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21 Bee Tattoos For All The Little Tattoo Lovers

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Bee tattoos are adorable, aesthetically pleasing, and pretty freakin’ awesome. Whether you’re getting your first tattoo ever or adding to a growing tattoo collection, we suggest you opt for a bee tattoo of your liking. What’s the tea on bees, anyway?

Bees represent a lot of things – togetherness, loyalty, selflessness, and love. With that out of the way, bees represent hard work, dedication, teamwork, and cooperation, too. Whatever your relationship with bees might be, you can’t deny that these cute creatures deserve your time of the day.

When you decide to bite the bullet and get a bee tattoo, make sure that you do your research and come up with different styles, placements, and colors you can go over with your tattoo artist. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite bee tattoos to get you started.

1. A stick-and-poke bee tattoo

Credit: @bitchpokes

Stick-and-poke tattoos, also known as hand-poked tattoos or machine-free tattoos, are becoming more and more popular, and for a good reason, too. Defined by basic, minimal designs, they’re a great starting point for all the first-timers and tattoo-getters who aren’t fans of big, bold tattoos.

2. A tiny bee tattoo on the wrist

Credit: @ak.tats

Whether you opt for a hand-poked tattoo or a machine tattoo, you can’t go wrong with a tiny tattoo of a bee on your wrist. Wrist tattoos are highly visible, but they’re extremely wearable and versatile, too.

3. A cute bee tattoo on the inside of the arm

Credit: @samblackatattoos

What about a bee tattoo on the inside of the arm? When choosing the right tattoo placement, you can go with something that’s tried and tested to ensure that you don’t make a mistake. Inside-of-the-arm tattoos are great for first-timers, too, because they’re easily concealed and revealed.

4. A bee tattoo on the ankle

Credit: @vibetattoo.ut

Ankle tattoos are dope, too! With an ankle tattoo of a bee, a tiny flower, or another element that speaks to your soul, you can make all your summer outfits brighter and better. Who wouldn’t want that?

5. A bee tattoo on the upper arm

Credit: @sailorstattoomilanoduomo

A bee tattoo on the upper arm might not be mindblowing, but you can count on that specific tattoo placement to always be on-trend. When you’re choosing your tattoo placement based on what’s popular and what’s not, that’s the best way to ensure you don’t end up with a tattoo you hate down the line.

6. A queen bee tattoo

Credit: @inkandmink_tattoostudio

Bee tattoos can be basic and boring when you don’t know what you’re doing. Work with your tattoo artist and come up with a bee tattoo that represents who you are – a queen bee, for example, represents leadership, power, and progress.

7. A honey bee tattoo

Credit: @disegnarti

A honey bee tattoo represents hard work, teamwork, and cooperation. Considering how powerful honey bees are, as well as the crucial role honey bees play in the environment and agriculture, honey bee tattoos also represent environmental preservation, all things nature, and outdoor life.

8. A fine-line bee tattoo

Credit: @maff.leal

With a fine-line tattoo, you can count on everyone asking you “How did you get your tattoo so intricate, detailed, and precise!?” Fine-line tattoos use small needles (often a single needle) to create thin, delicate tattoo designs that look extremely elegant and effortless.

9. A bumble bee tattoo

Credit: @attrachel_tattoos

Who would’ve thought that different bees represented different meanings? With a bumble bee tattoo, you can celebrate any sort of transformation you’ve gone through, whether you changed your career paths, got a divorce, or started working on your physique.

10. A bee’s knees tattoo

Credit: @tattoosby_joshuaperry

What a play on words, right? While you might not be interested in getting an actual “bee’s knees” tattoo (which happens to be a cocktail), you’re probably going to appreciate the craftsmanship behind this bee tattoo on the knee. Whether you go big or you go home, you can’t go wrong with a bee tattoo!

11. A teeny-tiny bee tattoo

Credit: @_crosmel_

Bee tattoos are typically appealing to modern minimalists and tattoo-getters who prefer small, simple tattoos. Whether you opt for a classic, colorful bee or a black-and-white one, you’re guaranteed to attract attention with your tattoo.

12. A bee tattoo on the hand

Credit: @s0phiefoxtattoos

When you finally decide to get the bee tattoo you always wanted, you might as well go all out, right? Work with your tattoo artist and complete your tattoo with elements that amplify or completely change the meaning of the tattoo or simply bring the entire design of the tattoo together.

13. A bee tattoo on the shoulder

Credit: @mokistudios

A bee tattoo on the shoulder can be super cute, depending on the style of the tattoo you opt for. We’re rooting for smaller, simpler tattoos because they’re easier to work with, but you can opt for a statement tattoo, too. Whatever you do, make sure you pick the right placement and you’re good to go.

14. A matching bumble bee and bee tattoo

Credit: @laurence.t.l

Now, there’s something about matching tattoos that makes everyone cringe, but that’s not something we’re willing to stand for. Matching bee tattoos can be incredibly intricate and interesting, and they’re a great way to showcase your loyalty to one of your friends, family members, or even your partner.

15. A bee tattoo on the back of the ankle

Credit: @zd.tat

A bee tattoo on the back of the ankle might not be groundbreaking, but you can’t deny that this specific baby bee looks like the cutest little creature you’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for a tattoo that’s going to make you the talk of the town, go for this sweet and simple bee tattoo on the ankle.

16. A bee tattoo on the hip

Credit: @ee_ink

We can’t think of a better placement for a bee tattoo! While hip tattoos might not be the most popular placement for delicate, dainty tattoos, you can’t deny that they’re simply stunning and, dare we say, sensual. A hip tattoo of a bee might be exactly what you’re on the hunt for, too.

17. A bee tattoo on the bikini line

Credit: @darkline_tattoo91

What about a bee tattoo on the bikini line? We don’t know why, but a lot of tattoo-getters end up going for the same tattoo placements over and over again – between upper arms and shoulder or ankles and legs, they’re always choosing the easy way out. Be different with a bee tattoo on the bikini line!

18. A his and hers matching bee tattoo


We’re obsessed with matching bee tattoos for couples who want to showcase their togetherness, loyalty, and selflessness! With matching bee tattoos, the two of you are guaranteed to laugh every time you catch a glimpse of your tattoos.

19. A hand-poked bee tattoo

Credit: @sonia.pinkdust

We already mentioned why hand-poked tattoos are getting more and more popular, and we’re more than happy to bring you another one that’s guaranteed to tickle your fancy. If you’re on the hunt for something elegant and chic, opt for this hand-poked pee tattoo.

20. A line-art bee tattoo

Credit: @azarjatattoo

We can’t forget about line-art tattoos! Line-art tattoos are perfect for people who love modern, minimalistic designs and tattoos that don’t take too much time, effort, or energy.

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21. A bee tattoo on the back

Credit: @genrava

We’re ending the article with a tattoo that’s everything but – little. While bee tattoos tend to be on the smaller side, there’s no reason why you would need to copy everyone else. Opt for a big, bold bee tattoo on the back and show every what you’re made of.