20 ideias de tatuagens de Zeus dignas dos deuses

Tatuagens em voga

As a fan of Greek mythology, you may consider getting a Zeus tattoo that will symbolize strength and power. As a ruler of the sky and thunder and a king of the gods, this mythical being embodies authority which could be something you’re looking for.

If that’s the case, then you’re going to love these tattoo ideas that are equally as superior as this famous Greek god.

Zeus tattoos for your arm

Crédito: tyetremblay

When you’re looking to get a tattoo on your arm, you can opt for a realistic portrayal of Zeus together with the thunder strikes. They will add to the color and will give more character to the whole piece.

Crédito: painciler

You’ll be able to tell that the majority of these tattoos have been executed in a realistic style. This is another one among them and it portrays the raging Zeus exhibiting all the power he has.

Crédito: urbaninktattoosbelfast

This one is a bit more subtle version of the previous tattoos but it still shows the strength of this Greek god. The added details make it more unique and allow you to play with them however you want.

Crédito: amandalucatelitattoo

This is another bolder design that can easily turn into a sleeve tattoo, of course if that’s something you would be willing to do. The main difference with this one is the added circled band at the top of the tattoo that acts like a frame.

Crédito: dn.ink

This is the second version with thunder only this time, the lightning effect is achieved by leaving negative spaces on the skin. There’s also no added color which is a great thing for all of you who are looking for a completely black and gray design.

Crédito: beto.tattoo_

If you’re into geometrical tattoos, then you can opt for a design such as this one. You still have Zeus as the main star of the show but other smaller details make this tattoo slightly different from the ones you’ve already seen.

Crédito: lizytattoos

You can also get a third of his face and that way, end with a smaller version of this powerful Greek god. This option is a great choice if you’re looking for a tattoo that’s going to fit on your forearm.

Crédito: dariomartin.tattoo

You can play with the design of your tattoo and opt for something like this. Zeus split into two parts with added geometrical shapes could be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re into unique and somewhat different tattoos from the classical ones.

Zeus tattoos for your hand

Crédito: joeetattoo4

Now, you may think that your hand isn’t the best choice for a tattoo of Zeus, but you’ll probably change your mind when you see these designs. It’s obvious that his raging face fits just right on this part of your body. So, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a slightly different solution for your new tattoo.

Crédito: diniz.ttt

This is another amazing option that can spread down your fingers and up towards your arm. The blue thunder makes this design pop and creates a powerful impression you’re probably looking for.

Crédito: dan_crowe_tattoo

Or, if you’re looking for a black and gray style tattoo, you can also choose something like this. It’s definitely a great option if you want a tattoo that will spread across your fingers.

Zeus tattoos that will fit on your leg

Crédito: boki.tattoo

Honestly, this tattoo looks too good to be true and we’re sure that people are going to be confused when they see it. Every detail is executed perfectly and it can take you a while before you realize it’s made out of ink.

Crédito: fedropreua

Zeus lived on Mount Olymp with other Greek gods so a good idea would be to include the main temple in your design. You can do something like this with Zeus at the top and the temple underneath him.

Crédito: biancoenero_tattoo

This is one of the coolest options we’ve seen. It perfectly combines the idea that Zeus is the god of thunder and makes his face appear in the lighting shape. You may even want to get this one on your arm so more people can appreciate its beauty.

Crédito: steveniems

If you’re looking for a Zeus tattoo with a splash of color then this is the way to go. You can clearly see how the whole design can appear slightly different when you add some color to it. In this case, we’re talking about yellow but honestly, you can opt for any other shade you consider to be fitting.

Crédito: julio.tattoo

This tattoo includes the powerful Zeus and the mythical Pegasus which is what makes it slightly different from some other designs in this article. The technique is still the same since these mythical-themed tattoos tend to look best when done in a realistic style.

Zeus tattoos perfect for your chest

Crédito: joelmorley_tattoo

If you wish to get a Zeus tattoo on your chest, this is how it can all look in the end. What we love the most about this design is the added band that wraps around Zeus’s face and makes it more distinct.

Crédito: jezed_tattoo

This is a similar version without the band and with added thunders. Now, you can get a better understanding of which one you prefer more and would love to wear on your skin.

Crédito: charleeink_

This tattoo is perfect for the real Greek mythology enthusiasts out there. It shows Prometheus who stole fire from the gods at Olympia and brought it down to earth. As a result, Zeus chained him to a mountain so the eagles could eat him.

Zeus tattoo made for your back

Crédito: even_gmt.ink

Your back is a perfect spot to embrace your love for Greek mythology. With a complicated and detailed tattoo such as this one, everyone’s going to know just how much you adore these mythical stories. Place Zeus in the middle of your design and add any other god you would like, and that way, you’ll get your very own version of a mythological tattoo.