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21 Dotwork Tattoo Designs For The Low-Key Ink Lover

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Dotwork tattoos are on-trend right now, and we’re more than happy to consider adding one of them to our tattoo collection. What about you?

Whether you’re getting a tattoo for the first time or searching for ink-spiration online because you’re out of ideas, you might want to throw a glance at the wondrous world of dotwork tattoos. Dotwork tattoos are created by inking a series of dots that come together to create a desired image.

What’s great about dotwork tattoos seems to be the fact that they’re wearable and versatile. When you’re on the lookout for a delicate, dainty tattoo that doesn’t draw too much attention, you can opt for a smaller ornamental tattoo made of tiny dots. When you want to make a statement – go for a sleeve.

Whatever you decide to do, though, don’t forget to experiment with different styles of dotwork tattoos. Work with your tattoo artist and come up with a unique design that’s going to mean something to you – or use the dotwork style to complete a design that would, otherwise, be basic and boring.

We’re bringing you a few of our favorite dotwork tattoos down below!

1. A dotwork finger tattoo

Credit: @witch.toes

With a dotwork finger tattoo, you’re guaranteed to attract the right type of attention. Whether you opt for something subtle and dainty or bold and in-your-face, you can play with different styles, symbols, and elements to amplify or completely change the meaning of the tattoo.

2. A dotwork thigh tattoo


Thigh tattoos are oftentimes overlooked, but they have the potential to look really cool thanks to the amount of real estate you get to play with. Thigh tattoos are known to move much more than, let’s say, upper back tattoos – but you can use that movement to your advantage, too.

3. A dotwork hand tattoo

Credit: @kelly23_tattoo

We’d argue that dotwork tattoos are becoming more and more popular because tattoo enthusiasts are getting tired of meaningful tattoos. With an ornamental dotwork tattoo on your hand, you’re going to look (and feel!) great and you won’t have to explain the meaning behind your tattoo to, well, anyone.

4. A dotwork tattoo on the ankle


Dotwork tattoos can be quite big and bold, but they can be equally elegant and effortless when you know what you’re looking for. With ankle tattoos, you want to work with the curvatures of your body and accentuate movement, rather than hide it. A fine-line/dotwork combination should do the trick.

5. A dotwork arm tattoo

Credit: @kelly23_tattoo

Arm tattoos are quite a popular tattoo placement, and they’re great because you get to choose whether you want to “go big or go home.” Because of dotwork tattoos’ delicate shading, you can get away with a bigger tattoo without going overboard or ending up with a tattoo sleeve.

6. A dotwork chest tattoo


Come on, you can’t say that ornamental tattoos don’t stand out so much more when they’re done with a little help of dotwork shading? With a dotwork chest tattoo that stretches from one shoulder to the other, you’re going to feel like a million dollars. What better way to use all that real estate, right?

7. A dotwork leg sleeve tattoo


We’re obsessed with leg sleeves, especially when they’re cohesive and consistent. Rather than adding different styles and elements to your leg sleeve, opt for a geometric dotwork tattoo that’s going to look a lot more intentional and, dare we say, professional.

8. A dotwork tattoo on the leg

Credit: @norinatattoo

We can’t get enough of the symmetric, satisfying elements that typically grace dotwork tattoos, and we’re sure you’re going to appreciate them, too. Opt for a dotwork leg tattoo when you want something easy to conceal and reveal, depending on where you’re going that day.

9. A dotwork shoulder tattoo

Credit: @artbyabbymuench

Did we mention that ornamental, geometric, and mandala dotwork tattoos work wonderfully with fine-line flowers? When working on the final design of your tattoo, don’t shy away from experimenting with florals (your birth flowers or flowers you simply like) – especially when you’re going for a bigger tattoo.

10. A dotwork stomach tattoo

Credit: @slowpokes__

Stomachs and sternums are quite popular and prominent among female tattoo-getters, and for a good reason, too. They’re perfect for showcasing your creativity without committing to a tattoo that’s highly visible and risky. They’re elegant and chic, and they’re even better when they’re done in the dotwork style.

11. A dotwork behind-the-ear tattoo

Credit: @artbyabbymuench

With behind-the-ear tattoos, you’re working with limited space – but that doesn’t mean that you need to opt for something basic and boring. Get a tattoo artist who can work with the curvatures of your body and come up with a design that looks like an extension of your ear.

12. A dotwork spine tattoo

Credit: @slowpokes__

We can say the same thing about spine tattoos! Spine tattoos are sensual and seductive because they’re made to move with your body and accentuate the beauty of your back. With a dotwork spine tattoo, you can play with different styles and come up with something suitable for your lifestyle.

13. A dotwork chin tattoo

Credit: @jordthetattooer

Chin/throat tattoos are for people who aren’t afraid of a little bit of pain. When it comes to tattoo placement, we can’t think of a more highly sensitive area. With that out of the way, though, chin/throat tattoos look incredibly interesting and are worth your while.

14. A dotwork wrist tattoo

Credit: @venusxtattoo

When you want to get something small and simple, you might want to opt for a dotwork tattoo on your wrist. Wrist tattoos are almost always subtle and subdued, and that’s what makes them a favorite among celebrities, influencers, and people alike. Wrist tattoos might be small, but they pack a punch.

15. A dotwork neck tattoo


What about a dotwork tattoo on the neck? When you decide to get a statement tattoo that represents who you are, you might want to go for a neck tattoo that covers, well, the entire back of your neck. Go all out with lines, shapes, and symbols that speak to you the most and you’re good to go.

16. A dotwork sternum tattoo

Credit: @kelly23_tattoo

We already mentioned the appeal of stomach tattoos, but sternum tattoos are even more popular for a reason. Sternum tattoos can turn your décolletage into a work of art, and that’s exactly why everyone’s a fan of them – whether you’re a man or a woman, don’t shy away from getting a sternum tattoo.

17. A dotwork ear tattoo

Credit: @megansancheztattoo

With a dotwork ear tattoo, you don’t need to worry about your ears attracting too much attention or raising unwanted questions at the office. Dotwork tattoos can be soft and simple, and that’s exactly why they’re perfect for your ears.

18. A dotwork tattoo on the upper arm

Credit: @owl_be_drawing

What can we say about an upper arm tattoo? Whether you go for the dotwork style or experiment with a few different styles that work with your aesthetic, know that upper arm tattoos mean your message is hidden until you choose to show it.

19. A dotwork forearm tattoo

Credit: @artbyabbymuench

We can’t get enough of clean, geometric lines combined with flowy florals. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned tattoo-getter, you can’t deny that you can’t go wrong with a forearm tattoo. When you opt for the dotwork style, you can count on a veil of mystery provided by the soft, muted shading, too.

20. A dotwork back tattoo


Back tattoos might not be for the faint of heart, but they’re a token of bravery you’re going to wear (and show off!) for the rest of your life. Play with different styles, symbols, and shapes to come up with a dotwork tattoo that makes your entire back stand out.

21. A dotwork sleeve tattoo

Credit: @cadi.dotwork.tatts

We’re ending the article with a dotwork sleeve tattoo because why not? Dotwork sleeves seem to be the most common tattoo placement when we’re talking about this specific style, and we can see why – they’re visually striking, incredibly impressive, and inspiring. What more could you possibly want in a tattoo?