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24 Above Knee Tattoo Designs That Are Beautiful And Inspiring

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Above-knee tattoo designs aren’t that hard to come across, but you’re still looking for the compositions that would give you the best image. Tattoos adorn your body forever, and you’re not ready to go to your artist and demand anything.

That’s why it’s important to find something for this specific body part that will look presentable and flow perfectly with the shape of your knee and thigh.

We’ve compiled 24 tattoo examples to help you find something that will inspire you to create your personal design.

Floral above-knee tattoo

Source: @lexieroseart

Floral designs are always considered to be delicate and feminine. Just like the one in the photo above. It’s two branches with wonderful cherry blossoms in the middle. The composition of it follows the movement of the knee perfectly.

Source: @weirdolini

Also, a tattoo above the knee can be a single flower with a couple of leaves coming from behind it, just like in this design. The flower is turned forward, but the design itself is quite simple.

Source: @inkonmywheels

A floral tattoo can also consist of simple leaves. Here you can see a way to surround the top of the knee, and it flows into a shell. This botanical design is gorgeous.

Mandala above knee tattoo

Source: @megankinsellatattoo

Mandala tattoos represent the balance of the Universe! That’s why it’s one of those designs that, so many people, want to get inked on their bodies. An above knee tattoo should have three quarters of a mandala to fully envelop the upper side of the knee.

Source: @chadfostertattooer

The wonderful design in the photo above represents simple, but crisp lines of a mandala tattoo that’s done beautifully. Even above the knee, it looks perfectly composed.

Source: @pitchforktattoos

This mandala tattoo has many details that look like they’re coming directly from the upper part of the knee. It still doesn’t look like it’s too much, considering that it’s so much detail in such a small space.

Moth and butterfly above knee tattoo


Moths and butterflies usually have a similar meaning. They represent the metamorphosis, the way people change, and the rebirth of good and beautiful things. This above knee tattoo looks so gorgeously detailed that this shows the peek of artistry.

Source: @beet.nic

Also, you don’t have to do a huge moth tattoo above your knee. You can do something small, but still detailed. This design shows how you can achieve that with a very simple example.

Source: @catlynefable

This above knee tattoo is flowing around the knee and it looks wonderful. There are many details within this design, like the skull, the flames, the detailed wings, and even the moon at the top of the tattoo. It’s one of those designs that could easily inspire you to get your own.

Source: @missfinetattoo

Traditional tattoos aren’t that rare. This design has so many unique traits, like the big splashes of color, the surrounding flowers, combined with the thick linework.

Source: @1r915s

And here we have a basic butterfly that’s mostly done with thick black lines. The shading makes it look very traditional, yet it’s very crisp.

Words as your above-knee tattoo

Source: @screaming4tattoos_

People also choose to get words tattooed above their knees. This is a great placement as it faces forward and you can put whatever suits you there. Just like this simple font.

Source: @zammittattoo

Your above knee tattoo can also have a cartoon-like font. This tattoo has quite chunky letters, it’s unique, and quite “in-your-face”.

Source: @japiam.tattoos

You can also let someone write something meaningful in their handwriting and take it to the tattoo artist. This way you can commemorate them forever!

Source: @karmabodymods

We all know how important karma actually is. So, this Gothic font is bulky, yet crisp. It gets the message across perfectly.

Source: @emmancreate

If you’re working on getting as many tattoos as possible, then you can do an above knee tattoo on both of your legs. Just like you can see in this example!

Anime or cartoon above-knee tattoo

Source: @fanwuink

Anime are becoming more popular with each passing day. So, a Cowboy Bebop tattoo could also suit this area wonderfully. Especially, if you choose a design that compliments the shape of the knee.


My Melody and Kuromi are a girly match that you should definitely consider getting tattooed above your knees! These designs specifically are so well done! The linework is immaculate, the shading is perfect, and you can actually see the personality of these characters.

Source: @laughing_ace_tattoos

Or maybe the tattoos above your knees can be much smaller, but still gorgeous. A Hello Kitty devil and angel tattoo should give you some inspiration!

Unusual above-knee tattoo designs

Source: @kayseeshuster

Cherubs aren’t a popular design choice for this placement, so you can definitely be one of the rare people who got this tattooed in this particular place.


Unusual tattoo designs are genuinely something that should be thought about more than once. Just like this tattoo that consists of so many teeth.

Source: @geraldschifone

For a lover of the ocean, it would be perfect to get this wave tattoo. It mostly consists of thick lines and it’s confined to this simple circle.

Source: @honey.bea.tattoos

“She doesn’t even go here!” Aren’t you interested in getting something so funky and so girly? The colors and the design looks like something out of the seventies!

Source: @na.szkicowana

A tiger cub is adorable! Especially when it’s done with such gorgeous lines that it looks delicate and feminine. The cub seems like it’s sleeping on a ball that’s supposed to be represented by the knee itself.