24 Tatuagens deslumbrantes de pequenos diamantes

Tatuagens em voga

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all. Whether you’re a first-timer thinking of getting a tiny tattoo to satisfy your cravings or a seasoned tattoo addict looking to spice up the already existing collection of ink stones, you came to the right place.

Now, for those who consider getting a small diamond tattoo, the meaning behind the infamous stone is perhaps a factor in getting one. Diamond tattoos represent ancient wisdom, strength, purity, toughness, and beauty. Diamonds might be boring when you compare them to purple amethysts or greenish-blue aquamarines, but they’re much more than meets the eye.

Esteticamente agradáveis e atractivos, os diamantes também representam a eternidade, o amor, a luxúria e a devoção. Quando se faz uma tatuagem de um anel de diamante no dedo anelar, por exemplo, pode estar-se a procurar o significado de amor eterno e devoção. Da mesma forma, quando se faz uma tatuagem de um diamante na clavícula, pode estar-se a procurar o significado de força ou dureza.

Diamonds are anything but boring. When you’re looking to add another piece of artwork in the form of a tattoo, a small diamond tattoo might be right for you. Diamonds, small or big, are always a great tattoo thought.

1. Uma pequena tatuagem de um diamante no pulso

Crédito: @2twotattoo

Immortalize a true symbol of strength on your body by getting this small diamond tattoo. In case you’re not a fan of statement tattoos, you can totally get away with rocking this elegant and chic work of art.

2. Uma tatuagem de diamante em forma de coração

Crédito: @tatuador_hai

Put your own spin on the tattoo of your dreams, why don’t you? Pleasing to the eye and extremely eye-catching, this heart-shaped diamond tattoo is guaranteed to attract attention and turn heads.

3. Uma tatuagem de um diamante com uma coroa

Crédito: @howyoubeen____

What better way to accentuate your power and strength than to add a crown on a diamond and put both of them on your body, forever? We’re obsessed with collarbone tattoos, and this particular one deserves a spot on your wishlist.

4. Uma tatuagem de diamante realista

Crédito: @guseul_tattoo

FYI, there’s nothing like a tiny diamond tattoo to represent everything you’ve been through. Diamonds are great no matter what, but a diamond tattoo can be a reminder that you’re forever resilient and no one can tell you otherwise.

5. Uma delicada tatuagem de diamante nas costas

Crédito: @nieun_tat2

If there’s one image that perfectly represents your purity and beauty, it’s a delicate, dainty diamond tattoo on your back. Back tattoos are perfect for first-timers, too, because you can show them off or cover them up pretty easily. But that’s up to you to decide.

6. Uma pequena tatuagem de gotas de diamante

Crédito: @tatuador_siia

We can’t get over how mysterious and mesmerizing these diamond droplets are! Whether you’re a first-timer or a tattoo addict with a tendency toward diamond tattoos, look no further for your next ink.

7. Uma tatuagem de diamantes a condizer com a sua melhor amiga

Crédito: @tinytattoos_feathertouch

Matching tattoos are the cutest way you can pay homage to your BFF. We suggest going for a small diamond tattoo because diamonds are a girl’s best friend and because diamonds represent eternity, devotion, and love. What better way to celebrate your friendship?

8. Uma tatuagem de diamante em forma de lágrima

Crédito: @tattoo_nyang

Teardrop diamonds are one of the most prominent, popular diamonds used for engagement rings around the world. Whether you’re getting engaged or thinking of making a promise to yourself, you might want to get this daring diamond tatted on your body.

9. Um diamante antigo em ouro

Crédito: @tatuador_coldy

Now we’re talking! We’re aware that you’re on the hunt for a small diamond tattoo, but back tattoos are made for (slightly) bigger artworks that showcase the true craftsmanship of the tattoo artist. We can’t get enough of this gold antique diamond tattoo!

10. Uma tatuagem de diamante em aguarela

Crédito: @dareumtattoo

When it comes to watercolor tattoos, you’re not limited to what design you can choose. Why not choose a watercolor diamond tattoo to represent your wisdom and strength?

11. Uma pequena tatuagem de um diamante azul na clavícula

Crédito: @wittybutton_tattoo

We’re huge fans of fine-line tattoos, especially when they’re done in color. Black-and-white tattoos might be elegant and chic, but there’s something about this tiny blue diamond tattoo that makes us gasp for air.

12. Uma tatuagem de diamante vermelho radiante

Crédito: @tattoo.haneul

Rubies aren’t the only red gemstones, apparently! Whenever you’re in the mood to stand out, opt for a tattoo that represents everything you are in life – bright, bold, and beautiful. Life is too short for boring tattoos, isn’t it?

13. Uma tatuagem de um laço ornamentado com jóias e diamantes

Crédito: @tatuador_jammy.j

Do we even need to say anything? Depending on your personal preferences, you might love or hate detailed tattoos like this one – but that’s the beauty of getting to choose what does and doesn’t go on your body. We, for once, adore everything about this work of art.

14. Uma tatuagem de diamante bonita e arrojada

Crédito: @gameboitellem

Uma tatuagem de diamante é normalmente muito gira ou artística, mas de alguma forma, esta tatuagem em particular incorpora ambas e muito mais. Com pormenores multicoloridos, representa verdadeiramente a forma como um verdadeiro diamante brilha à luz do sol.

15. Uma pequena tatuagem com um diamante atrás da orelha

Crédito: @pakhanofftattooart_moscow

Diamonds are pretty straightforward, but there’s something about the shading on this tattoo that makes us swoon. Putting the tattoo behind your ear might be the biggest boss move ever, too.

16. Um diamante em forma de coração no ombro

Crédito: @tattoo.haneul

We already raved about heart-shaped diamonds, but we want you to throw a glance at this tattoo, too. Placed on the shoulder, this tattoo represents everything that’s delicate, elegant, and chic. Pleasing to the eye, this tattoo is everything you need and more.

17. Tatuagem de um diamante de traço fino no braço

Crédito: @inechu.ttt

When you’re too tired to sit through a tattoo session that goes on for hours and hours, opt for a fine-line diamond tattoo on the upper arm. They’re dainty enough to fit but you can still show them off easily.

18. Uma tatuagem no dedo de um delicado diamante

Crédito: @nieun_tat2

Your finger is one of the best places for a fine-line tattoo of a diamond since it’s such a small space that doesn’t allow for bold lines, details, and big movements. You can also get a finger tattoo instead of jewelry.

19. Uma lua crescente com diamantes

Crédito: @hello.tattoo

What an awesome combination, don’t you think? Diamond tattoos represent strength, power, and eternity, while crescent moon tattoos represent new phases in life, new chapters, and new beginnings. Combine the two and you get the essence of life.

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20. Uma tatuagem de diamantes

Crédito: @tatuador_siia

Make a splash with a tattoo that combines the strength of a diamond and the freedom of a wave. Whether you opt for a black-and-white tattoo or a colorful work of art, everybody’s going to be obsessed with your newest ink.

21. Uma tatuagem geométrica de um diamante

Crédito: @susboom_tattoo

Geometric tattoos seem to have become quite popular over the past few years, and we’re here for that. A diamond tattoo completed with geometric shapes that carry some sort of meaning for you is always a win.

22. Uma tatuagem de pedra de nascimento

Crédito: @woo__jiae

Diamonds are the traditional birthstone of April which means they hold a significant meaning for those born in that month. Getting a tattoo of your birthstone can be a great way to pay homage to yourself – and you can complete it with the birthstone of your partner or BFF.

23. Uma tatuagem de uma frase

Crédito: @1summer_tt

If you find small diamond tattoos a tad bit boring, you might want to spice up yours with a phrase that means something to you. Whether you opt for “as it goes,” “trust the process,” or “brave,” you’re probably going to get a kick out of looking at your tattoo in the mirror.

24. Uma tatuagem de ouros, paus, copas e espadas

Crédito: @sarahthirteentattoo

Com esta tatuagem, obtém-se o significado de boa sorte, destino e até mesmo a fuga da morte. Quando se combina isso com o significado de uma tatuagem de diamante, obtém-se tudo o que se precisa e muito mais para um discurso estimulante no seu corpo.