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24 Amazing Phoenix Bird Tattoo Designs For A Fresh Start

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If you’ve been through a lot and faced many struggles throughout your life, then a tattoo design of a phoenix bird is a great reminder of resilience that you can carry on your body forever.

This bird has a special place in different mythologies and cultures. It symbolizes immortality, resurrection, and life after death. It’s proof that even when you feel like everything is falling apart, you can always choose to rise up from your own ashes.

Powerful, meaningful, and inspiring, the tattoo of a phoenix bird is definitely going to serve as a relic of past experiences that you’ve successfully overcome. Each time you feel powerless and end up on the verge of giving up, simply look at your tattoo and remind yourself how strong you are.

You’ve experienced a ton of pain and suffering throughout your life but it has all made you who you are today. You’re still alive and thriving and this tattoo is going to serve as proof that you can do whatever you want and that giving up is never an option.

Now, let’s give you some examples of where you can place your new tattoo together with the inspiration of different phoenix designs.

Rising phoenix on your back

A combination of watercolor style together with a newborn phoenix is definitely going to look amazing on your back. This tattoo may not be for everyone but if you’re not afraid of being bold, then you should consider if this is the design you’ve been looking for.

Credit: dominic.costoiu

Black and red are perfect shades for a phoenix tattoo. They’re colors of mystery and passion which is exactly what this design portrays.

If you’re looking for a tattoo of a phoenix that’s going to be different from all the traditional ones then you can stop looking. This Japanese-style, blue, linear bird of rebirth is going to fit on your back perfectly.

Phoenix is a fierce bird that never gives up. It will rise from its ashes, no matter the circumstances. If you know exactly what I’m talking about and don’t want to forget how strong you are, this tattoo design is everything you’ve been looking for.

Leg tattoo with flaming phoenix


Simple, feminine, and meaningful are three words that explain this tattoo design the best. This bird of renewal is going to become your biggest reminder of everything you’re capable of overcoming.

Credit: bronbronink

Phoenix is a vicious bird and this tattoo shows it. If you’re looking for something that portrays a phoenix in its natural element then you won’t go wrong with this design.

Credit: _brinktattoo

Orange, blue, and purple shades are going to work well together with a flying phoenix. When you mix it all up, you get a unique design with a traditional message behind it. “You can overcome each and every obstacle life throws at you!” It’s as simple as that.

Credit: nokaoitikitattoo

This flaming bird of strength and power is going to fit on your leg perfectly. With enough room for each and every detail, you’re going to admire every aspect of this tattoo design.

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Upper arm with a shoulder as a phoenix’s home

Credit: johnpereztattoos

This majestic bird deserves a proper spot on your body. Since we’re talking about a bold phoenix, a bold tattoo design is a perfect match to it.

This detailed colorful tattoo is going to fit perfectly on your upper arm and shoulder. It’s bold and powerful; just like a phoenix bird; just like you.

A Japanese-style colorful phoenix is a great choice for both men and women. You can go as big and bold as you want, depending on how brave you are.

This dark design of a phoenix will allow your tattoo to pop up. I’m certain people are going to ask about its meaning as soon as they spot this strong bird of immortality resting on your arm.

Strong phoenix on the forearm

Every time you look at your forearm, you’re going to see a bird that’s been through a lot. At the same time, you’ll remember that you have also been through hell and back and that you don’t plan on giving up.

Credit: vo.a.serin

Just because a phoenix is a bird of resilience and strength, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it a bit more feminine and colorful. This tattoo design is proof of that.

Credit: ulaniink

Simple and aesthetically pleasing – that’s how you can describe this tattoo. Due to its simplicity, the design of a phoenix is definitely going to become the main star of the show.

Credit: serbestahmad_tattooartist

Fire goes perfectly well with a fierce phoenix. Hues of red and orange are going to portray the personality of this bird while also describing your strength and power.

Simple phoenix design on the wrist

The wrist is a perfect place for simple tattoos. But if you want to go a step further, you can always go for an abstract design that’s going to make it a bit different.

Credit: mortricia_tattoos

When you’re looking for a classic and everlasting reminder of everything you’ve been through, a three-part tattoo of a phoenix is exactly what you need.

Credit: oztattoom

This is still a fairly easy design that looks amazing on the wrist. All your artist is going to need is black ink and a steady hand.

Another simple tattoo for those of you who aren’t looking for a huge phoenix. Despite its size, its meaning doesn’t change.

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The whole arm covered by a powerful phoenix

Go big or go home! This phoenix tattoo is designed in a trash polka style and it’s definitely going to draw attention to your arm.

Credit: beaumccoyart

If you’re looking for something bold and colorful, then this sleeve tattoo is everything you’re dreaming of. The wings of a phoenix will wrap around your arm beautifully so each time you move it, you’re going to spot a new detail.

Traditional-style tattoos will never go out of style! And your bold phoenix is always going to remind you of your power and strength.

Abstract style is a perfect choice for a fierce phoenix. All these shades of blue are going to accentuate the brightness of orange and red.