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23 Sunflowers Tattoo Ideas That’ll Brighten You Up

Flower Tattoos

When struggling to come up with a tattoo motif that comes with overflowing warmth and positivity, you can’t go wrong with sunflowers. Sunflower tattoos are light, bright, and better than all the other flowers because they’re home to a myriad of meanings.

Whether you want to commemorate your contagious happiness and constant optimism or you want to celebrate your relationship with nature, you can’t go wrong with a sunflower tattoo. What’s great about sunflowers might even be the fact that they’re breathtakingly beautiful regardless of the tattoo style.

Opt for a black-and-white tattoo when you’re on the hunt for something elegant and effortless. Go with a classic sunflower tattoo when you want to show off the bright yellow hues that guarantee to brighten you up when you’re feeling down. Whatever you do, don’t be scared to experiment.

With our help, uncover some of the most mystifying sunflower tattoos down below! 

1. A sunflower tattoo on the wrist

Credit: @sherrie_inlayerink

Starting with a stunning wrist tattoo, you really can’t go wrong with a fine-line, single-needle, or hand-poked sunflower tattoo. Whether you’re looking for something small and simple or you prefer black-and-white tattoos to colorful ones, you’re going to adore this one.

2. A big, bold sunflower tattoo

Credit: @die_monde

If you’re thinking of getting a sunflower tattoo, you might as well go all out and get a big, bold dotwork tattoo on your forearm, upper arm, or even shoulder. A sunny circle with petals will brighten up your day and make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

3. Matching sunflowers tattoo

Credit: @giada.tattooing

What about a matching sunflowers tattoo? Sunflowers represent different things to different people, but you can take a page out of Vincent van Gogh’s book – Vincent gifted paintings of sunflowers to his closest friends to show gratitude and you can do the same with tattoos.

4. A sunflower tattoo on the hip


When you finally decide to get a tattoo of your favorite flower, you might be on the fence about the right tattoo placement. We’re obsessed with hip tattoos because they’re sensual and soft, and they’re a great way to show off your tattoo to whomever you want – no more unwanted comments from strangers!

5. A sunflower tattoo on the shoulder

Credit: @twosnakestattoo

Shoulder tattoos are a must, whether you’re getting a tattoo for the first time ever or coming back for another addition to your admirable tattoo collection. With a shoulder tattoo, you have plenty of real estate to go all out and get as many sunflowers as your heart desires.

6. A sunflower tattoo on the upper arm


We can say the same thing about a sunflower tattoo on your upper arm! Whether you get the tattoo to stretch from your upper arm to your shoulder or you go for something smaller and simpler, you can’t go wrong with an upper arm tattoo.

7. A sunflower tattoo on the inside of the arm

Credit: @sailorstattoomilanoduomo

When choosing the correct placement for your tattoo, be mindful of whether you’re planning on showing it off or concealing it. Depending on your personal preferences, you might want to go with an inside-of-the-arm tattoo to ensure you can do whatever you want with your tattoo.

8. A classic sunflower tattoo on the ribcage


We *love* classic tattoos! If you’re looking to show off the breathtakingly beautiful sunflower colors, opt for a classic sunflower tattoo on the ribcage, the side of the stomach, or even the sternum. It’s about time you experimented with some of the most sensual tattoo placements, right?

9. A daisy and sunflower bouquet tattoo

Credit: @abii_tattoo

Sunflowers are great, but they’re even better when you combine them with other florals that speak to your heart. Whether you opt for your birth flowers, flowers that remind you of your childhood, or flowers that simply look great alongside sunflowers, you’re guaranteed to adore your tattoo.

10. A sunflower tattoo on the leg

Credit: @abii_tattoo

Why not get a sunflower tattoo on the leg, too? Sunflower tattoos are wearable and versatile, and there’s no denying that you can work with your tattoo artist and come up with the cutest designs, styles, and motifs to add to your sunflower tattoo. So, what are you waiting for?

11. A soft sunflower tattoo on the back

Credit: @tattoobychang

What’s great about back tattoos might be the fact that you’re able to “go big or go home,” or opt for something small and simple that stands out and attracts attention, nonetheless. With a sunflower tattoo on your back, you can experiment with different styles, colors, and motifs, too.

12. A matching mother and daughter sunflower tattoo

Credit: @avms_tattoo

We can’t get enough of matching sunflowers, that’s for sure! Sunflowers are a great way to commemorate your friendships and relationships because they’re so darn cute – and they’re a symbol of light, happiness, and hope. What better way to show your mom (or whomever you want) your affection?

13. A delicate and dainty sunflower tattoo

Credit: @lindacanters_tattoo

Dainty tattoos seem to have taken the world by storm, and for a good reason, too. Dainty sunflower tattoos, for example, are a statement enough to bring out a smile on your face – but simple enough to not break the bank or make you work on your tattoo for days on end.

14. A fine-line sunflower tattoo

Credit: @lucascardua

We can say the same thing about fine-line tattoos! Fine-line tattoos are getting more and more popular, and they’re perfect for first-timers who aren’t afraid of trying something different. Fine-line tattoos typically use small needles (often a single needle) to create a thin, delicate tattoo.

15. A sunflower tattoo on the ankle

Credit: @elle.tats

What do you think of ankle tattoos? Whenever you’re unsure of the right placement for your sunflower tattoo, consider getting an ankle tattoo. Ankle tattoos are typically on the smaller side, and they’re easy to conceal and reveal depending on what you want.

16. A sunflower tattoo on the hand

Credit: @timbecktattoos

A sunflower tattoo on the hand, however, happens to be highly visible. We’d say that you’re better off with a hand tattoo if you’re already comfortable with showing off your ink daily.

17. A hand-poked sunflower tattoo

Credit: @kat3roo

We can’t forget about hand-poked tattoos, either! If you’re a fan of intricate details and impressive tattooing skills, you might be more interested in getting a hand-poked tattoo rather than a machine tattoo. A hand-poked sunflower tattoo on the collarbone sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

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18. A sunflower tattoo on the ribcage


Ribcage tattoos might not be for the faint of heart, but there’s no denying that they’re some of the most appealing, attractive tattoos on the market. Whether you opt for a colorful tattoo or a black-and-white one, we’re sure you’re going to enjoy the fact that you’re wearing a work of art on your body.

19. A statement sunflower tattoo on the side of the stomach

Credit: @lozzarachtattooer

Statement tattoos are almost always everyone’s favorite, but we certainly wouldn’t suggest them to first-timers. If you’re a seasoned tattoo-getter, though, you might be interested in getting a tattoo of your favorite flowers on the side of your stomach.

20. A blackwork sunflower tattoo sleeve


It’s about time we settled the age-old debate – colorful or blackwork tattoos? Blackwork tattoos have quite a few definitions, but everyone agrees that the term “blackwork” refers to a tattoo style that exclusively uses black ink. Blackwork tattoos are classic, elegant, and effortless.

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21. A colorful sunflower tattoo sleeve

Credit: @newtattoo_qiqi

Colorful or colored tattoos are equally eye-catching, though. Contrary to popular belief, colorful tattoos can be both simple and sleek, as well as big and bold. With a colorful tattoo, you get to play with a more realistic style that’s guaranteed to stand out and attract attention.

22. A sunflower tattoo with a word, a mantra, or a name


Sunflower tattoos might be basic and boring to some, but they’re a great starting point when you decide to work with your tattoo artist and come up with something creative. Whether you add a word, a mantra, or your name to your tattoo, you’re able to customize it and make it your own.

23. A realistic sunflower tattoo

Credit: @frommay_tat

We’re ending the article with a realistic tattoo. Realistic tattoos, for those of you who don’t know, refer to a style of tattoo that looks so realistic you almost believe it’s a photo! Realistic tattoos are typically colorful, but you can get a realistic black-and-white tattoo, too.