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22 Floral Tattoo Ideas To Decorate Your Forearm

Flower Tattoos

A floral tattoo on your forearm is a feminine and divine choice. You can do many different herbal images or even full flowers that will be done beautifully.

There’s a specific meaning behind these tattoos. They represent beauty, love, immortality, and the struggle of life. It’s a wonderful ode to the pain you’ve gone through in your life and how you’re grieving over the person that you’ve been before the trauma.

Throughout history, these tattoos have been used in many different cultures, which means that you’re honoring centuries of work by doing this on the canvas that is your body. It doesn’t matter if you do a black and gray, or a full-color tattoo – either way, it’s like an eternal decoration on your body.

In this article, we’ve compiled 22 different designs to inspire you on what you should get on your forearm.

Black and gray

Source: @robbiepina

Black and gray tattoos are very popular right now. Many people choose this style over any other design. In the photo above, you can see a combination of sunflowers and leaves that are perfectly composed on the forearm. The leaves move completely down on the upper side of the wrist and hand.

Source: @krapiva_tattoo

A magnolia flower is also an amazing tattoo choice. It represents endurance and nobility, which is very important to show on your body. It’s a representation that you came out as a hero. Here, you can see a magnolia branch that falls down the arm, in black and gray. Even the falling leaves are wonderful touch.

Source: @vinicioslira

The play with the negative space of the skin and the black and gray is magnificent. You can see the depth of the flower, while still being able to pay attention to the entire tattoo. The surrounding leaves create a nice composition that spread out and can be worked into other tattoos.

Minimalistic forearm floral tattoo

Source: @evaevaness

Sometimes, your tattoo doesn’t have to take up your entire arm. Here we have an example of that! The lotus tattoo here that’s done with fine lines is what creates such a delicate feeling. The lotus flower represents the passing of hardships, and the moon on the top is a wonderful touch. The dotted leaves look like little shadows, but they’re still perfectly readable.

Source: @yigitisil

Even in minimalistic tattoos, you can put a lot of details. You can even pack them with colors. In this forearm floral tattoo, you can see a blue hydrangea that’s surrounded by smaller flowers. Every flower is perfectly readable, and the shading of the colors is immaculate.

Source: @oscarpus_ink

Minimalistic tattoos can also be bigger but contain fewer details. In this example, you can see a branch of a Sakura tree. The composition was placed to follow the natural movement of the arm and the intricate flowers and leaves are what make this design so unique.


Source: @abii_tattoo

Wildflowers are becoming more popular as time goes on. People are choosing to tattoo them rather than basic roses, which I can completely understand. In the photo above, you can see a small bouquet of wildflowers with pretty contrasting colors. The artist even added a small bumblebee and a colibri into the design, which gives it a personality of its own.

Source: @picsola

Contrary to the previous design, in this example, we have fewer colors, but it’s still perfectly balanced between the warm and cold tones. The lavender adds a wonderful contrast, but the surrounding leaves are what give this design a soul. The shadowing was done perfectly, with the flowers still being the main star of the show.

Source: @tattoo.bloom

Wildflowers don’t always have to be colorful. In this example, we only have tiny yellow flowers at the top of the branch. However, the branch itself flows perfectly down the arm, and it’s done quite realistically. It looks whimsical and enchanting, and it’s a perfect match for people who don’t want bulky designs on their forearms.

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Abstract floral tattoo

Source: @hypemasterart

An abstract floral tattoo on your forearm can be the perfect addition to your collection of tattoos. You can do an abstract design, or you can, as shown in this example, use colors to represent your unusual soul. In this photo, the pastel colors aren’t blended out, they’re not there to fill the leaves, or the flower itself. These colors are patchy, and that’s intentional. If you’re looking for something unusual, then this is perfect for you.

Forearm floral tattoo bracelet


Your forearm is the perfect placement for your floral tattoo. You can even turn it into a bracelet. In the photo above, you can see that the vines are making a full turn around the forearm, and they come to an end at the top of the hand. The red flower is put there as contrast for the black and gray design.

Source: @romary_tattoo

You can even decide to tattoo an actual bracelet on your forearm, as you can see here. The lines create a negative space, that’s surrounded by a wonderful composition of black and gray flowers. It’s almost a half-sleeve, that’s turned into a bracelet, and it’s absolutely stunning.

Floral tattoo with mandala

Source: @sydney_osso

Combining a mandala tattoo with a floral design isn’t such an unusual thing. You’ll be able to represent the hardships of your life with the balance that you’ve found after coming out on the other side. The mandala design on this black and gray tattoo is surrounded by dotted shadows and perfectly drawn flowers. There’s a variety of flowers, which you can change up and choose the ones that you connect with the most.

Floral tattoo with butterflies

Source: @vinicioslira

Butterflies have always been a symbol of rebirth. When you put a floral tattoo on your forearm, you’re telling everyone that you’re going through life’s hardships elegantly. But the butterfly is what signifies that you’ve come out even more delicate and feminine.

In the photo above, you can see Sakura flowers with a butterfly. The fine line work is dainty and it did a perfect job in showing the fragility of the flowers and butterfly.

Source: @blushbyellierose

A composition that’s abstract, yet beautiful, can be seen in the floral tattoo on this forearm. The Sakura flowers are drawn as the wing of a butterfly that spreads out into the wind. The fine lines are crisp, even though there’s a lot of shadow on this tattoo, it doesn’t overpower the delicate design.

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Source: @deliverytattoo

How about you choose something more bold for yourself? For example, as seen in the photo above, a half-sleeve with a moth instead of a butterfly, a little bee at the end, and a bracelet of negative space, that’s combined with a ton of floral designs all around it. Now, that sounds like a combination that will look stunning on your forearm! Even the bigger designs can look feminine, as you can see.

Blackout floral tattoo

Source: @gerbant

Blackout tattoos aren’t that popular, which only means that you’ll be quite unique if you choose to get one. This Japanese-style tattoo has quite bold and thick lines, but the blackout half-sleeves are exactly the reason why the flowers are the main stars of the show.

Half-sleeve floral tattoo

Source: @jenuinerose

If you decide to do a half-sleeve on your forearm, then you can choose many different floral tattoo designs. In the photo above, you can see that wildflowers make a wonderful composition, even if they’re black and gray. They look like they’re growing from the hand of this person, and they’re spreading out around the elbow.

Source: @nixoleta_urielatattoo

Sometimes, a half-sleeve can even have words and insects incorporated into it. The bold lines on the floral tattoo on this forearm give this design a very solid look. However, the small flashes of the skin underneath make sure that there’s contrast within this composition.

Watercolor floral tattoo

Source: @olivetats

A watercolor floral tattoo on your forearm will definitely be a statement piece. Putting colors on your body will make you look fun and approachable. Here you can see a half-sleeve that’s completely colored. There are a couple of flowers that are done with bold black line-work, but the main attention is on the big splashes of color around them.

Source: @psyhiskond

A watercolor floral tattoo on your forearm doesn’t have to look messy. Just like in this image, it can look perfectly composed and drawn out. You can see that this design is colored in, yet it’s composed to create a balance between the bright yellow flowers and the dark green leaves.

Floral tattoo with anime imagery

Source: @mklx

Do you like anime? Well, good thing that your forearm can be adorned with a flower tattoo while also incorporating images from your favorite anime. In this example, we can see the locket of Sailor Moon, which is combined with geometric shapes, flowers, and a blackout bracelet around the forearm. The combination of the different lines is what gives this tattoo dimension and a very delicate feeling.