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20 Sick Shark Tattoos To Sink Your Teeth Into

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Let’s be honest: there are too many tattoo options out there and you’re struggling to come up with something unique and unconventional. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned body art enthusiast, you’ve probably seen your share of tribal tattoos, tigers, and scorpions. What about shark tattoos?

Shark tattoos are wearable and versatile, whether you’re on the hunt for something subtle and sleek or big and bold. With a shark tattoo, you can work with your tattoo artist and express your creativity. Opt for a style that works with your aesthetic, pick the perfect placement, and you’re good to go.

With that out of the way, shark tattoos are more than meets the eye, too. A shark tattoo can carry a myriad of meanings, but sharks typically represent power, protection, and courage. Sharks are seen as guardians of the sea and they’re associated with a love of adventure, nature, and the ocean.

What are you waiting for? Check out the scary (and sick) shark tattoos we prepared for you and book a session with your go-to tattoo artist. Click to see more!

1. A whale shark tattoo

Credit: @kyla_rose_tattoo

When you decide to bite the bullet and sink your teeth into the wondrous world of shark tattoos, you’re probably going to be taken aback by the number of different sharks you can choose between. Starting with a whale shark, you can’t go wrong with a tattoo of this magnificent monster on your forearm.

Whale sharks represent strength, power, and resistance. Whale sharks are also associated with the “grandma vibe” and they embody good fortune and prosperity.

2. A leopard shark tattoo

Credit: @theartbymia

Leopard sharks are even more strikingly beautiful than whale sharks, and that’s why you might be drawn to them a little more. A tattoo of a leopard shark can represent a lot of things, but leopard sharks are typically seen as symbols of balance, harmony, and peace.

3. A tattoo of a whale shark and a leopard shark

Credit: @theartbymia

What about a tattoo of a whale shark and a leopard shark together? Whether you opt for a sticker sleeve or come up with a design that consists of a few of your favorite sharks, don’t shy away from experimenting and expressing your creativity.

4. A reef shark tattoo

Credit: @philipppfohl

With a reef shark tattoo, you’re sending a message to the rest of the world that you’re fearless, powerful, and passionate. Reef shark tattoos are scary creatures of the sea, but they’re a great reminder that we must be careful not to take things for granted. 

5. A whale shark tattoo as a gap filler


Whether you opt for a whale shark, a leopard shark, or a reef shark, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to use these curious creatures as gap fillers, too. Make your tattoo sleeve more water-themed and you’re good to go.

6. A black and gray shark tattoo

Credit: @cronulla_ink

Although you’re free to experiment with colored tattoos, shark tattoos are made to be black, gray, and white, right? At the end of the day, you can express your creativity with different styles, shading techniques, and stencils, but you can’t go wrong with a simple black and gray shark tattoo.

7. A dotwork shark tattoo

Credit: @delamartattoo

If black and gray tattoos are your thing and you’re looking for something soft and subtle, you might want to consider going for a dotwork tattoo. Dotwork tattoos are created by inking a series of dots that come together to create the desired image – and they’re pretty freakin’ dope.

8. A tattoo of a hammerhead and a white shark

Credit: @delamartattoo

What about a hammerhead and a white shark? When you opt for a shark tattoo, you can work with your tattoo artist and come up with different shark motifs that represent who you are or what you’re capable of. A hammerhead and a white shark sound like solid options to consider, right?

9. A zebra shark tattoo

Credit: @chelsdorntattoo

With a zebra shark tattoo, you can count on everyone assuming that you’re strong, powerful, and capable of achieving anything you set your heart on. A zebra shark tattoo represents strength, agility, and the power to overcome whatever obstacles life throws at you.

10. A hammerhead shark tattoo

Credit: @chelsdorntattoo

We already mentioned hammerhead sharks, but we didn’t talk about what they represent. Whether you go for a ribcage tattoo, a back tattoo, or a tiny finger tattoo, a hammerhead shark will send a message to the rest of the world that you’re intelligent, independent, and highly successful.

11. A blacktip reef shark tattoo

Credit: @chelsdorntattoo

Blacktip reef sharks are some of the most stunning creatures of the sea and that’s why they’re a popular body art motif. A blacktip reef shark tattoo represents strength, spiritual protection, and invincibility.

12. A matching shark tattoo

Credit: @cien_ink

If you’re trying to pick the perfect tattoo for you and your bestie, you might want to go with a matching shark tattoo. Whichever shark you decide to go with, you’re on the right track to commemorate your friendship and celebrate the fact that you’ve been there for each other through thick and thin.

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13. A tattoo of two sharks on the thigh

Credit: @_theskincanvas

What about a tattoo of two sharks on the thigh? Whether they represent you and your friend, family member, or partner, or they’re appealing to you because they’re mysterious and magnificent, you truly can’t go wrong with a tattoo of two sharks – double the trouble, right?

14. A nurse shark tattoo

Credit: @missfortuneink

Have you ever heard of nurse sharks? Nurse sharks make for the best tattoo motifs because they’re symbols of a successful hunt, the harvest, and survival ability. Needless to say, a nurse shark tattoo will remind you of what you’re capable of.

15. A thresher shark tattoo

Credit: @rhi.draws

Want a reminder of your primal power and perseverance? Get a thresher shark tattoo and show the world that you’re strong, powerful, and good to be around when things go down. Generally speaking, thresher sharks represent strength and self-confidence.

16. A leopard shark tattoo on the thigh

Credit: @sharkattacked

We already mentioned why leopard sharks are excellent tattoo motifs, but we do need to underline that you’re responsible for picking the perfect tattoo placement. A thigh tattoo can give you the necessary real estate to ensure your tattoo can move, flow, and swim with the rest of your body.

17. A floral shark tattoo

Credit: @dridri_ink

What’s great about shark tattoos is the fact that you can make them your own with a few tips and tricks. We suggest you spice them up with different styles, shapes, and elements that amplify or completely change the meaning of the tattoo. Who would’ve thought floral sharks would be so cute?

18. A tattoo of a tiger shark looking for some snacks

Credit: @brittan_puronentattoos

If you’re getting your favorite shark tattoo, you might as well go all out and come up with a scene that will make everyone laugh. A tattoo of a shark looking for some snacks might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s one of the cutest, cleverest tattoos we’ve ever seen.

19. A great white shark tattoo

Credit: @inkedbynunidee

If power, superiority, and authority are your thing, you might want to get a great white shark tattoo! It’s about time you put the rumors to rest and assured everyone that there’s “no bigger fish to fry.”

20. A lemon shark tattoo

Credit: @shadow_tattooer

We’re ending the article with a cute lemon shark tattoo! Lemon sharks represent resilience, intuition, and strength. We suggest you go for a lemon shark tattoo and make it your go-to good luck charm.