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22 Intricate Ideas For Your Vine Back Tattoo

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You want to get a vine back tattoo, but you don’t know where to begin with your search. Well, you’re at the right place. A vine tattoo is gorgeous, it’s feminine, yet it’s also a bold move when you choose to get one on your back.

The vine tattoo symbolizes a connection between friends, but it’s also a sign of determination, strength, and your love for nature. We prepared 22 intricate ideas for you to choose from and inspire you to create a unique piece of your own.

Simple vine back tattoo

Source: @jaygreene.509

The most popular option is a simple vine tattoo down the spine. The lines are bold, but the leaves are perfectly shadowed. The tattoo runs down the entire back, which makes it seem like the perfect accessory for your body.

Source: @lasstattoo

Vines don’t always have to be big and bulky, they can also be presented in flowers, leaves, and other geometrical things. Even though this could be unconventional, it’s still a vine back tattoo that is done with fine lines and even a mandala in the middle.

Source: @lasstattoo

A vine back tattoo can also look like the one in the photo above. These vines fall from the shoulder down the back, they look divine and flowy. Even the combination of fine lines and dark leaves is immaculate.

Source: @j.h.ditchfield_tattoo

If you want a spine tattoo of vines with much smaller leaves, you’ll be happy to know that it can look amazing. This tattoo is running up the spine, but it also looks like it’s blooming from the woman. The tiny leaves are feminine, and leave enough space for other tattoos that you may want to get later down the line.

Floral vine back tattoo

Source: @christina.imperfectartistry

Floral designs are easy to add to a vine back tattoo. The vines come out underneath the flowers, but they’re a little bit darker than the flower petals. This way, it’s easy to differentiate the two. The composition of this tattoo is perfect.

Source: @vibetattoo.ut

If you want something on a more maximalist side, without having to put your entire back under the needle, then this is the option for you. Still, you can see that the vines are coming from behind the flowers, but there are many more flowers that are done next to each other.

Source: @jennywrenstudio

This is quite a similar design to the previous one, however, the flowers are smaller and there are a lot more details. The vines are still obvious even behind the flowers, which is still the main piece of the event.

Source: @steveokills

If you’re not a fan of roses, you can still choose a vine back tattoo with flowers. These flowers are more scattered, and the vine is much larger than the flowers. What puts the vines into focus even more is the fact that it was done with a thick line.

Diagonal vine back tattoo

Source: @giokay

A diagonal design isn’t a common choice, but it’s definitely a gorgeous one. Here you can see that this woman’s vine back tattoo goes from one part of the back to the other, with a big rose as the centerpiece. The vines are peeking from behind the flowers and they’re done with much more shading to make sure that the contrast is obvious.

Source: @pink__ink

A diagonal vine back tattoo also doesn’t have to be completely connected. It can be simple, yet feminine and big. The flowers are done to be symmetrical, but the vines are even falling around the flowers.

Source: @tattoosbyjuliec

In the photo above, you can see another vine tattoo that’s adorned with big flowers that have a lot of negative space. The vines that come out on the top of the flowers are moving across the entire back on to the next shoulder. There isn’t a lot of shading done, but it’s not necessary in this particular design choice.

Vine back tattoo with butterflies

Source: @courtneytattoos_

Butterfly tattoos are known for representing transformation and freedom. So, incorporating it into a vine tattoo, it immediately tells a story that has a much deeper meaning. In this particular vine tattoo, the butterfly is at the very top. The leaves and the flowers are big, but they’re nicely shaded to make a gorgeous contrast of the black, gray, and negative space.

Source: @benhtattoos

You can also design your tattoo to have the butterfly in the very middle of the vine tattoo. By doing this, you’ll actually balance out the tattoo well so that it looks like the vines are coming from behind the butterfly itself.

Source: @paytonwardtattoos

If you’re not a fan of big butterflies and you want the vine back tattoo to be in the center of attention, then you can put small butterflies around the vines, as you can see in the photo above. Here, there’s a lot of shading going on, but with the white highlights it looks like the sun is always hitting those spots perfectly.

Small and dainty vine back tattoos


Your vine back tattoo doesn’t have to take up the space of your entire back or your entire spine. It can be dainty. The fine lines in this tattoo, with the dotted shading, create a very feminine look that you should consider. It stars from the middle of the back to the top, so it’s not that big, but it’s still impressive.

Source: @painbutmakeitart

A dainty tattoo is also a tattoo that doesn’t have too many details. Here we have a vine back tattoo that’s flowing down the back in almost an animated fashion. The wine is done with a thicker line than the rest of the tattoo, as the leaves and small flowers are done with finer linework.

Source: @byshaylin

And now to the tiny option that you can definitely choose for yourself. This vine back tattoo is composed to fit the shoulder. The fine linework is dainty, but the leaves are shaded well to still stick out from the skin underneath. It’s small, yet the meaning is strong.

Colorful vine back tattoo

Source: @eva_tattooist

Your tattoo design doesn’t have to be boring, nor does it have to be black and gray. In this design, you can see that your design can be colorful and that you don’t have to use any outlining in your design. These colors are used to perfectly contrast each other, however, lighter and darker tones are used as shadows. The vines go from the lower back to the middle of the back in a wonderful composition.

Source: @eb.inks

You can also choose to do a vine back tattoo is one solid color. These rose vines are red, but the shadows were also done in different shades of the same color. Even though the artist used only one color palette, it’s still easily readable. The details are there, and the composition is immaculate.

Unusual vine back tattoos

Source: @jessie_black__

We already talked about floral images in your vine back tattoo, and we talked about putting butterflies into the design. But how about a snake? I know that snakes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the meaning behind them is always special. They represent protection and power, so you’ll add even more meaning to your already amazing tattoo.

Source: @attackofthe50footwoman

A mandala tattoo probably doesn’t cross your mind when you’re thinking about a vine back tattoo. However, it’s still a unique choice. Mandalas represent balance and the hardships that you’ve gone through in your life. This mandala in particular has a lot of blackout work done, and the vines on the side are solid. This is a big design, you can choose something smaller, but you have to be aware of the creative liberty you can take with these tattoos.

Source: @jessicagoldtattoo

You probably didn’t think of this, but here’s another example of a vine back tattoo. This vine goes from the shoulder, over the back, and on to the back of the head. The leaves are colored it, yet they’re still shadowed to look more realistic. Even though the lines are much thicker than expected, this tattoo still flows perfectly over this placement. The composition of this tattoo is immaculate, and you should definitely consider something similar to this.