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24 Tweety Bird Tattoo Ideas To Commemorate Your Childhood

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There’s always a special place for your inner child in your heart, that’s why you’re thinking about getting a Tweety bird tattoo. Tweety was such a mischievous little fellow, so there’s a lot that he represents for you.

Birds usually represent the freedom that every person is striving towards. This meaning can but doesn’t have to be related to Tweety. This cartoon character is a special connection between you and those days when you didn’t have any problems to think about. Your childhood was so carefree, whenever you’d put The Looney Toons on.

Because of that special connection between you and those moments when this adorable little bird gave you a sense of peace, we’ve found 24 unique Tweety bird tattoo ideas.

Simple Tweety bird tattoo

Source: @baronart_mauro

Sometimes the best decision for your tattoo is a simple outline of Tweety without too many details or colors that are too bright. This tattoo design really shows how adorable a Tweety bird tattoo is even without putting too much stuff into it.

Source: @pattattoo_

This is another Tweety tattoo that’s quite simple. This example is smaller but has some thicker lines. However, this example also shows the naughty nature of Tweety.

Full-color Tweety bird tattoo

Source: @a24_kamata

Even though the simple designs have their own positive sides, the tattoos that have so much saturated color, as in this example, simply have a lot of magic within them. The gorgeous contrast of his eyes to the tones of orange and yellow really are gorgeous!


This is quite an interesting tattoo design. A Tweety bird tattoo that actually looks like a sticker? I mean, who would have thought of that? The sticker design looks so realistic, and Tweety is as adorable as always.

Source: @number40tattoo

For the ones who love trippy designs, maybe this is the perfect thing for you. Tweety looks just like he always does, but the trippy eyes add some personality to your design.

Source: @jimmyshy

Sometimes, you have to let your funny personality shine through into your tattoo. This is probably the perfect example of someone who has an amazing sense of humor. Even though the design is so funny, the saturation of the colors is actually immaculate.

Source: @rokmatic_ink

This is a very traditional design of Tweety and you can never go wrong with it. Even though the ribs are quite an unusual placement, the tattoo is still perfectly saturated.

Source: @dusktodonnie

A Tweety bird tattoo can really show your love for the adorable things in life. I mean, just look how cute he is! The surrounding flowers add a feminine touch to the tattoo without making it too feminine.

Source: @jennyleetattoo

Another example of the traditional Tweety design. However, this is a little bit different than the previous ones because of the dark shadows all around him.

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Source: @evil_rob

This Tweety bird tattoo also has shadows, but they’re not as dark as the previous one. Those shadows were done with black in, while these shadows are done with darker shades of the colors included in the design. At the end of the day, the little bird still looks cute.

Source: @persa_tattoo

This is an amazing representation that you don’t have to choose a huge tattoo to still commemorate the thing that means so much to you. The artist was still able to everything important into the tattoo.

Source: @androidoh

A Tweety bird tattoo can also look as unique as you want it to. Just like this one! It looks like something a child drew and colored it outside the lines.

Source: @daniioconnortattoos

This is a combination of color and black and gray. The wings are a stark contrast to the rest of the tattoo, simply because we all know that Tweety is a prankster and the angel wings are just a disguise.

Source: @kyle.skintricate

How about a Tweety bird tattoo where he’s holding a token? This is a simple design that’s still filled with unique touches all throughout.

Source: @780_kabs

We all remember that Tweety had a little swing in his cage, so adding that to your tattoo would be even more authentic. The little flowers behind the main design add a lot of femininity to the design itself.

Source: @joelocotattoos

This Tweety bird tattoo has no dark outlines! The entire tattoo is done in color, and the outlines were done with orange so that they blend in perfectly with the rest of the colors that were incorporated into it.

Source: @inkbombtattoos

Tweety can represent whatever you want him to! Here you can see a tattoo that shows the cute bird in a gangster design. I mean, the tattoo is done on a man, so I’d say that it’s quite a masculine tattoo choice.

Black and gray Tweety tattoo

Source: @michellerubano

Black and gray tattoos are extremely popular, especially for people who don’t like color in their tattoos. So, you can choose this style for your tattoo and still get the full effect that you want.


This is a much more detailed Tweety bird tattoo. The top is much lighter than the rest of his body, which makes it look like the halo on his head is throwing a light on him.

Source: @jax.tatuaje

Is Tweety an angel or a devil? Who knows? Either way, you can incorporate both of those elements into your tattoo. The small shadows are immaculately done, and you can see the mischief in his face.

Source: @jniahstylee

This is such a simple Tweety bird tattoo, but the design has so much depth to it because of the amazing shadows. There’s even some specs of white ink!

Source: @jax.tatuaje

Tweety as cupid! If that isn’t an adorable idea, then I don’t know what is. Tweety doesn’t have too many shadows, but that only serves to put the bow and arrows into focus.

Tweety and friends tattoos

Source: @aibitch

There are so many tattoos that you can do to commemorate your childhood! That’s why a patchwork tattoo with all your different characters is an amazing idea. However, the Tweety bird tattoo is the main star of the show.

Source: @arianshortttattoo

The Tasmanian devil from Looney Toones is a whirlwind of energy in the cartoon. So, adding Tweety to the mix of this tattoo is an amazing choice. They look ready to take down any enemy! The saturation of the colors is perfect and the composition is amazing.