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Elegant Octopus Tattoo Designs For Inspiration: 24 Options

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As you’re searching for different octopus tattoo designs, you realize that you keep falling in love with this mysterious sea creature. Its intelligence, adaptability, and strange but bold appearance keep on surprising you and you can’t wait to wear this symbol on your skin.

To some, octopus may seem like a strange choice for a tattoo. But you know it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Its fearful look symbolizes danger while its sharp intelligence serves as proof that this creature can save itself from any threat that’s been praying on it. So, it’s no surprise that you want to be like an octopus. You want to show the world that they can’t mess with you since there’s nothing you won’t be able to tackle and overcome.

These solitary creatures will easily fit on different parts of your body. Their tentacles can perfectly wrap around your arm but they can also spread widely across your back. It’s up to you to make a choice!

Now, we have a couple of tattoo designs that will look amazing on certain parts of you. Check out all the ideas we’ve gathered for you.

Placement options for your very special octopus tattoo

1. Thigh

Credit: pedroidtattoo

Your thigh is a perfect spot for a big and bold octopus. This mysterious sea creature can be any color you like, but red and orange shades are definitely going to make your tattoo pop.

Credit: stone_wizard_tattoos

If you’re not into colors and would like to go with a fine-line tattoo style, then this is a great option for you. A somewhat different octopus with its big head and eight tentacles will fit on your thigh perfectly.

Credit: jessilawsontattoo

Who said that you can’t combine mysterious and strange-looking octopus with feminine floral elements? This tattoo design is great for black and gray tattoos but if you want to switch things up, you can always add some colors to make it stand out.

2. Arm (and shoulder)

Credit: thehaletattoo

Your upper arm and shoulder will provide enough space for a large octopus. Opting for a tribal tattoo design is a great way to play with the usual designs and make everything a bit more different.

Credit: thelemonart

With tentacles wrapping all around your arm and reaching up to your shoulder, this huge octopus tattoo is everything but simple.

Credit: tippingtattoo

Detailed, realistic, black and gray octopus tattoo is great for those of you who are looking for something simple but effective. Just find a tattoo artist who’s going to enjoy working on this design and you’re good to go.

3. Forearm

Credit: uripoke

This colorful, cartoon-like tattoo won’t be for everyone and that’s okay. But if you’re looking for something quirky and unique then it could be a great choice for you.

Credit: _orbweaver

A black and gray octopus holding a knife in its tentacles shows just how brave and dangerous this animal can be. If you want something that signifies its strength then you don’t have to keep on looking.


Octopus tattoos don’t have to consist of thick lines and dark shading. If you’re looking for a simple yet meaningful design then you’ve found everything you were looking for.

4. Sleeve tattoo

Credit: vanstattoo

Sleeve tattoos are usually huge and full of details and this one is no exception. A sea scenery that consists of waves, a hammerhead shark, and an intelligent octopus will be a great reminder of all the power that’s hiding everywhere around you.

Credit: bear.daydream

If you love everything about sea world, then a patchwork tattoo will serve as an homage to all the different creatures living under the sea. If you’re especially fascinated by octopuses, you can always ensure this animal becomes the main star of the show. Strategically making it bigger and placing it on your shoulder will definitely make it stand out from the rest.

Credit: fudo_goma_tattoo

Colorful, Japanese-style octopus is going to look impressive over your whole arm. It’s a great choice for those of you who love bold and impressive tattoos.

5. Back

Credit: joesperonzaart

Your back offers a ton of space for an immensely detailed tattoo. From under-the-sea scenery to a sailing ship, crossing the vast ocean. You can portray as many details as you want to.

Credit: kelseyboltontattoo

Your back is also a great place for an aesthetic tattoo with an octopus as the focal point of it. This design is a great symbol of intelligence and mystery and you have a chance to carry it on your body forever.

Credit: mattdifa

Here we have another complex and colorful tattoo idea that’s going to stretch all over your back. An anchor is a symbol of hope, an octopus is a sign of intelligence, and a sea chest is a symbol of mystery. Mixed together, they create a meaningful tattoo that’s going to serve as a reminder of everything important about life.

6. Chest

Credit: melissa_daye

Tattoos are creative ways of reminding yourself of the things you cherish the most about yourself and your life. That being said, you can go with any tattoo design in order to get the message across. Cartoon-looking octopus is a great way to be different and make your tattoo a bit more personal.

Credit: kiratattooist

Are you looking for a tattoo that’s going to signify just how mysterious and dangerous octopuses are? A dark and gloomy octopus with a skull instead of its head will definitely symbolize fear and trouble.

Credit: _favry

A perfectly proportioned, geometric-style octopus is something different and not quite common. People usually opt for traditional octopus designs but they forget just how beautiful it can be to go for something unique.

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7. Hand

Credit: tattoodalu

This small version of an octopus is going to fit perfectly on your hand. It’s as simple and as meaningful as it needs to be.

Credit: borrerostudio

Thin-line, realistic octopus is another option you can choose. Who said that realistic tattoos have to take up a lot of space? They can be perfectly done even on your hand.

Credit: monte_negro___

Even if you have other tattoos on your hand, an octopus is going to fit in just nicely. Its tentacles can spread across your fingers, or even around them if that’s something you’re into.

8. Foot

Credit: jordantat2s

Your foot may not be the most obvious spot for an octopus tattoo, but it can definitely work. It offers just enough space for this animal’s head and all of its tentacles. This tattoo design is proof of that.

Credit: teddigarsontattoos

If you’re feeling brave, you can opt for a colorful octopus tattoo even on your foot. Just make sure to go with colors that you like and that represent your personality best.

Credit: kieranlowetattoo

This realistic, small tattoo on your ankle will require a ton of shading but you’re going to love the end results. It will carry its meaning with each step you take.