinta branca

Crédito: @bom.tattooer

Crescent moons are all the rage these days and that’s why we’re talking your ears with them. Whether you’re not the biggest fan of black ink or you’re on the hunt for something a little different, you might want to go for a white crescent moon on your finger.

11. Uma cruz

Crédito: @sagebeautyaesthetics

Seja qual for o motivo que o levou a uma tatuagem de cruz might be, you can’t go wrong with something so potent and powerful. A cross almost always symbolizes faith, sacrifice, and protection and that’s a great meaning to carry on your body.

12. Iniciais

Crédito: @suedesilver

Letters on fingers? We’ve always been fans of putting your SO’s initials somewhere on your body as an ode to your love story. Whether you decide for your SO’s initials or the initials of someone else close to your heart, don’t be scared to get them tatted.

13. Uma rosa

Crédito: @sydsmithhh

Without a shadow of a doubt, a simple, small rose can be the most mysterious tattoo on your body. When you’re searching for cute finger tattoo ideas, don’t be afraid to experiment with rosas – a rose symbolizes passion, true love, sacrifice, and respect.

14. Uma lua e estrelas

Crédito: @tavi_tattoo

We can’t even picture a more feminine finger tattoo than a tattoo of a moon and start. Opt for as many or as few elements as your heart desires and you’re good to go.

15. Uma pequena tatuagem de coração

Crédito: @suedesilver

Whenever you’re unsure of what tattoo to get, get a tiny heart tattoo on your finger! A heart represents passion, affection, and commitment, and you can dedicate your heart to whomever you want.

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16. Um planeta

Crédito: @keyatattoo

You might swoon over the rest of the finger tattoos in the picture, but we’re obsessed with the little planet. You can dedicate it to someone who means the world to you or have it as a cute little embellishment on your finger.

17. Uma palavra que significa algo para ti

Crédito: @keyatattoo

You can’t go wrong with a word that carries some sort of meaning to you, right? Whether you go with the words “create,” “breathe,” or even “love,” you can count on a cute tattoo that doesn’t require much explaining.

18. Uma espada


With a middle finger like that, nobody’s going to mess with you ever again! A sword typically symbolizes strength, courage, protection, and honor, and that’s exactly what you need on your finger.

19. Uma cobra

Crédito: @tavi_tattoo

We could say the same thing about snakes, too! When people see you have a snake tatted on your finger, they’re going to know better than to mess with you. A snake represents rebirth, change, transformation, and healing.

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20. Um olho

Crédito: @tavi_tattoo

Completed with a myriad of other elements, an eye can mean a million things. Depending on what you’re searching for, a minimalist eye can be the one tattoo you’re missing on your finger.

21. Um arco-íris

Crédito: @byshaylin

Impressione as pessoas à sua volta com uma tatuagem de um arco-íris. O arco-íris representa novos começos, diversidade e ser autêntico. O que é que acha?