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26 Compass Tattoo Ideas For The Traveler Within You

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You’re looking for compass tattoo ideas, and you’re definitely at the right place. The meaning behind a compass tattoo is quite simple, as it’s usually the representation of wanderlust and someone’s love for traveling.

You can choose between so many different designs, styles, and colors. So, make sure that you take your time and see what would work best for you.

Simple and small compass tattoo ideas

Source: @deartattoohk

If you want something with fine lines, that’s dainty and feminine, this is the perfect composition. The design shows different little circles and lines, that fall down the arm, but the centerpiece is still the symmetrical compass.

Source: @vedatselamor

When you’re looking for simple compass tattoo ideas, you’re probably not really thinking about just the image of a compass. But this design could change your mind, as this is a wonderful design, that doesn’t need any added details.

Source: @ciel_tattoos

Compass tattoo ideas can also be created with different symbols. The symbol of the arrow shows bravery and the Sagittarius Zodiac sign, but it also has the year of birth tattooed right next to the compass. The little hues of red give this tattoo the perfect splash of color without being too much.

Tribal compass tattoo ideas

Source: @johastietattoo

Tribal tattoos are usually extremely popular with men, and here you can see, and entire forearm design that’s detailed, and it tells a story. The warrior and traveler within you will be happy to have something with this much detail, but something that still contains thick black lines.

Source: @marina_sadra

In this photo, you can see a runic compass. This is much more simple, but it’s also harder to pull off the scratchy lines that are giving this tattoo dimension. Runes have been used as tattoos for centuries, so this is an ode to your ancestors.

A compass and a world map

Source: @joseffadel

You can also get a compass tattoo with a world map around it. This tattoo has thick lines that represent the compass, but the map is done with fine lines. The little quote around it is an even bigger commemoration to your wanderlust, and it’s a great reminder of who you are.

Source: @tattooist_jason

How about a world map with a compass, that even has a small plane on it? This that is done with extremely fine lines, but it still shows the movement of the plane, and the other details perfectly.

Source: @muzbeyn

You can even put a little bit of color into your new tattoo. In this tattoo, you can see the shades of blue, green, and yellow. In such a small space, there’s a lot of detail that you can bask in every day for the rest of your life.

Mountain and compass tattoo ideas

Source: @rui_tattooartist

Who needs a compass more than a hiker who has no idea where he’s going? Well, adding mountains to your compass tattoo is a wonderful choice as these images go perfectly well together. In the photo above, the design is done in a Trash polka style, which makes it even more unique.

Source: @octopustattoomilan

Compared to the previous tattoo, this one is much more delicate. The mountains aren’t that dark, so they create a gorgeous contrast to the rest of the black lines of the tattoo. Even the tiny birds on top, make a great detail that solidifies the meaning of the tattoo.

Floral compass tattoo

Source: @david.arato

You may have not thought that you could make this tattoo big yet feminine, but here we are. You can see that the compass is still the centerpiece and the main star of the show, however, the flowers are an amazing addition to this tattoo. The flower petals are a negative space, and with the black and gray shading, they look like real artwork.

Source: @krissydiane_tattoos

In the photo above, you have a more simple tattoo design. The flowers are quite bulky, and the compass itself is drawn with thick and harsh lines.

Source: @nothingwildtattoo

Here we have a dainty and elegant back tattoo that represents everything you’re looking for. The fine lines and the mild shadows are perfectly cohesive. In this composition, the compass even looks like it’s another flower emerging from the stem.

Source: @lavink.s

If you’re not a fan of roses, you can definitely choose other flowers, like in the photo you see above. The compass sits perfectly between the floral design, and the entire tattoo flows perfectly down the torso.

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Big compass tattoo ideas

Source: @lucianoprato92

Big and bold tattoos are definitely a statement piece. This tattoo has so many symbols that remind of pirates and the sea. There’s even a rope at the bottom of the tattoo. However, the compass is amazingly detailed, and even though it’s big the shading looks immaculate.

Source: @ekayuliawan

This is definitely a big tattoo that’s quite dark, but the shadows create a realistic look that you should definitely consider. It looks like actual artwork with these pirate symbols.

Source: @mischkatattoo

A pirate’s ship, with black sails, and a big compass is something to always look at and be proud of yourself. A big tattoo can also be made with fine lines, just like this one.

Watercolor compass tattoo

Source: @denzelgaynor

Watercolor tattoos are remarkably rare with this design choice, but you can always create a unique idea. For example, this tattoo is mostly black and gray, but the background has so much color that it looks like it’s falling down the arm. The saturation of the colors is perfect for this design and placement.

Compass and plane tattoo

Source: @new_2_u_tattoomaker

Here we have another simple, but meaningful tattoo, for all those people who want to celebrate their free spirit and their lust for new places. The lines are thick, but the tattoo is perfectly readable.


In the photo above, you can actually see a design that has a lot of geometrical details in it. The compass is the main piece that flows into a clock, in between you can see shadows that are abruptly stopped by arrows. And from all of those details, there’s a line that leads to a plane simply flying off.

Source: @immortalbhuvnesh

This tattoo could be the inspiration you’re looking for, actually. The big compass in the middle, with the geometrical lines behind it, is great. However, the thing that gives this tattoo a soul is the black and gray shadow background. At the bottom, you can see a plane that’s made out of negative space to create that amazing contrast.

Geometrical compass tattoo ideas

Source: @okanxart

A compass tattoo doesn’t always have to be a big thing that only revolves around the compass itself. However, here you can see an example that has the compass in the middle, but the surrounding art is immaculate. The writing, the wave, the building, and even the phases of the moon are perfect additions to your tattoo.

Source: @jesseqq_

Geometrical tattoo designs are extremely popular, and we can see why. This tattoo in particular is quite simple, but it has a shadow of a map behind it. The surrounding lines are intricate yet delicate.

Source: @reverencetattooco

But for the people who love geometrical designs, this may be your winner. This entire tattoo is made to show off the tiny details that you can put into your design. The white ink in the arrows makes them look majestic, and they create an amazing contrast to the compass itself.

A specific style of compass tattoo

Source: @levanalucine_art

Trash polka is an amazing tattoo style. Many people choose this style because, as you can see, it combines dark shades of black, with shades of red. Also, it’s known for parts that are solid black. The circle of this compass tattoo is a signature design for this specific style.

Source: @mcilvennytattooer

Traditional tattoos will never go out of style. Here you can see a compass tattoo that has some big and bold colors. There isn’t much detail in it, because those big spaces have to be colored in. However, the shadows in this tattoo are immaculate. So if you want to celebrate the traveler within, maybe this is the tattoo for you.